Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 7 vs. Faust (Part 10/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_( 第七廻 ボーン・キラーズ)

Chapter 07: Bone Killers

(Asakura Residence)

Yoh: –I’m back!

Anna: –It’s late, Yoh. Mind telling me what you were up to this time?

Yoh: What I was up to this time?! I was training, like you told me to!

Anna: –You better not have been playing hooky. I understand your penchant for slacking off. Anyway… –Your next opponent has been announced. You’re to meet Faust VIII at the Inoguchihama Foreign Cemetery. –If you beat him, you’ve passed the preliminaries, so get it over with.. It’d be a drag to tag along for more matches than I have to.

Yoh: –Hmmm…


Yoh: –Sheesh! How long is Anna going to take buying an umbrella? Oh, something wrong, Manta?

Manta: –Errrr… Just wondering why they’d pick some spooky place like a foreign cemetery for your next match, is all.

Yoh: –Hah! Don’t tell me your scared, Manta.

Manta: –Of course I am! Go watch a horror movie! Terrible stuff ALWAYS happens in cemeteries!

Yoh: –Ahaha! Well, if anything rears its ugly head, I’ll take them all out! Does that make you feel better?

Manta: –Yeah, coming from you, it does. At any rate, I wonder what kind of guy your opponent is. –The Oracle Pager said his name was Faust VIII.

Yoh: Hmmm.

Manta: –I wonder what he’s fighting for. Why does he want to be the Shaman King too?

Yoh: –We’ll just have to fight him and find out.

Manta: –Aren’t you nervous?

Yoh: –Didn’t I tell you already? Everything will work out. –Hm?

???: –Might you be Yoh Asakura?

Yoh: –Ah, that I am, but uh…

Faust VIII: –Why, guten tag! My name is Faust VIII. I’ve looked forward to meeting you for some time.

Yoh: –Oh, uh, it’s a pleasure to meet you too!

Faust VIII: –What a relief! I was worried you would turn out to be some horribly intimidating fellow!

Manta: –Is this guy REALLY a shaman?

Yoh: –Right? Seems more like a total weirdo to me.

Amidamaru: –Do not be so fooled, Lord Yoh! This man reeks of death itself! –Whoever you are, Faust VIII, you can not hide the stench of the dead spewing off of you!

Faust VIII: –Oh my, it was never my intention to fool anyone. It’s only natural that I be stained by such odor, –for I am a necromancer.

Yoh: –A necro-what?

Manta: –A necromancer is a man who uses necromancy, or the art of manipulating corpses.

Faust VIII: –Correct. I utilize bodies of the dead to create my Oversoul. –More specifically, I use them to physically incarnate my guardian spirit.

Manta: –Ah-hah! That’s why your name sounded familiar! Did you take your name after the legendary Johan Faust?!

Faust VIII: –My, what a knowledgable young man! But allow me to correct you; I am his descendant. –My ancestor, Johan Faust, was an academic genius who mastered dark sorcery 500 years ago. –And in his time, he left behind writings of his discoveries in the craft of necromancy.

Yoh: –Wow, that guy sounds incredible.

Manta: –No way, Yoh! This is really bad! The original Dr. Faust was given his powers by the devil himself! –And if this Faust inherited THAT kind of power…

Yoh: –…then that must be why he wears a funny doctor’s coat too!


Faust VIII: –Ah, but it is as he says. I too was a doctor. –Once upon a time, I found joy in saving countless lives, but in the end, I was forced to pursue my true calling in the arts of death. –I could not bring the one whom I lost back to life… –But some day, I shall find the key to overcoming her death. –By any means necessary…

Manta: –Overcoming death? That’s pointless and you know it.

Faust VIII: –What did you say?! –Pointless? POINTLESS?! Do not use that word so lightly, small one! –Anyone who calls my research ‘pointless’ will not be forgiven!

Manta: –Eeeeek!

Yoh: –Stop it! Manta didn’t say anything wrong!

Faust VIII: –Hmph! Fine. I’ll ignore it, but instead, small one… –How about you let me experiment on you instead, and see if we can find the key to death together? –Wandering souls, heed my call! I give you the opportunity now to return to the flesh!

Manta: –Uwaugh! Skeletons?! Gyaaah! Eeek! Get away from me!! –NOOOooo!! Stop it! YOH, HELP ME!!

Yoh: –MANTA!

Faust VIII: –Please, do not interfere. If I cannot push his body to the utmost limit before dying, I cannot finish my research. –But let’s see if I can finish you off with my necromancy before my experiment on him is finished.

Yoh: –Grrr! Let’s go, Amidamaru! Hang on just a little longer, Manta! We’ll save you!


Defeat Dialogue:

Faust VIII: –Khukhukhukhu… Poor, poor Yoh Asakura. You’re so weak, you’re not even worth killing! –At his level, he’s no match against you, my dear, sweet Eliza, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Faust VIII: –Y-You broke her! You broke my precious, precious, precious Eliza! –You will pay for this, you damned brat! You will pay for this with your BLOOD! –You will PAY! PAY WITH YOUR LIFE!!

Anna: –Oh no! Yoh’s so worn out already. He won’t be able to stop Faust!

Faust VIII: –Die, Yoh Asakura! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!

Anna: –No! I can’t get to him in time!!

???: –Golden Chinese Slash Dance!

Faust VIII: –Gwuaaaaaaaugh!!

Anna: Eh–?!

Ren: –Tch! Just look at yourself.

Yoh: –I-It’s you?! What do you want with me now–

Ren: –Listen. I’m not here to kill you… –…for you are my next opponent in the Shaman Fight preliminaries!

(End of Chapter 07.)


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