Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 6 vs. Horohoro (Part 08/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_(第六廻 シャーマンファイト)

Chapter 06: Shaman Fight!

(The graveyard, at night.)

???: –My first opponent is named Yoh Asakura. –Heh! What kind of tacky name is that? –Too bad for that bozo, I don’t feel like losing. –Just you wait! –I’ll beat you, or my name’s not Horohoro of the Ainu tribe! –Sweet, sweet victory will be mine!

(Asakura Residence.)

Manta: Oh, I see! Your opponent’s name is Horohoro, and you’re to meet at the Sun-Sunshine60 building in Ikebukuro’s Caracalla District. –Your first preliminary match in the Shaman Fight is finally here. Do you feel prepared, Yoh?

Yoh: –Hrrrrrrm……

Manta: –Hello, Yoh? Are you in? Ah well, I can’t blame you for being tense at a time like this.

Yoh: –Hrrrm…Horohoro…? Hrrrm… That’s a funny name. Hrrrmmm…. I wonder where it came from…


Yoh: –Of course not, Manta. It’s just, I’ve never heard a name like that before and it’s killing me!

Manta: –And that’s your problem! There’s a lot else to worry about before getting antsy about some funky name.

Yoh: –A lot else? Hrrm… Like what?

Manta: –“Like what”, he asks… Grrrrr! How can you be so calm at a time like this?! –It start’s tonight! The Shaman Fight you’ve been training so hard for starts TONIGHT!!

Yoh: –And it’ll be fine! Everything will work out. I’m sure of it! Eeheeheehee!

Manta: –Oh, come on!

(Outside the Asakura Residence.)

Manta: –How can Yoh be so calm?! Even with a battle just around the corner, he’s not stressing out at all.

Amidamaru: –Because it is the smart thing to do.

Manta: –‘Smart’ how, Amidamaru?

Yoh: –By saying, “Everything will work out,” Yoh keeps himself from feeling overwhelmed.

Manta: Yoh? Overwhelmed?

Amidamaru: –Yoh and I must believe in that motto. If we did not before, we would never have accomplished Spirit Unity. –Perhaps you should take a minute to place your faith in Yoh as well. –The power of believing is surprisingly stronger than anything.

Manta: –The power of believing…? Ah, I see! You’re absolutely right!

Amidamaru: –Lord Yoh!

Yoh: –Hey, what are you two doing out here? Come on, we’re heading out to the Sun-Sunshine60 Building soon.

Amidamaru: –Yes, of course.

(In front of the Sun-Sunshine60 Building.)

Manta: –The Sun-Sunshine60 Building. This is the venue for your first round of the Shaman Fight Preliminaries.

Yoh: Yeah. Talk about tall, too…

Manta: –For real. Who knew this building could look so eerie in the nighttime.

Anna: –I asked around earlier, and it turns out this very spot used to be an execution ground.

Manta: –Errm… Wh-Where did you hear that from?

Anna: –From the victims who were executed, of course. What, can’t you see them?

Manta: –G-G-GYAAHHHH!!

???: –Hah-hahahaha!!

Yoh: Who’s there?

Horohoro: –Wow, you’re just as tacky as I thought!

Manta: –Be careful, Yoh!! Who else would be out here at a time like this?! This guy up there must be…

Horohoro: You three just wait right there. I’ll be down in a flash!

Manta: –UWOAAAAAH!! He jumped off the roof of the Sun-Sunshine60!!

Horohoro: –WOOOOOOOH!!

Manta: –Amazing! The snow emanating from his snowboard is slowing his descent!!

Horohoro: –Hahaha! How do you like them apples? This is my Oversoul!! –You’ve got no chance against me, Yoh Asakura!! I’m here to follow my dream…–…but to make that dream come true, I have to become the Shaman King!

Yoh: –You have a dream?

Horohoro: –Yeah, and I’m dead serious about it!! I won’t let anyone get in my way!

Yoh: –You’re not playing around! Well? What’s this dream of yours, anyway?

Horohoro: …You really want to know?

Yoh: Yeah, tell us!

Horororo: –Eh, you’re going to lose anyway, so I guess I can tell you! My dream… –…is to grow a giant butterbur field, spanning as far as the eye can see!

Yoh: –A giant…butterbur field?

Horohoro: –Oh, I almost forgot! This is my dear friend and Higher Spirit, Kororo the Koropokkur. –The natural habitats the Koropokkur reside in are gradually being wiped out be man-made development. –I understand that mankind has needs, but mankind doesn’t realize that all wildlife has needs too. –We of the Ainu Tribe have learned much from the Koropokkur. That’s why we will never let them disappear. –To recover the wildlife stripped away by mankind, I WILL become the King of all Spirits!That’s my dream!! –It’s time I showed you what I’m made of! You have no chance against me, Yoh Asakura. Let’s do this!


Defeat Dialogue:

Horohoro: –It’s just as I said, Yoh Asakura! You had no chance against me! –I won’t let anyone get in the way of me and my dream!!

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Horohoro: –N-NO WAY!! I LOST?!

Yoh: –Eeheehee! I’m sorry, Horohoro, but this match is mine.

Manta: –Hooray!! Yoh won his first match!!

Anna:  –Hmph, were you expecting otherwise? Yoh wasn’t going to lose so early. –Remember, the one I marry is going to be the Shaman King no matter what it takes.

Horohoro: –Y’know, I was wondering this before the match too. Just who are you, anyway, cutie?

Anna: –Hmph! I am Anna the Itako. Yoh’s fiancee.

Horohoro: –F-FIANCEE?! –Does that mean… I lost to Yoh before the match even started?!

Manta: –Hang on now, whatever you’re thinking has nothing to do with the Shaman Fight!

Horohoro: –No, it doesn’t…I mean I’ve lost as a man… I’ve never even had a girlfriend before! This is the worst!!

Anna: –Well, whatever. A loss is a loss. Come on, Yoh. We’re going home.

Yoh: –Oh, okay… Well, see you around, Horohoro.

Horohoro: –I won’t lose to you next time, so you better make it far enough for us to get a rematch!

Yoh: –Sounds like a plan, Horohoro!  I’ll see you in the Shaman Fight finals!

Horohoro: –Well said! I’m looking forward to it!

(End of Chapter 06.)


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