Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 5 vs. Silva (Part 07/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_(第五廻 オーバーソウル)

Chapter 05: Oversoul

[Silva’s Monologue]

“When two stars at long last reunite after their long journeys across the earth, we shall herald our new king. He will illuminate the road we are to take to keep us all from falling out of the circle.”

(Unknown location.)

???: –The circle that connects us to the earth and stars has looped around to another period of rebirth. –It is our duty as the Patch to oversee this coming of a new age. –We are honored to carry out this sacred task! –Everything that happens now is by the will of the Great Spirit.

(Park in Tokyo)

Yoh: –Man, nothing beats hanging out in the park in the middle of the day.

Manta: –Aren’t you a little too relaxed right now? The Shaman Fight is
coming up soon, right?

Yoh: –Yeah. That’s what it meant when we saw the comet, Ragou, soar through the sky.

Manta: –You’re not as tense as I thought you’d be, is all.

Yoh: –I might not say it, but I still don’t know what to expect yet. –if I waste my energy stressing over it now, I’ll be worn out by the time things kick off for real.

Manta: –I see. Guess there’s no use worrying about it.

Amidamaru: –I must agree. Negative emotions will only hinder you on your path to victory.

Anna: –What you feel doesn’t matter, does it? –It’s too late to start digging your heels, even if you wanted to.

Manta: –That’s a bit cruel, Anna.

(A figure appears.)

Yoh: –?! –Woah! What’s that?

Anna: –Ah, things are finally moving along, I see.

???: –Even if this decision means life or death: Do you still wish to participate in the Shaman Fight?

Yoh: –L-Life or death?!

???: –If you do, meet me on the night when the stars call for you.

Yoh: –When the stars call for me?

Amidamaru: –This Shaman Fight… What sort of tribulation is it supposed to be?

Yoh: –Hmmm… I can’t even begin to guess.

Amidamaru: –Lord Yoh, Are you sure you would not prefer a stronger ghost to compete alongside you, instead of me? –I fear I may not be strong enough to help you in your goal of winning the Shaman Fight.

Yoh: –We can’t cross that bridge until we get there. Until then, I’ve never considered it.

Amidamaru: –I see, but…

Yoh: –We’ll be fine! You’re hard as nails, Amidamaru! Everything will work out, eeheehee! –Ah-hah! Looks like the stars are calling! –Let’s go to the place where they shine the brightest for us, Amidamaru!

Amidamaru: –Understood!

(Scene change to graveyard.)

???: –It looks as though you’ve made your decision.

Yoh: –That’s right.

???: –My name is Silva, member of the Patch tribe. Our tribe has overseen the Shaman Fights since antiquity. –I am here to test your eligibility to participate in the Shaman Fight.

Yoh: –Test?

Silva: –The test itself is simple: land a single blow against me, a Shaman Fight officiant. –If you can do this, Yoh Asakura, then you qualify to participate in the Shaman Fight.

Yoh: –Okay… Patch Tribe…Shaman Fight…officiant… Sheesh, this is a lot to take in all at once! –But if this is what it takes to qualify,  then let’s go, Amidamaru!!

Silva: –Oh, but wait!

Yoh: –What’s up?

Silva: –Yoh Asakura, before I can begin the test, I wish to first see your mana.

Now, show me your mana! Choose”Okay, I’ll show you!” or “Mana?!”

(If you answer “Mana?!”)

Yoh: –I’ve never heard of that. I only know about Soul Unity…

Silva: –The most important thing to a shaman is not his knowledge, but his wisdom.

Yoh: –Sorry. I don’t know what I don’t know…

Silva: –…Do you really want to throw away an opportunity that comes once every 500 years?!

(If you answer “Okay, I’ll show you!“)

Yoh: –This is mine and Amidamaru’s power!! Hyaaaaaah!!

(awkward silence)

Silva: –Either you did not wish to show me, or you don’t actually know how to embody a spirit.

Yoh: –Embody?

Silva: –Yes. Shamans can shape spirits into matter. For instance, my spirit, Silver Wing, allows me to fly. –The power source that allows us shamans to embody our spirits like this is called “mana”! –That samurai ghost is powerful, and your spirit unity is impressive. –However, I am not here to test of the samurai’s power. I am here to test you, the shaman. –Now, without further ado… Come, Yoh Asakura! The test begins now!

Yoh: –Amidamaru, lend me all of your power!! Let’s do this!!

Silva: –Indeed, that was an impressive display of mana! You should have no trouble when you embody your ghost.

Yoh: –Embody…?

Silva: –To embody a ghost, you integrate them within a precious belonging. For the samurai, that could be his sword. –Doing this allows you to harness a new fighting style. You can now fight with your Oversoul!! –Now, there’s only one last thing I’d like to say… You may die in this fight. –Are you willing to accept my challenge and risk death to become the Shaman King?

Yoh: –This may sound crazy to you, but… –I’ve got the feeling that, were I to give up now, I may never get to live the easy life.

Silva: –I see… So, this easy life you wish for is worth the risk on the life you have now?

Yoh: –Everything will work out!

Silva: –Heh, you have an interesting way of thinking. –This is it. Show me that you have the power of a real shaman!

Yoh: –I can’t do this alone, Amidamaru. I need your strength! Let’s go!


Defeat Dialogue:

Silva: –If seems the Great Spirit did not lend you its protection… –…but that too is its will.

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Yoh: –G-Gah…

Amidamaru: –Lord Yoh!

Silva: –Do not worry. He’s simply tired from exhausting such an impressive amount of mana. He did well to strike me. –He passed.


Silva: –From now on, you will receive orders from the Great Spirit directly.

Yoh: –From the Great Spirit?

Silva: –Only the Shaman King may gain the power of the all-seeing, all-knowing ruler of all spirits, the Great Spirit. –Ever since the beginning of the universe itself, all souls originated from within the Great Spirit. –May the Great Spirit protect you… –…if that is its will.

Yoh: –I’m getting pretty excited.

(End of Chapter 05.)

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