Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (5/???)

This is one of those segments I really like. It’s short, but I like seeing slightly different interpretations of events between adaptations.

Mikihisa: Howdy, Yoh. Today, I wanted you to show Ren a thing or two about the Cho Senji-Ryakketsu.
Yoh: What? Show Ren? He doesn’t exactly learn from other people too well.
Ren: Whatever, you bastard. Your old man’s the one nagging me to do this. That’s the only reason I’m playing along!
Horohoro: Hahaha! Getta load of him! You could hardly tell he was the one getting his butt royally whooped in the past!
Ren: Silence, bastard!
Mikihisa: Well, what will you do, Ren? It would make me happy if you listened to this old man. If you’d like, I wouldn’t even mind if you called me ‘Dad’ too!
Ren: And who the hell is “Dad”?!
Mikihisa: Hahaha! Don’t be so shy! You’d be better off not worrying so much.
Horohoro: If anything, you’re the one who should worry.
Yoh: So, what’ll it be then?
(appears outta no where, but I forget technically Mickey’s on their team in the manga. “: D)
Redseb: Hey! Mister, won’t you fight us?
Yoh: Eh, sure. Let’s have a go!
Redseb: We won’t lose to you! Are preparations ready, Seyram?
Yoh: Eheehee! Let’s do this!

(Same combos up until 2:24, where he uses Spirit of Sword! Yaaaaaay!)
VICTOR: YOH ASAKURA (“That’s too bad.”)

Redseb: Wow, you really are strong!
Yoh: Eheehee! You’re a force to be reckoned with yourself!
(Golem begins to make loud noises)
Mikihisa: Hold on… What’s happening to Golem?! G-Get away, Yoh! It’s dangerous!
Yoh: Ren!
Bason: M’Lord!
Chocolove: Ren!
Mikihisa: How could I of all people fail to notice it still had leftover mana?! I never imagined Golem would execute its final directive!
Horohoro: Hey, Faust! Quick, take a look at Ren!
Horohoro: Faust..?
Faust: I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. The Golem’s attack not only hit his vitals… The attack went straight through them. It’s only a matter of time before his soul slips out of his body.
Horohoro: …!
Redseb: This– This is all my fault! It’s all because I brought out Golem.
Mikihisa: Calm down, Redseb. Before you start blaming youself, there’s something you can do.
Yoh: Supposing Ren’s soul is still in his body… he’s technically not dead yet! Unless we can figure something out here, we can’t give up!
Redseb: B-But what are we supposed to do?!
Mikihisa: I only know of one person who can save Ren now.
Amidamaru: You do?! Who could this person be?!
Mikihisa: The leader of the X-LAWS. She is known as a holy girl, Iron Maiden Jeanne. With her healing power, she should be able to take care of Ren’s injuries.
Yoh: Jeanne of the X-LAWS… All right, I’ll go speak to her!
Mikihisa: Well, I’m not sure she’ll consent to this so easily. The X-LAWS have made it their life’s mission to eliminate Hao. Given you’re his brother, I don’t think she’ll give you the time of day.
Yoh: And on the other hand… I still have to try! What’s the point of worrying? Everything’ll work out!
Ryu: I couldn’t have said it better, Master! If that’s your decision, let’s get a move on!
Yoh: Right. If we’re going to help Ren, we have to be quick about it!
Mikihisa: I understand. The X-LAWS can be found at the harbor. Be careful out there.
(End scene)
(Return to Funbari Onsen)
(Yoh rests/saves with Radim again.)
(End of video.)

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