Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 10 vs. Marco (Part 15/18)


(第十廻 天使のピストル)

Chapter 10: The Pistol in The Hands of an Angel



Ren: –…Noisy chap.

Yoh: –What’s the matter, Ryu? Something happen?
Ryu: –M-My sweet Lyserg has finally found the location of Patch Village!

Horohoro: –Wait, what?! For real?!

Ryu: –Would I lie to you?! Lyserg found it with that pendulum! Come on, Master Yoh! We have to go!

(Out in the mesa, in the middle of nowhere.)

Yoh: –This is Patch Village…?

Horohoro: –It clearly says on the map that we’re in Mesa Verdede National Park. Do you think maybe Lyserg’s little pendelum thingy was wrong?

Yoh: –Is something like that possible, Lyserg?

Lyserg: –No, this wasn’t a mistake, but we are going to meet someone here.

Horohoro: –Meet? Meet who?

Lyserg: –I thought I told you already. I was looking for stronger companions, right.

Ren: –What the hell is your point?

Ryu: –My…sweet Lyserg…?

???: –Hahahahaha! So, you’re the ones!

Ren: –And who the hell are you?!

???: –I am Marco, captain of the X-Laws angel corps. –Lyserg, are these shamans ready to join our cause?

Lyserg: –Yes, captain. These are the strongest shamans I’ve encountered yet.

Ren: –Hmph! I don’t know what your little angel corps is supposed to be, but I have no intention of playing with you! I can’t believe we were led on a detour for this!

Horogoro: –Seriously, how could you cheat us like this, Lyserg?! We already agreed to be your friends, didn’t we?!

Ryu: –My sweet Lyserg…

Lyserg: –Maybe it was wrong of me to not bring up the X-LAWS, but that doesn’t mean I lied to you.

Marco: –Lyserg’s right, you know. Perhaps there was a little misunderstanding here and there between the lot of you, but certainly this was no ‘cheat’. –Patch Village is right here in Mesa Verdede.

Horohoro: –Really?! Patch Village IS here?!

Lyserg: –See? I brought you right outside of Patch Village. That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?

Ren: –And in exchange, you want us to become members of your little posse.

Marco: –That’s right. We’ve already received word that Hao has arrived in the village.

Yoh: –Hao? What do you guys have to do with him?

Marco: –We, the X-LAWS, are an attack squad of justice, bent solely on destroying Hao! –We can only promise your entry into the village if you agree to join us.

Yoh: –If I said I was a friend of Hao’s, what would you do?

Marco: –Hao is the absolute evil… who disrupts all law and order in the world… –We must punish all who follow Hao. Are you truly one of his subordinates?

Yoh: –I’m in the Shaman Fight in order to win and get the easy life. I don’t need sides.

Marco: –…Playing neutral will get you nowhere. –Regardless, if you truly want to live the easy life, wouldn’t you rather evil be eradicated from the world first? –Wickedness strikes without warning, and carelessly crushes the hearts of the innocent in its wake. –No matter how the times may change, those who disturb the peace are evil, and those who keep the peace are justice. –IT is we, the X-LAWS, who hold the privilege to cast judgment!

Yoh: –The privilege to cast judgment… And you want to abuse it on anyone who gives you a hard time?! –I don’t think Hao’s the bigger problem here!

Marco: –Watch your tongue, boy! Heavy sinners who dare to insult our cause will be punished!


Defeat Dialogue:

Marco: –Surely you knew this was a lost cause, but you had the nerve to confront me and get in the way of my ideals. –I will spare your life just this once, but if you want to go on living, turn back now.

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Marco: –H-How can this be?! How could one small boy defeat Michael? Defeat…my justice…?

Horohoro: –Heh! Isn’t it obvious? Yoh would never lose to a jerk like you!

Marco: –Hmph. I won’t even begin to waste my breath on a child like you.

Horohoro: –What was that, you jerk?! You must want to fight ME next, is that it?!

Yoh: –That’s enough, Horohoro.

Ren: –Do as Yoh says. You don’t have a chance against him, but me on the other hand… Hehehe…


Yoh: –Take it easy, you two. No one’s calling you weak, Horohoro, okay? –Let’s look for anything that could show us the way into the village.

Lyserg: –This is as far as I go with you. I’ve already brought you up to this point.

Yoh: –Got it… Well, we’ll see you around–


Ren: –Shut it, you.

Marco: –Yoh Asakura… I accept my defeat for today. I will turn a blind eye just this once. –However, if we are to face one another within the Shaman Fight, it will be a battle of destiny.

Yoh: –Well, even if we do, everything will work out! Eeeheeheehee!

(End of Chapter 10.)

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