Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Training Mini-game 1 (Part 03/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_(Note: There are 5 ‘Anna Training Mini-games’ laced throughout the storyline, but they still go right along with the storyline, so don’t skip these if you’re reading this as you play through Story Mode.)

Mini-game 1

Manta: –Yesterday was something else, Yoh! Are you feeling any better yet?

Yoh: –Sure, my body’s aching from head to toe, but it’s nothing serious.

Amidamaru: –What does not kill us shall only make us stronger, Lord Yoh!

Yoh: –That’s right! I’m just weaker than usual right now from that crazy workout of a fight.

???: –Hmph. You really have gone soft. –I’m almost worried about our future together.

Manta: –Huh?  Sorry, but… who are you?

Anna: –Shut it, cupcake…

Manta: –C-Cupcake~~~?!

Anna: –It’s been a long time, Yoh.

Yoh: –No way! Anna?!

Manta: –Is she an acquaintance of yours?

Yoh: –Yeah. We’ve been close ever since we were kids.

Anna: –I’m Anna, the Itako, and Yoh’s fiancee!

Manta: –F-F-FIANCEE?!

Anna: –That’s right. Now, it doesn’t look like you have any serious injuries, Yoh. –So, today you’ll be taking my special training program.

Yoh: –Special? What do you mean?

Anna: –You want to become the Shaman King, don’t you?  Then do as I say, and don’t test me–

Yoh: –Relax, Anna! We have our own way of doing things, just without all the huff and puff.

Anna: –Do you want to die?! With that attitude, your dream of becoming the Shaman King will only stay a dream! –The very best shamans selected from all over the world are answering the call! There’s no way you’ll survive against them!

Manta: –From all over the world… Anna, what are you talking about?

Anna: –Mankind has forgotten the Great Spirit. The world has succumbed to greed and lost all sense of order. –The time has come for the world to be rebalanced. –To be the one who makes contact with the ruler of all spirits, shamans from around the globe will gather here and do battle with one another. –That is the “Shaman Fight in Tokyo”.

Manta: –The Shaman Fight in Tokyo?! IN TOKYO, she says! Ahahahaha!

Anna: –Was that funny to you, cupcake?

Manta: –Urp!! N-No… Um…. Gulp!

Anna: –Shamans need to be tested to their limit for this honor. Battling to determine the Shaman King more than makes sense. –Shamans are arriving one after the next,  all with firm ideals and trust in their spirits.

Amidamaru: –Lord Yoh, that lad named Ren Tao must be one of them.

Yoh: –Ah…

Anna: –That’s why you need to take my special training program, understand?

Yoh: –Awww, but I already told you, we have our own way of doing things–

Anna: –You’ll need it if you want to survive the Shaman Fight!

Manta: –Why do you care so much about this?

Anna: –Because, as a woman, I’m going to be the First Lady of the shaman world. –Yoh, you WILL be my husband, and you WILL be the Shaman King. I don’t care what it takes. –And when you do… –YOU’RE GOING TO GIVE ME THE EASY LIFE!!

Yoh: –HUH?!

Anna: –I won’t have any more complaints! Let’s get on with my special training program. –First, let’s work on your running. –I want you to run a 4000m lap while jumping over obstacles. –If you’re not back here in 30 minutes, it’s game over. –Here’s how it works: Mash ○ to RUN, and tap × to JUMP.

Understood? “Yeah!” or “Show me again”.

(If you answer, “Show me again”)

Anna: –How many times do I have to repeat myself?! Just hurry up and get started!

(If you answer, “Yeah!”)

Anna: –Good. If you wuss out on this, you won’t get any dinner tonight.

Yoh: –Amidamaru…

Amidamaru: –Best of luck, Lord Yoh!


Defeat Dialogue:

Anna: –Are you kidding me?! –NO DINNER FOR YOU!!

Yoh: –Awww, man…

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Anna: –That was good enough… I’ll forget about taking your dinner from you for today. –It’s only a slight difference, but I think you’ve increased your attack power.

Yoh: –Eheeheehee!♪

Amidamaru: –Well done, Lord Yoh!

(End of Mini-game 1.)

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