Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (2/???)

(I actually didn’t give the OST to this game enough credit. I’ll have to look it up, but it’s surprisingly Tales-ish.)

Anyway, don’t think I forgot about this. I’m still on a Shaman King buzz. Here’s Part 2 of the Funbari Spirits storyline! (Enters Patch Stadium)
(Back area)
YELLOW + WHITE SIGN IN THE BG: 練習場 / Training/Sparring Grounds
On the Ground: (first) LIGHT ORB acquired! SP INCREASED! (Second) LIGHT ORB acquired! SP INCREASED! (“: D )
(Leaves Patch Stadium)
(Enters Dining Area)
Crudely-written banner in the back: Sappoko Beer (Parody of Sapporo Beer)
Tiny white text on red banners at the counter: Soba + Udon
Man in teal: Welcome!
Yoh: Oh, it’s you Radim! ButI thought you were back in the…
Man in teal: Hahaha! While we may look alike, I’m not Radim. You must have been confused by our similar tournament committee uniforms. Sorry for the confusion.
(Leaves Dining Area)
(Returns to Funbari Onsen)
Yoh: Is that you, Chocolove?
Chocolove: Heya, Yoh! Chosen your teammates yet?
Yoh: Eh, still looking around.
Chocolove: What?! You still haven’t made up your mind?!
Yoh: Pretty much. I take it you’re already set though, huh.
Chocolove: A-Actually… No, not yet. Hehehe! I know! That means you should let me join your team! I can let you in on my best jokes, once a day!
Triangle: Accept
Square: Deny
Yoh: Jokes? I’m fine without the jokes, but I’d be thrilled to have you on my team.
Chocolove: Now hold on a minute! I’ll have you know, I put my blood, sweat and tears into some of these jokes. …Oh, well.
(Talk to the man in purple)
Man in purple: You’re Ryunosuke Umemiya, yes?
Ryu: Yeah, that’s right.
Man in purple: I just received this letter for you.
Ryu: Hm? Let’s see here…
“Ryu, it’s been a while! You are the MAN inside of the MAN, and we want you to live as MANFULLY as possible!”
Ryu: Ah, this must be Muscle Punch! That d-bag’s gonna make me cry.”
(Go inside)
Anna: Ah, there you are, Yoh. Did you bump into Manta, by any chance? Tell me he’s not bumming around like an idiot.
(Leaves Funbari Onsen)
(Enters Warehouse)
Yoh: Hey there, Faust!
Faust: Well, well. It seems you’ve already found your party members.
Yoh: Yup!
Faust: Then I must hurry and join my own team as well.
Man in Blue+Yellow: The Shaman King will be chosen out of the participants in the Shaman Fight. You have to do your best, and not give up until it’s all over.
(Return to Patch Stadium)
Lyserg: (A sparring partner has appeared!) I can go all out in a fight against you! Ready? Let’s go!
(The text hovering around Opacho is よみ こみ ちゅう/読み込み中/YOMI KOMI CHUU, which is really just a preppy way to write “LOADING”)
(The ユルッa nd メラッ alerts under the combo amounts are really just, like… WHOP and BAM.)
Yoh’s Special: 阿弥陀流 – 真空仏陀切り! Amida-Ryuu, Shinkuu Buddagiri! (This game is extremely forgiving in that MANY character specials are hit by mashing the heck out of the circle button, such as this one.)
(Bottom メラメラ ~ Excellent!, while the red text above our flying little Lyserg is CRITICAL DAMAGE! I’ll say ユルユル~Cool! or something, as WHOP and BAM are kinda old hahahaha.)
(He uses Shinkuu Buddagiri a second time. The text blaring above Yoh’s head as Lyserg retaliates is お助けOK! = ASSIST OK!)
(Bottom Corner: “LET’S POSING!” You can select your victory pose with the press of a button. There are actually character-specific ones you can press, depending on who you fight, but andy presses X, which makes him say, “Oshikatta na” or “That’s too bad.”)
(Post battle.)
Lyserg: Thanks for that! I feel like my mana will increase the more I fight you. I’d like to do this again sometime.
Radim: Dedicated shamans can come back this way to spar. If you think someone would like to fight you, try talking to them!
(End of video)

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