Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (1/???)

Hey all! I’m back playing hooky from Napple Tale for a second because hey, lots of cool news for Shaman King anniversary merch has me really excited today and I got to chat with some other SK fans and I’m just… well, here! Like my last Shaman King storymode translation (for Spirit of Shaman), this is more of a proof of concept and certainly not anything fancy. Plus, I’m leeching off of someone else’s LP, this time by none other than andysislands, so really all credit goes to him for making the videos in the first place!

Now, Funbari Spirits is yet another Shaman King fighting game, this time for PS2. Unlike Spirit of Shaman, this game’s story mode starts well after the search for Patch Village, not during. It focuses more on team battles and has a story mode that you can verrry slightly customize by selecting different teammates.(Your team’s name will also change from Funbari Onsen to what have you, if you pick and choose certain combinations). It also has multiple endings. If I behave myself, over time I’ll just translate all of it.

For now, here’s a quick stab at Part 1 of… however many videos total.

(From the start of the game)
Shaman King Funbari Spirits
Press Start

Right-side bar: Please choose your mode of play.
-The Path of the Shaman King
Yoh: This is Story Mode.

New Game
Yoh: Play from the beginning.
Yoh: (Not selected)

Select New Game:
Yoh: Brace yourself, okay?

Anna’s Narration: “Shaman King”. That is the name of the one we call savior throughout human history. It is said that the one who becomes savior is granted the power to change the world as they see fit. To decide who becomes the Shaman King… a tournament is held once every 500 years. And now, the latest Shaman Fight is finally underway. Yoh and his friends have advanced ever so steadily… …and one enemy has stood in his way, smirking all the more. His name is Hao. As strong as they are, Yoh and his friends cannot face him now. But, I will make sure Yoh becomes Shaman King no matter what. In the end, the one who will become the First Lady of the shaman world… …is me!
Chapter 1: The Deserted Island of “Tokyo”

Chocolove: What were they thinking?! Holding the tournament on some deserted island?! There’s no way this island is Tokyo!
Ryu: I never thought I’d participate in such a grand tournament.
Manta: This Shaman Fight thing is something else…
(scene change)
Yoh: Whew! We finally made it.
Horohoro: So, this is the place we’ll all be staying in, eh?
Anna: Pfft. I suppose they couldn’t provide us something a little nicer?
Radim: Sorry about that.
Horohoro: Woah! That guy came out of nowhere!
Radim: Our budget’s tight enough as it is. But welcome to the deserted island of Tokyo.
Ren: And who the hell are you?
Radim: My name is Radim. I operate the Shaman Fight… as one of the overseers of Fate. I’ll be in charge of taking care of you for a while!
Ryu: Aww, not this old geezer! I was really hoping for someone way cuter, like a girl!
Radim: G-Geezer?! A-Anyways, you’re now to split yourselves up into teams of 3. The main tournament will be fought in 3-on-3 battles.
Horohoro: Wait, wait, wait! Did I hear that correctly?!
Ren: A fine opportunity, don’t you agree, Yoh? This is where we go our separate ways.
Yoh: Ren…
Ren: Destiny knows that you and I must face one another… so choosing different teams will ensure as much all the faster, no?
Yoh: If that’s what you want, I don’t mind either way. You’d better not lose before our match, Ren!
Ren: That’s my line, bastard. If you lose before I get to you, I’ll never forgive you.
Yoh: Hehe! I’m so scared~!
Ren: Bason, let’s go.
Bason: Y-Yes, M’Lord!
(end scene)
(inside the lodge)
Radim: Among the participants, you may have some enemies out there who will want to take you down before your next match. Be extra careful when going out on the field. Things won’t look good for you if you run low on mana. Replenish when you can. If you rest here in your lodge, your mana will recover completely. Call out to me anytime you need it.
Anna: See this bulletin board behind me? There’s some pretty useful information written on it. Why not give it a look-see?
Vending machine: SMALL COIN acquired.
Manta: If you’re low on mana, you should go grab at snack from the dining hall sometime! That’s what Anna told me, anyways.
(Leave lodge area)
(Village Map)
Header: Choose where you’d like to go!
White text on ocean: It’s deserted…
Circle: Select, X: Cancel
-Lodge: I can save here!
-Abandoned Warehouse: Just outside of the stadium
-Harbor: A ship is stopped here.
-The King’s Maize: The dining hall
-Patch Stadium: The tournament site.
(The Abandoned Warehouse)
Ren: Becoming Shaman King has been a dream of the Tao family’s for 2000 years. But the Tao Family is irrelevant to me. I will become Shaman King for myself alone!
-Shiny spark on the ground: CHROMATIC GRAIN found! You look closely and see Faust VIII drawn onto the grain of rice!
Coin on the ground: SMALL COIN acquired.
(Leave the warehouse)
(The Harbor)
Yoh: Hey, Ryu… Why the long face?
Ryu: Master Yoh, I have a request!
Yoh: What’s your request?
Ryu: How can you say that? Don’t you know there’s only one thing I’d ask you?
Yoh: How am I supposed to know if you don’t ask me straight-up?
Ryu: Y-You haven’t decided who you wanted on your team yet, have you, Master Yoh? Or are you still making up your mind?
Yoh: No, I haven’t decided yet, but…
Ryu: T-Then I won’t take no for an answer! Let me join your team! Funbari Hot Springs!
Yoh: What does Tokagero say to this?
Ryu: That he’s on board too, of course! Right, Tokagero?
Tokagero: It’s just as Ryu says! I’ll do my best to pay you back for saving me so long ago! C’mon, put us in the same group as you!
Yoh: Well, I’ll have to discuss it with Anna.
Ryu: You don’t need to discuss such an obvious choice, do you? Please, let me, Wooden Sword Ryu, join your team!
Triangle: Accept
Square: Deny
Yoh: Yeah, you’re right. We’ve been together ever since Funbari Heights. Hmmm… It’s settled then. Welcome aboard!
Ryu: For real?! We’ll defend you with our very lives, Master Yoh! Right, Tokagero?
Tokagero: Damn straight! Now that we’re on your team, I’m ready to set sail!

(end of video)

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