Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 11 vs. Chocolove (Part 16/18)


(第十一廻 黒いジャガー)

Chapter 11: The Black Jaguar

(Patch Village)

???: Darn. Everyone’s starting to team up one after another. –I don’t want to be kicked out of the tournament at the last minute! I have to find two more teammates on the double! –Beggers can’t be choosers. I’ll just have to ask the next bunch of people I see walk into the village. –Wooh! And there they are!


???: –D-Did it have to be weirdos?!

Yoh: –We managed to make it to Patch Village, but even so…

Horohoro: –…all these souvenir prices are RIDICULOUS!

???: –This skeleton keychain, you say it’s only 80 cents?

Yoh: –Wait, that voice… could it be?! –A-Anna?! Why are you here?! And more importantly, that price is way too good to be true!

Anna: –Long time, no see, Yoh. I came here to make sure you stayed up on your training.

Chocolove: –Hah, how nice it must be for a girl to follow you through the Shaman Fight. –Judging by appearances, I’d say you three are quite close. Are you participating in the next round of the Shaman Fight together?

Yoh: –Huh?

Chocolove: –The next round of the Shaman Fight is in threes!

Horohoro: –In trees?

Chocolove: –No! THREE-ON-THREE! One, two three!

Yoh: –…..Three what?

Ryu: –What is it you want, stranger?

Chocolove: –Woah, hey now, I… Okay, listen! My name is Cho–

Ren: –Your name is of no irrelevant!

Chocolove: –Y-….You guys…

Anna: –I’d certainly like to learn more. I’m listening, so talk.

(A pause.)

Chocolove: –Darn… How is this going to work with everyone here? Hrrrrm, I just can’t figure it out…

Yoh: –H-Hey, you don’t want to make Anna angry, so you had better not waste her time and just tell her what she needs to know.

Chocolove: –Make her angry?

Anna: –Do you know anything or not?

Chocolove: –Yeep! Okay, well… The next round of the Shaman Fight is going to be a 3-on-3 battle tournament. –Each team in the tournament must be exactly 3 people. Anyone who isn’t in a team by the time the tournament starts is disqualified on the spot!

Yoh: –So why tell us this?

Chocolove: –Hehe, well, I was looking around for anyone who hasn’t found a teammate, in case they looked worthy of the honor of being teamed up with me!

Ren: –We have no need for you!

Horohoro: –I dunno, Ren, the guy is pretty well-informed.

Chocolove: –Heh, that’s right! Information is my greatest asset! –I, the great Chocolove, can find out all there is to know about our enemies, just! For! You! –This incredible nose of mine catches everything. It operates at lightning speed!

Anna: –I get the gist of what you’re saying. Anyway, let’s go, Yoh.

Chocolove: –Woah, woah, don’t leave! I’m telling you all this for your own sakes!

Yoh: –Our own socks?

Chocolove: –Listen! It’s been my dream to become the greatest comedian in the whole, wide world!

Anna: –So much for that.

Chocolove: –D-Don’t say that! You couldn’t possibly say something so cruel!

Anna: –I just did. You’re just wasting Yoh’s time now.

Chocolove: –Dangit all! You guys are totally underestimating me. –Since it’s come to this, I’ll just show you what I’m made of! Hey, space-case, I challenge you to an all-out brawl!

Yoh: –….Did he say ball?


Defeat Dialogue:

Chocolove: –Ahahahaha! You’ll never find teammates with skills like that! –I’m the Black Jaguar! No one in the world is as awesome as me! It doesn’t matter who joins my team!

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Chocolove: –B-Boy you’re strong, but like I said earlier, it’s just what I expected.

Horohoro: –When did you say ANYTHING like that?!

Anna: –What should we do about him, Yoh?

Yoh: –Hmmm, I think we should take his advice and set everyone up in teams while we’re ahead.

Horohoro: –Right now? Shouldn’t we take a minute to think this over first?

Yoh: –Hmmm, I don’t know how to put this, but the idea of getting to compete alongside you guys makes me feel all warm inside. –And I don’t think Chocolove is a bad guy at all. –Anna, what’s your take on it?

Anna: –Nothing to concern yourself over. I’d simply like to get back to the inn as soon as possible.

Chocolove: –Now that’s an idea I’m all INN for too, haha!

Anna: –Don’t quit your dayjob.

Ryu: –You know, Chocolove isn’t so bad. He reminds me a lot of my friend Muscle Punch back home, and he’s a great guy.

Anna: –Tsk… Are you guys sure teaming up is what you want?

Ren: –I don’t mind either way. I’m leaving it up to them.

Horohoro: –I like this idea as well. It’ll be fun to fight alongside friends!

Chocolove: –All right, that settles it then. Chocolove, welcome to the family!

(End of Chapter 11.)

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