Yaku Tsuu~Noroi no Game~ Full Walkthrough/Story Translation (01/??)

I’m following a Let’s Play by simotsukisara, so you guys can read along to her LP.

Welcome back all. Been feeling kinda out of it lately, so I’m putting myself with another, simpler side project. Esper ripped the text from a PSX horror/suspense game called Yaku Tsuu~Noroi no Game / ~厄痛~呪いのゲーム~, or “Misfortune 2~The Cursed Game~” (Tsuu being a pun for “pain” also).

The story and gameplay are pretty slow, but the graphics and presentation are really appealing, and take pretty good advantage of everything creepy about PSX FMV models and animation. If I had this game in ENG as a kid, certain shots later in the game would have downright terrified me. Anyway, it’s also split up into multiple episodes per character, but I’m just going to split it into video chunks. Anyway, let’s hammer out Part 1!

Title Screen: Misery 2~The Cursed Game~

New Game. Select a name for yourself and move along. (She picks Madao @3:45, but I’m going with AAAA. I haven’t played the first game, but apparently he’s in there too, and that’s just… his thing?)


Narration(N): I never believed something like this could ever exist in real life.

AAAA’s Voice: “You… You’re… You’re not human!”

Woman: “Wait, AAAA. Please! Can’t we talk about this?”

AAAA’s Voice: “No! Stay away!”

N: I bolted out of the house and found myself wandering aimlessly through town.

(Replays scene of boy getting hit by a truck.)

(Title Screen appears, this time opening up character selection. Your only options at this point are Misuzu and Shogo, whom the player seems to ignore the entire playthrough, but you’ll see plenty of him. She picks Misuzu.)

Misuzu Route: 異変のはじまり (A Beginning to The Phenomena)@7:00

(Trippy, swirly background.)

AAAA Voice: “…lp… me. …Help me! Where the heck am I? What happened to me? Someone, anyone! Please… HELP ME!”

N: EIAAAAUGH! And then I woke up.


Misuzu: “Wh-What in the world?”

Once I recalled the dream I just had, I shuddered. My whole body broke into a cold sweat.

“Was I dreaming? But it was so life-like!”

I wiped the sweat from my brow and sat up. Sheesh. That’s one dream I’d rather forget. I didn’t mean to get up so early, especially on summer break. It’s only 9 A.M. I tried going back to sleep, but with comically horrendous timing, my mother called my name from downstairs.

Mrs. Makihara: “Misuzu. Misuzu! You’ve got a phone call! You’re not still in bed, are you?!”

Misuzu: “S-Sorry, Mom! I’ll be right down!”

Now, who the heck would call me at this hour? I grumbled and whined as I crawled out of bed. Uggh, so sleepy… My mother stood at the bottom of the stairs, grimacing as she waited for me to creep down. If anything, she’s no morning daisy herself, so I’m used to this.

“Haaah! Morning, Mom. Who called?”

I scratched my head and let out a yawn.

Mrs. Makihara: “Some man from a game company. TsubureSoft, was it?”

Misuzu: “Really?!”

Mrs. Makihara: “Now just hold on. Are you still trying to get a new part-time job? I thought you were focusing on your entrance exams!”

Misuzu: “C’mon, Mom. Don’t be so uptight. It’s not like I ever stopped studying.”

I said, taking the receiver from her. She’s been scolding me a lot these days, and it gets worse by the year.

Mrs. Makihara: “What are you saying to yourself, young lady?”

Misuzu: “Nothing!”

To make matters worse, she’s got some sharp ears on her, and that gets better by the year. Feeling my mother’s glare piercing into me, I turn my attention back to the receiver.

“Hello, thanks for waiting! This is Misuzu, speaking.”

Voice on the phone: “O-Oh, yes! Yes. This is  Mr. Tsubure, f-from TsubureSoft. I-I’m calling about the part-time position. W-We’d like to schedule you! For an i-interview!”

Misuzu: “Oh, I see! Thank you so much!”

Wowwie! I did it! I DID IT! This was the moment I was waiting for! I applied for a job in the video game industry 3 days ago. I’ve been DYING for a call like this one! Ehehe, and I got one!

“All right! I’m looking forward to it!”

I think my voice got a little too loud there, but I couldn’t help myself! Hehe, things are looking up! …But then, just as I was figuratively patting myself on the butt, I heard the strangest scratching noise around my hear.


*scritch, scritch, scritch*

Wh-Where have I heard that sound before?

That sound was going to drive me frickin’ bananas! I decided to…

Choice Time: A.Ignore it. /B.Look at the receiver.

(B. Look at the receiver)

I couldn’t take it anymore! The sound drove me to look at the receiver for a quick second, when I saw…

*scritch, scritch, scritch,*


…!! Eep!


Wh-What’s THAT doing on the phone?!

“Mom! Where’s the bug spray!”

Mrs. Makihara: “Sorry, no clue. Check the shoe cupboard.”

Gosh, what a mess.

“One little bug is nothing to get worked up about, Misuzu.”

H-How could she say that?!

“Urk! It crawled back around! Just go awaaaaaaay!”

Mr. Tsubure: “”Uhm, you sound awfully excited. Is everything okay?”

Ack! D-Darnit. This isn’t the time for me to be a drama queen. I was hoping he didn’t hear me  freaking out over the line.

“I get it, I get it. Just another day at the house, huh? That sure is nice!”

Dangit all. He definitely heard me! This is not the first impression I wanted to make. Why meeeeee?

Misuzu: “Sorry, sorry. Just a little cockroach trouble. Sooo sorry!”

Whatever, what else was I going to say?

Mr. Tsubure: “Nah, it’s okay. Heeeheeeheee! So, about the position.”

Misuzu: “Yeah?”

Mr. Tsubure: “Are you fine with coming down to our building for the interview? We can discuss the position in full, hoohoohoo!”

Misuzu: “S-Sure.”

I noticed something was off earlier, but this guy’s pretty creepy, ain’t he? His laughs over the phone are like, ‘heeeheeeheee’ and ‘hoohoohoo’. It’s so offputting!

Mr. Tsubure: “You listening?”

Misuzu: “…”

Mr. Tsubure: “Misuzu, are you there?”

Misuzu: “Uhhhh, yeah! Yeah, I’m listening.”

Yep, he’s super sketchy. The more I listen to him, the more I get weirded out. What do I do?

Choice Time: A.I’ve got a bad feeling. / B.End the call. / C. Let it slide.

(A. I’ve got a bad feeling.)

What is it with him? The more I hear his voice, the more he gives me some seriously bad vibes. His voice is so throaty, like a frog getting stepped on. Th-There’s something icky about it.

Mr. Tsubure: “All right then, please arrive at our building tomorrow at 2 P.M. Haaahaaahaaa! I’m looking forward to seeing you. Ciao!”

Misuzu: “W-Wait a moment, I have a–”

Before I could spit my question out, the man already ended the call from the other end. Well… I landed the interview, but I think I made a bad impression. Plus, the guy gives me bad vibes. Where do I go from here?

(End of Part 01)

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