Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Training Mini-game 4 (Part 11/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_Mini-game 4

(This one is kind of a tricky one for most players, as the randomized questions are all in Japanese, and you can’t really beat this mini-game without reading them. I’ll be making a post later with translations of the questions and how to answer them.)

(Outside the Asakura Residence)

Manta: –Yoh suddenly stopped hanging out with me after what happened in that last battle with Faust VIII. –It looks like Yoh’s already left town, and he didn’t even say goodbye! –Argh, what’s the use of coming out here when Yoh’s not even around?! –I’m… such an idiot.

???: –Long time, no see!

Manta: –Wh-Who’s there?!

Ryu: –Hey now, don’t be cold. Did you forget this handsome face already?

Manta: –Wooden Sword Ryu!

Ryu: –I was just going to track down Master Yoh. Hop on!

Manta: –H-H-Hang on, Ryu.  What if Yoh’s not there? And what if he hates me?

Ryu: –Hey now, what do you mean? Tell me what happened.

(Some time passes)

Ryu: –You dummy! You don’t REALLY think Yoh hates you now, do you?!

Manta: –But he and I used to hang out pretty much daily, but now I realize I don’t even know him. –When’s his birthday? What do his parents do? I should at least know how he’s really feeling, you know?

Ryu: –And you’re fine with never asking him? Never finding out for yourself what Yoh’s true feelings are?

Manta: –But he’s not even here for me to ask–

Ryu: –Then let’s go talk to him! You’d feel a lot better knowing how he is for yourself, wouldn’t you?

Manta: –B-But I told you! I don’t even know where he is!

Ryu: –I won’t take no for an answer!! Hop on!! We’ll be much faster on my bike!!

Manta: –You mean right now?!  Where are we going?!

Ryu: –I dunno, any guesses?

Manta: –Izumo, maybe. He said he lived in Izumo before moving to Funbari Heights, so maybe he went back?

Ryu: –Then let’s roll! Two tickets for Izumo, HERE WE GO!!

(The Asakura Residence in Izumo)

Yohmei: –Despite your extensive training thus far, you say you want to further increase your mana? Did something happen to you?

Yoh: –My next opponent is unthinkably strong. I’m not so sure I can defeat him the way I am now.

Yohmei: –Is that all?

Anna: ………

Yoh: –Well, I figured if there was any shortcut to increasing my mana, you’d know about it! Taking it slow bores me to death.

Yohmei: –It’s funny you say that. I do, in fact, have a method, but if you happen to mess it up, you will die.

Are you prepared to die, Yoh? ‘Yes!’ or ‘No way!’

(Answer ‘Yes!’)

Yoh: –I won’t die… I want to be the Shaman King, and I’m going to live the easy life no matter the risk! –Everything will work out!

Yohmei: –Ah, it seems you have something you truly wish to protect.

Yoh: –……Yeah.

Yohmei: –Then allow me to guide you to this deadly training ground.

(Scene change to Yomi Cave)

Yohmei: –This is Yomi Cave. It is said this cave connects our world to the Hell, but that is not so. –Shamans travel through this hole for 7 days and 7 nights, all while answering questions about their own memories. –If you make any mistakes, you will not move forward, but you will not complete your training if you cannot make it through. –To proceed through the hole, press either ○, ×, △, or □ to select the correct trivia answer. –Within Yomi Cave, the answer buttons will be shuffled, so keep your eyes on the screen.

Do you understand? “Yeah!” or “One more time, please?”

(If you answer “One more time, please?”)

Yohmei: –You ninny!! How many times must I repeat myself?!

(If you answer “Yeah!”)

Yohmei: –Alright then, in you go!

Yoh: –All right, but when I come out, I’d like to eat a nice, hot meal with everyone, okay?

Anna: –Yoh…

Yoh: –Don’t worry, Anna. Everything will work out!

Amidamaru: L-Lord Yoh!

(I haven’t exactly accessed this scene before, but I assume it’s for saying “No way!” to the challenge.)

Yohmei: –Even though you’re previous battle was a bitter one, you were telling himself that you could become stronger, no? –Perhaps you’ve decided you can hang on on your own. Well, it seems outsiders have arrived from outside Izumo. Do you know them?

Manta: Yoh…


Defeat Dialogue:

Yohmei: –So, you could not do it after all. You made it out alive, but you got nothing out of it. –Anyway, it looks as though you have friends waiting for you.

Manta: –Welcome back, Yoh.

Yoh: –I’m sorry to make you worry, Manta. I’m ready to head back to Funbari Heights, now. Shall we?

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Tamao: –I read a fortune earlier that said Master Yoh would come out of Yomi Cave today!

Manta: –Really?! Aww… I hope he comes out of there sooner rather than later.

Yohmei: –Don’t let your fortune-telling get the best of you, Tamao.

Tamao: –…Of course not.

Manta: –Yoh…

Anna: –……… –………

Amidamaru: –Lord Yoh…

Ponchi: –I’m beginnin’ to think her fortune won’t come true, Konchi.

Konchi: –Hah! You’re probably right, Ponchi! Kyahahaha!

Tamao: –Ah! It’s–! It’s Master Yoh!

Yoh: –Oh! Hey guys. What are you all doing here?

Amidamaru: –Lord Yoh!

Yoh: –Boy, it’s been a while, Amidamaru!

Yohmei: –I see you’ve made it out safe and sound, Yoh. –And why, I can already sense the improvement! It seems your mana count has gone up since when I last saw you. –As a result, your Oversoul has also evolved!

Yoh: –Eeheehee!♪

Anna: –Hmm. You weren’t the only one holding on through this, but for now I’ll just say, “Well done.”

Yoh: –Thanks!

Anna: –Anyway Yoh, someone has been waiting here this whole time to tell you their true feelings.

Ponchi: –Uehehehehehehe!♪

Anna: –Shut up, you.

Manta: –Yoh… Uhm… N-No matter what happens… I always want to…be your friend… I mean it!

Yoh: –Manta.

Anna: Well, he spoke his true feelings. What about you?

Amidamaru: Lady Anna has a point, Lord Yoh.

Yoh: –Me? Oh… Uh… Sorry, I just… Well…

Manta: –…Just… Come back, okay?

Yoh: –Yeah, I will… –But first, uh… Hey, Tamao. It’s been a heck of a long time since I’ve had some of your cooking! I’d love it if you made dinner tonight.

Tamao: –Oh! I-I’d love to, Master Yoh!

Yoh: –Alright, everyone. Let’s go!

(End of Mini-game 4.)

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