Alundra 2 – Konna Kurage Ni Dare Ga Shinai? (slllllightly more loyal translation???)

So, if anyone carries the misfortune of following me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me rant about this song before. This isn’t a great post. More like a trash post, but I wanted to get it out of my system.

Now, I haven’t elaborated on this super explicitly, but I have a huge bone-bone for in-game songs and I’m always super excited to see how they’re translated. (It’s one of the things I try to improve on in my own writing, as I’d love to work on more games with in-game musical numbers. It’s a big challenge to try and make them work, but it’s been a serious pleasure of mine lately with Napple Tale. Would I kill to give Antiphona no Seikahime due justice in the future? Sure. Rhapsody A Musical Adventure’s in-game songs are ridiculously good and inspiring, and I’d like to follow that trend.)

Anyway, anyway, anyway. Unpopular opinion and unfollow me if you must, but I actually like Alundra 2 more than Alundra 1. I enjoyed both, don’t get me wrong, but… I think Alundra 2 takes itself less seriously, giving it more room for error. I actually also really like the songs that they left in(I adore Journey’s End), but they very cruelly cut the original opening out of the game entirely, and didn’t really nail my favorite song as well as they could have. I think they kill the pacing and take out a lot of the slightly shady mood the song divvies out. The only songs are pretty much out and about, but this one gets ignored, despite being my favorite in the JPN version.

How I wish you could receive / this love in my sting
Let my poison dance inside / and burn into your heart

But there there’s nothing I can do / when I see you leave
For you ship has left my shore / far beyond my waves

Summer ends and thoughts of you / dissolve on the coast
But in all my seven seas / you’re all I long for most

But this man who sailed away / and left me this wish

who is he who somehow stung this jellyfish?

Anyway, the lyrical changes in the final English version make sense, and I understand the idea of throwing jellyfish into a song don’t make it as appealing or cool with young boys looking for games about saving princesses, but I gotta say it’s interesting that these sorts of things are changed to cater to that. Anyway, peace.

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