Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Training Mini-game 2 (Part 06/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_Mini-game 2

(Asakura Residence)

Yoh: –Amidamaru! Spirit Ball form! Now, Amidamaru! Spirit Unity!! –Hyaaaaahh!! –Heheh! So, any questions, Ryu?♪

Ryu: –Ohh!! That was wonderful, Master Yoh!! It brings tears to my eyes!!

Manta: –Goodness. Even when Yoh is merely cutting a piece of wood, he’s…

Ryu: –I’m going to try it too…! –Let’s go!! Spirit Unity! C’mon, Amidamaru—!!

Manta: –Uh-oh!! Ryu, look out!!

Yoh: –R-Ryu!

Ryu: –Ouch! Aww, man! Maybe I don’t have what it takes to be a shaman after all!

Yoh: –Heeheehee, you’ll get there! It won’t happen overnight, but I’m not worried about you one bit.

Manta: –Hahaha…  Oh! By the way, Yoh! Where’s Anna?

Yoh: –Eeheehee… Knowing Anna, I figured she went out on errands.

Anna: –Are you lunkheads enjoying yourselves? –I take my eyes off you for three seconds, and you’re already slacking off. –You’re all disrupting Yoh from his training. Go home already.

Yoh: –B-But…C’mon… I need a break every once in a while!

Anna: –Do you not understand yet? Or are you just out to disobey me?

Yoh: –N-…N-No… I’d…never…dream of it…I-I…just…

Anna: –If you do understand, then let’s get back to training, pronto!

Yoh: –O-Okay!!

Anna: –Hmph! I basically have to drag him by the ear…

Manta: –Goodness… She’s terrifying…

Anna: –What did you say, Manta?

Manta: –ACK!! N-Nothing!! Nothing at all!!

Anna: –Hmph…Well, anyway. Yoh, let’s get started with your woodcutting regimen. –Just cut one piece of wood after another. I want you to cut 30 pieces within the time limit. –If you can’t get through 30 pieces, it’s game over. –Here’s how it works: Press← and → to move, and tap ○ to chop a log of wood.

Understood? “Yeah!” or “Show me again”.

(If you answer, “Show me again”)

Anna: –How many times do I have to repeat myself?! Just hurry up and get started!

(If you answer, “Yeah!”)

Anna: –Good. If you wuss out on this, you won’t get any dinner tonight.

Yoh: –R-Roger that!


Defeat Dialogue:

Anna: –Are you kidding me?! NO DINNER FOR YOU!!

Yoh: Aye-aye-aye…!

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Anna: –That was good enough… I’ll forget about taking your dinner from you for today. –It’s only a slight difference, but I think you’ve increased your stamina.

Yoh: –Eheeheehee!♪

Manta: –You did it, Yoh!♪

(End of Mini-game 2.)

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