Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 12 vs. Hao (Part 17/18)


(最終廻 56億年の記憶)

Final Chapter: Recollections of 5.6 Billion Years

(Note: This is the final storyline chapter. Everything else after this will be side stuff.)

[Manta’s Monologue]

“After 3 months across the lands of America, on the Holy Ground of the stars, the place where all spirits ever born return and where 5.6 billion years worth of the planet’s memories reside, the time has come where the Shaman King will receive the blessings of the supreme guardian, the one who controls the stars: the Great Spirit.”

(Patch Village)

Yoh: –Hey, Chocolove! Going to the souvenir shop?

Chocolove: –You’re going AGAIN?! How many times are you going to go down there?

Ren: –He’s just that kind of guy. Ignore it, Chocolove.

Yoh: –I don’t know, every time I go I just keep finding new stuff! It’s okay, I’ll just go by myself.

(In the market.)

Yoh: –Oh! What a cool keychain. –And that tapestry too!. –This charm is also really nice! –Wow, the traditional arts and crafts of the Patch people are nothing to sneeze about! Ehehe! –That reminds me! Anna heard something about another souvenir shop on the edge of town. –I’ve got the free time now, so why not check it out for a spell?

(Out in the woods.)

Yoh: –Hmmm, where is this place? Uh-oh, guess I got myself a little lost, huh… –…?!

???: –Ah, if it isn’t Yoh Asakura.

Yoh: –Hao?!

Hao: –Huhuhu… I was trying to lure you out here. See, I was hoping we could talk for a bit.

Yoh: –I have nothing to say to you.

Hao: –Huhuhuhu… I’m sorry, do you fear I’m going to kill you? –On the contrary. In fact, you’re very important to me. I couldn’t let my other half run around freely and get hurt, could I?

Yoh: –Other half? What the heck are you talking about? I don’t understand–

Hao: –It seems no one has told you yet. You are my–

Yoh: –It doesn’t matter what I am to you. –I’m not going to make my friends worry. I’m heading back to the inn. Later.

Hao: –Tsk, tsk, what a stick-in-the-mud. How about playing with one of the five elemental spirits to lighten up your mood?

Amidamaru: –Lord Yoh! I sense his guardian spirit is like nothing we’ve ever seen before!

Yoh: –Mhmm, got it. We’ll just have to expect the worst, Amidamaru.

Hao: –Hahaha… I knew you’d realize what you’re up against sooner or later, Yoh Asakura. –I’ll say it just one more time. I am not going to kill you. I have other plans for you.

Yoh: –I have no reason to fight you, but if this is how you want to play it, fine! Let’s go, Amidamaru!

Amidamaru: –Right!!


Defeat Dialogue:

Hao: –Hrrrrm… You’ve already come so far, yet you’re still so small. –Worthless, tiny scum like you are not needed. Not by me nor by this planet, but I will let you live for today.

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Hao: –This was merely a sideshow, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself if I had won. –Huhu… I hope next time will be just as fun.

??–……!! –……Hey!! –Master Yoh!

Horohoro: –You okay, dude?!

Yoh: –Hehehe… Yeah, somehow. But how did you guys know where I was?

Anna: –Back when Manta was in trouble, I explained how friends who share a sixth sense can send each other their feelings, no?

Ren: –Heh, it looks like you were caught in a struggle. If I were in your shoes, I would have won in a single blow.

Yoh: –Eeheehee, I’m sure it would have been a real show, Ren. Anyway… –I’m completely exhausted! That whole ordeal took a lot out of me.

Anna: –Other teams are starting to form in the village. Have you figured out how you want to coordinate everyone for the tournament? –The road to becoming the Shaman King is proving to be a very long one for you.

Yoh: –Yeah, you’ve got that right. I’d love for it to be an easy win, but I already know it’s not going to be.

Horohoro: –No joke! I’m coming for you, Yoh! From now on, it’s the real deal! I’m going to make MY dream come true!

Chocolove: –What he said! I’m the Black Jaguar, and I’m going to become the world’s greatest comedian!

Ren: –Hmph. Fools, all of you. Watch your step. The one who will become the king… is me!

Ryu: –Brrr, this is giving me shivers! You just leave the real fighting to me!

Yoh: –Eeheehee! Everyone’s so full of energy, and I’m just sitting here, not sure what to do with myself. –But everything will work out!

(End of Chapter 12 + Story Mode.)

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