Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (3/???)

Let’s waste no time. On to part 3!

Hao: How’s the search for teammates faring, Yoh?
Yoh: Hao!
Hao: Ah, now I see. So this is your team. How small.
Chocolove: Watch it, buddy!
Hao: As long as they help you advance in the tournament. You’re still not strong enough in my eyes. After all, you’re my precious baby brother.
Ryu: Huh?
Hao: Oh, you didn’t know? That Yoh and I are related?
Yoh: Hao!
Ryu: Master… What is Hao to you?
Yoh: I wasn’t silent on the subject because I wanted to hide it from you or anything. If I said anything about it, I felt I’d only be getting you guys wrapped up in a battle between Asakuras. But if any of us are going to become the Shaman King, I suppose there’s no way around it.
Chocolove: Yoh…
Yoh: … This guy, Hao… is my… big brother.
Chocolove: He’s your bro?!
Anna: More specifically, Hao is a great ancestor of the Asakura family.
Ryu: So he’s really old?
Anna: Around 1000 years old, to be precise. He’s reincarnated himself several times over the generations, all in order to become the Shaman King.
Yoh: It’s as she says. I’m sorry for getting you guys involved in something like this.
Ryu: Don’t worry about me, Master.
Chocolove: We’re fine!
Hao: Ah, friendship… I don’t understand it all that well, myself. I did make a few along the way, but I always found myself disappointed.
Triangle: Disagree
Square: Agree
Yoh: Haha! You’re exactly right. With the way I am now, I’ll only lose eventually!
Amidamaru: Lord Yoh…
Hao: Oh? What a surprise. I expected something a little more upbeat from you. Well, if that’s how it is, I’ll destroy everything for you.
Yoh: …!
Hao: What will it be? Your friends, or your family?
Ryu: Wait, why are you making him choose?!
Chocolove: It’s not that black and white!
Hao: I suppose it isn’t. Let’s just put our full selves into this and see. Haha!
(Hao leaves)
(Chapter End + Save Screen)
Manta alert: New messaged received on Mybestplace! (Most likely a joke on Myspace.)
(Opacho is doing that Shoyu! thing regarding the soy sauce.)

Chapter 2: The Ultra Senji Ryakketsu
(Inside Funbari Onsen.)
(What’s funny is that, even though Faust is not on Andy’s team in this playthrough, Faust’s shirt still says FUNBARI ONSEN on the back.)
Faust: I’m forever grateful to god that she has allowed me to be with my Eliza forevermore. (I assume at this point in the story, he’s referring to Anna as his god. Someone correct meee!)
(Exits Funbari Onsen)
(Enter the Dining Hall)
Horohoro: Urrk… I think I ate too much!
Manta: Hey, Yoh! Anna left you a message on the bulletin board. I think you should take a quick peek!
Man in teal: Would you like something to eat?
Triangle: Yes
Square: No
Man in teal: I understand. Well, come speak to me again whenever you’d like some food.
(Exits the dining area)
(Goes to Patch Stadium)
Talk to Horohoro: (A sparring partner has appeared! Will you fight him?)
Triangle: Yes
Square: No
Horohoro: Heh, I was just looking for a worthy sparring partner! Let’s make this a good one, buddy! Ready? Here I come!

(Yoh consistently uses Shinkuu Buddagiri)
Yoh: (LET’S POSING Quote, Triangle) Eheehee! I won!

Horohoro: Wow, you don’t mess around! I might need some special training regimine of my own!
(Exits stadium)
(Goes to the warehouse)
Radim: Let us begin, everyone. I am Radim, moderator of this event. I think it’s best I explain just how things are going to work from here on out. So… LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD! HERE’S WHAT I’VE GOT TO SAY! ARE YOU READY FOR THIS, YOU LITTLE DIPS?!
Anna: I’ll be shocked if this gets anywhere.
Manta: It’s not that bad, Anna.
Ryu: Yeah! I can’t help but shake with excitement here!
Tokageroh: Hyakhyakhyak! You’re not letting this get to your head, are you?
Amidamaru: I too am feeling tense by the occasion.
Manta: I wonder how Yoh’s doing?
Yoh: Hehe, everything’ll work out!
Manta: There he goes!
Radim: YEE-HAW! Have you taken a look at the tournament match pairings yet?! Attaining victory in this tournament… is all the proof we need to name you the Shaman King! So put your soul into it! Make these matches are dangerous and exciting as they need to be! Annnnnnnd you are dismissed!
Anna: Hmph. I see… Yoh, I’m heading home a little early.
Yoh: Hm…? O-Okay.
Manta: So, it all starts after today, yeah? That’s a little unnerving.
Ryu: No kidding!
Chocolove: I’ll need to work on new joke material, and fast!
Manta: Oh! That reminds me, Yoh! I think Anna’s been hanging onto some old book she got from your grandpa, Yohmei.
Yoh: An old book?
Manta: Yeah, the “Ultra Senji-Ryakketsu” or something.
Yoh: Hmmm… Never heard of it.
(End of video)

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