Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 8 vs. Ren (Part 12/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_(第八廻 ソウル摩多霊園)

Chapter 08: Soul Mata Cemetary

(Asakura Residence)

Anna: –Yoh… Yoh!

Yoh: –Wuh? Oh! Anna…

Anna: –Are you really fine staying up like this? Tomorrow is your final preliminary match. –You’re better off going to bed early and getting plenty of sleep.

Yoh: –Anna…

Anna: –Okay then, here. This is what I want on the menu tonight. Hurry up and get to the store.


(In town.)

Amidamaru: –Our battle against Ren Tao is only around the corner, Lord Yoh.

Yoh: –Yeah, it’s creeping up, for sure.

Amidamaru: –You’re as composed as usual. –Be that as it may, do you have any strategies in mind for tomorrow?

Yoh: –Huh? What do you mean?

Amidamaru: –The only thing I can do for you is lend you every bit of my own strength, but I wonder if it’s enough…

Yoh: –Awww, you know I could never do this without you, Amidamaru!

Amidamaru: –I see.

(Tao Residence)

Bason: –Why don’t you take it easy on the training for tonight, my liege? –Tomorrow is a very important match for you. It’s imperative you rest your body before entering combat.

Ren: –Hmph. What’s with you? Think I’m going to have trouble tomorrow?

Bason: –I would never, my liege, but the future of the Tao family rests on your young shoulders. –Please understand, I only wish to–

Ren: –The Tao family is irrelevant to me! When I say I will become the Shaman King, –I said it as the individual human being who is merely Ren Tao by name! –Fahahahaha!!

(Asakura Residence)

Yoh: –Morning!

Anna: –…………

Yoh: Hm? Eeheehee…?

Anna: –……Yoh.

Manta: –Yoh…

Yoh: –Hehe! Come on you guys, let’s go!

Amidamaru: –Right!

(Soul Mata Cemetery)

Manta: –The Great Spirit chose the Soul Mata Cemetery as the grounds for your last preliminary match. –The day’s finally here. The day you face Ren Tao again. –Ahaha… You’ve got to feel at least a little bit nervous about this one, no?

Yoh: –Geeze, it’s cold out here…


Yoh: –I can’t win if I’m not calm, Manta! Eeheehee!

Manta: –Fair enough. Well, listen, you just do what you do best out there. Although, now that you mention it, it is pretty chilly out here.

Amidamaru: –That chill you feel is not from the air, Lord Manta. We are not alone!

Manta: –Wait… is that it?! OH, why does it always have to be cemetaries with you people– –UWAUGH! It’s… IT’S REN TAO!

Ren: –………….

Bason: –……………….

Amidamaru: …………..Hm?

Ren: –Even in the face of futility, you still had the nerve to show up. Pitiful, but I admire it nevertheless.

Yoh: –Heh, what futility?

Ren: –Your first victory was nothing more than a fluke, but it will not happen again. The one who will become the Shaman King is me, Ren Tao! –I SHALL END YOU WHERE YOU STAND!!

Yoh: –Ah, that’s too bad. See, I don’t plan on losing either. –This is the final stretch of the preliminaries, so I’m going to win no matter what happens! Eeheehee!

Ren: –Still laughing are you? Hmph! You’re getting on my last nerve! I’ll tear you down with a single blow! –Bason, let’s go!

Bason: –Hrrah!!

Yoh: –Whelp, guess that means us too, Amidamaru. Let’s get to it!

Amidamaru: –Right!


Defeat Dialogue:

Ren: –I told you before. It was futile of you to think you’d best me a second time. –AAAHAHAHA!!

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Bason: –M-My… My liege…

Ren: –Tch… –I knew it from the start. Ever since the first time we met… –With my strength, I could only pass so many limits… –But you… You are the wind, and the wind cannot be beaten nor cut. –Hmph… Exhausting my mana supply like this feels nice. My mind feels so light. –Yoh Asakura! Regrettably, this match is yours!

Manta: –You did it, Yoh! You won!!

Yoh: –Woohoo! Boy, I can’t wait to go home and eat something! You’re invited too, Ren!

Ren: –A-Are you insane?! I couldn’t possibly!

Yoh: –Eeheehee! C’mon, don’t be so bashful!

Ren: –I-I am NOT being bashful, you…!!

Yoh: –Then it’s settled! Come on!! –You too, Manta, Amidamaru. It’s time to go!

Ren: –Wh-Why do I have to leave with you?!

Yoh: –We could use the extra company at the store.

[Manta’s Monologue]

“That night, we all had a merry time back at the Flame inn, simply enjoying one another’s company under the same roof. Little-by-little, we all began to understand one another’s feelings. It was a strange night.”

(End of Chapter 08.)

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