Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (4/???)

Glad I got a few more out of the way. On we go~!

Anna: Ah, welcome back. It’s time you lot started your special training.
Yoh: What?! Special training?!
Ryu: A-Are you serious?!
Chocolove: Heh??? For real?!
From now on, you’re all going to memorize the teachings of the Ultra Senji-Ryakketsu.
Yoh: What’s the Ultra Senji-Ryakketsu? Manta mentioned it earlier. It’s some kind of book, right?
Anna: It’s a secret, mysterious artifact passed down within the Asakura family for generations. It’s the book the original Asakura Hao used to record his techniques.
Yoh: The original Asakura Hao?!
Anna: If you want to defeat your twin, you’ll have no choice but to commit these techniques to memory. I’m not debating this with you.
Yoh: S-Sure, but who do we practice these techniques, exactly?!
Anna: Relax. I’ve already prepared a worthy sparring partner for you to fight.
Yoh: Hey! Now you’re just signing me up to spar with no warning!
Anna: We can’t afford to waste time. But, if you really don’t want to do it… I don’t mind letting you take the ‘Special Course’ I’ve prepared for you instead.
Ryu: Eep!
Chocolove: Gyack!
Yoh: (S-So we can’t afford not to spar…!) Well, we don’t want to keep this nice sparring partner waiting, now do we? Where are they, anyway?
Anna: My, my, changed your mind again? That’s no fun. Your sparring partner is waiting for you out on the beach.
Yoh: O-Okie dokie! Guys, we’re off to the beach!
(New Map Item: “Beach / Let’s play on the shore!”)
(Talk to Yoh’s Copy)
Yoh: Wh-Who are you?!
Ryu: Master!
Chocolove: There are 2 of you?!
Yoh: Apparently.
Ryu: Do you have any idea what’s going on here?!
Chocolove: Here he comes!
Yoh: This is it, guys. Time to spar!

(Andy plays the same way he has before, but just around 4:00 into this video, the shadow Yoh uses a Chocolove Assist, where Chocolove simply shouts “Gag Wind!” which is one of his own specials.)
VICTOR: YOH ASAKURA (“That’s too bad.”)

Yoh: That was rough!
Ryu: Yeah, pretty wild, huh?
Chocolove: Th-That was straight-up terrifying!
Anna: So? What do you think?
Yoh: Anna?! By any chance, is this guy…
Anna: Yup. It’s Shigaraki. I asked Mikihisa, and he had no problem letting me borrow him for this.
Yoh: You got him from Dad?! I see…
Anna: The technique Shigaraki used was called Fumon Tonko. It’s the most basic of basic skills found in the Ultra Senji-Ryakketsu.
Yoh: Fumon Tonko…
Ryu: That technique was brilliant!
Chocolove: It really caught my interest!
Anna: But just because you know how it works, it doesn’t mean you can use it. Upon fighting with Shigaraki… you should have been able to understand the technique to some extent, at least. Just don’t let down your guard. For now, keep taking advantage of your sparring partners as much as you can. If you don’t put anything to practice, what we’re doing here loses all meaning.
Yoh: Understood.
(End scene on the beach.)
Manta alert: New messaged received on Mybestplace!

(Funbari Onsen)
Ren: I’m really enjoying this tournament. If all proceeds smoothly, you and I will both make it into the semi-finals. Don’t let me down, got it? Not that it matters. I’m the one who’ll become Shaman King.
Radim: Good job! You wanna rest for the night?
Triangle: Yes
Square: No
Radim: Taking a load off, eh? Well then, have a good night!
(Save game)
(Goes outside)
Anna: Are you using your mana even outside of battle? Press and hold the button to expend SP out in the field. This trick should allow you to spot things unseen to the naked eye. You should give it a quick try right around here. Maybe you’ll find something good, right?
(Leaves Funbari Onsen)
(Goes to dining hall)
(Talks to Mikihisa)
Mikihisa: Hey there. Wanna bite? You can’t go wrong with their Yakitori Special!
Ryu: And who’re you?!
Chocolove: Look out, Yoh! Creepy Old Guy at 12 o’clock!
Yoh: Huh? Dad!
Ryu: Th-That’s not Teach, is it?!
Chocolove: He’s Yoh’s old man?
Mikihisa: Hahaha! Sorry to disappoint you. It seems I came off a little too strong.
Ryu: Think nothing of it, Teach.
Mikihisa: Well, let’s try again. I’m Yoh’s father, Mikihisa Asakura. I’m glad to finally meet Yoh’s teammates. Oh, yeah! You guys can call me Mickey.
Chocolove: Mickey, huh? I can work with that. Happy to meetcha!
Yoh: So, what brought you out to this island?
Mikihisa: Hehe… Well, a few things, really. But that’s for another time. More importantly… Are you guy getting something to eat too? Food is good for replenishing one’s mana!
Yoh: Good point. Well, I suppose I can stop for a bite.
Mikihisa: Good to hear! Well, I’m about ready to wrap up here. I’m camping out in a tent near the river. Stop by any time you want to hang out.

(End of video.)

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