Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 9 vs. Lyserg (Part 14/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_(第九廻 ダウジング・レボリューション)

Chapter 09: Dowsing Revolution

(Somewhere unknown.)

SFX: *Vrrrmmmmmmmmm!* *Shing!*

???: –I’m still so weak. I can’t afford to waste my time associating with shamans weaker than me. –I need to make strong companions… –…so I can finally kill Hao.

(The park.)

Manta: –Shortly after Yoh’s match against Ren Tao, a message came through his Oracle Bell. –The second round for the Shaman Fight is going to take place in America, so the day after tomorrow, Yoh is leaving on a new journey. –I want to go with him too, but America? That’s just to far away.

(Asakura Residence.)

Anna: –Any new information about the second round?

Yoh: –Nope, not yet.

Anna: –The Oracle Bell said you have three months to find Patch Village, but that’s all we know as of now. –Who knows what kind of fighting you can expect along the way.

Yoh: –Ah, good point. Either way, if that’s how the second round is going to work, I don’t have any choice but to play along.

Anna: –…I won’t forgive you if you lose. –You’re going to become the shaman king and give me the easy life. Don’t forget that.

Yoh: –You got it!

(The city, at night.)

Silva: –…………Despite losing time and time again in past lifelines, you still opt to make an appearance?

???: –What past lifetimes do you mean? I am an ever-living being. Time and time again are all I have.

Silva: –I’m not so sure now. I sense no power in you, at least, not the power to make the impossible possible, which you once possessed.

???: –Ah, you must mean Yoh Asakura. You’ve been taught the lengths of my power, no? –But I don’t think he’s currently as strong as you suggest… I’m busy now, but we’ll meet again.

Silva: –Hao!!

(Outside, in front of a jetplane.)

Ren: –You’re late. It’s only common sense to arrive early to your appointments, Horohoro.

Horohoro: –Late?! We agreed to meet at noon, and it’s not even–!

Ryu: –Holy smokes, is this the jet we’re going to take? The Tao family is something else.

Manta: –Even when heading off to America, everyone’s acting like their same, old selves. Be careful out there, Yoh.

Yoh: –Oh, don’t worry about me. I’ll be back as soon as everything’s over. I’ll only be gone a little while!

???: –Going to America by plane? Heh… With my Oversoul, I could be there in a single leap. But, I suppose your Oversouls are all too weak to even consider such a feat.

Horohoro: –Watch it, dude! You wanna start a fight with us out of nowhere?!

???: –Huhu… I’m noy here to fight any of you. I’m just here to tell Yoh to hurry up and get stronger for me, the future king, Hao… –Huhuhu… I’ll be taking my leave shortly. I look forward to seeing you all in America.

Yoh: –The future king… Hao?

Ren: –Hmph, waiting for us in America? Fine. We’ll be leaving in a matter of moments ourselves. Onto the Tao family jet!


Ryu: –We’ve made it to America! Just look at all the people!

Horohoro: –Grrrr! That Hao loser better hope we don’t run into him!

Yoh: –Do you two feel prepared? We should head out soon.

Ren: –Lenient as ever, Yoh Asakura. And just where do you suppose we go from here?!

Yoh: –Well… –No clue!

Ren: –Pfft… Well, that’s fine. If we hope to find Patch Village, one place or another is going to have the information we need.

Yoh: –Oh, good idea! –I imagine that place is farther away than any of us would like, so let’s hurry!

(Scene change to motel in nearby city.)

Horohoro: –…Arrrgh! We still haven’t learned anything about where Patch Village is!

Yoh: –Calm down, Horohoro. We still have plenty of time. Let’s take it slow and steady, okay? –It’s a big deal when we find anything related to the Patch Tribe. Their language and memories have only survived between so many people in this region.

Ren: –We have to put the puzzle pieces together ourselves.

Ryu: –Come on, men! Let’s start asking around!

???: –I found you! –Hello! I’m Lyserg Diethel, a Shaman Fight participant from England. –I specialize in dowsing. I used this pendulum of mine to track you down.

Ryu: –You tracked us down? But what for?

Lyserg: –To ask you to join me. I’m looking for strong companions, but… –…if it turns out your not as strong as I thought, then I wasted my time. That’s why I need to test you!

Horohoro: –If it’s companions you wanted, don’t you think fighting us is a little, how should I say… totally backwards?!

Lyserg: –Hush! My homing pendelum can chase my targets down to the very ends of the earth…

Ren: –Targets? Hmph, I think that says enough about you.

SFX: –*Vrrrmmmmmmmmm!!*

Ryu: –Ren! Horohoro! Wow, Lyserg! Despite the pretty face, your power’s downright explosive!

Lyserg: –What are you saying? There’s nothing noteworthy about that. But even still, I need to find stronger companions!

Yoh: –Are you two okay? Ren, Horohoro?

Lyserg: –Grr… What are you doing?! How am I going to find out if you’re strong enough if you won’t fight me?!

Yoh: –Frankly, I don’t care. Ryu and I are taking these two to a hospital.

Lyserg: –Sorry, but you’re not going anywhere until you fight me!


Defeat Dialogue:

Lyserg: –I see… So you don’t really amount to much either. –I can’t waste my time with weak shamans, so this… is goodbye.

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:


Yoh: –Lyserg…who are you really fighting?

Lyserg: –Huh…?

Yoh: –You were fighting your own heart, not me. Not my friends. –Starting a fight with us was meaningless.

Lyserg: –B-But… Auuuugh! I still need companions!! Why don’t you listen to me?!

Yoh: –I don’t know what happened to you, but you came here to try and use us to accomplish your own little goal.

Lyserg: –….Grrk!

Yoh: –Once Ren and Horohoro are checked in at the hospital, I’ll hear you out, okay?

Lyserg: –………?!

Yoh: –I’m saying, come with us, Lyserg.

Lyserg: –………Okay.

(End of Chapter 09.)

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