Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (6/???)

If you ever wanted to see Ren’s revival in anime style colors, this is the little bit for you. It’s actually very cute? So I’m about that.

Yoh: Heyyy! X-LAWS, are you here?
Marco: Hmph… You must be Yoh Asakura. What business do you have with us?
Yoh: I came here to ask Jeanne if she really has healing powers.
Marco: How dare you call her that (by her first name)! …Still, what you heard is the truth. I suppose there’s something you want to speak with her about then.
Yoh: I need her help!
Marco: Hm?
Yoh: My friend was hurt in an accident, and now he’s in critical condition.
Marco: Hoho, I see. That explains why you’ve come for her aid. Hmph… But just to confirm, you are Hao’s twin brother, aren’t you, Yoh Asakura?
Yoh: !! Yeah, but what does that have to do with this?
Marco: You’ll have to forgive me, but we have no intention of helping that hellspawn or any of his little friends, including you.
Jeanne: It sounds like you are distressed. Did something happen?
Marco: Maiden?!
Ryu: Oh man, she’s ULTRA cute!
Yoh: Won’t you treat Ren’s injuries?! I’m begging you!
Jeanne: Yoh Asakura! …I see. So his injuries are that severe, but you do understand our reasoning, don’t you?
Triangle: Accept/Understand
Square: Object
X: Beg
Yoh: Hehe! Surely… If we all have to fight in the end anyway, it makes sense to band together with those that share the same ideals to get far in the Shaman Fight.
Jeanne: While I understand how you feel, you are still the brother of Hao, so I cannot heed your request.
Triangle: Accept/Understand
Square: Object
X: Beg
Yoh: What?! That’s not fair! Are you saying you’ll really let Ren die without helping him?!
Marco: There’s no way we could cooperate with someone who cops that kind of attitude with us.
Triangle: Accept/Understand
Square: Object
X: Beg
Yoh: Please! I understand that what I’m saying is unreasonable, but you guys are the only ones who can help my friend!
Marco: What a persistent young man. No matter how many times you ask us…
Jeanne: I can feel that you are thinking only of your comrade. I understand that very well. Marco, I think I’m going to help him.
Marco: If that is what you wish, Maiden. Still, this boy is still connected to Hao. I don’t know how we’re going to let that slide.
Jeanne: We’re not. That’s why I won’t do it unless we set a condition or two.
Marco: !! I see. Brilliant idea, Maiden!
Chocolove: One condition?
Yoh: Well, if we have to… Well, what is it? What’s this condition? If we don’t hurry, Ren’s going to die, remember?
Marco: Listen, Yoh Asakura. It’s impossible for us to ignore the strength of your relations with Hao. We definitely see you as an obstacle. In that, we will help you on only one condition. Forfeit from the Shaman Fight!
Ryu: Forfeit from the Shaman Fight?! What?!
Yoh: …Fine. I’ll do it.
Marco: Are you really fine with that, Yoh Asakura?
Ryu: …I simply follow your lead, Master.
Jeanne: Understood. Then I shall do as you wish.
(4:10, Shamash kisses Ren)
Chocolove or Manta?: Ren’s injuries are healing in the blink of an eye.
Yoh: Wow, Ren! You’re all better!
Bason: M’Lord!
Ryu: Ren, you’re back to normal!
Chocolove: Don’t scare us like that, Ren!
Marco: Don’t you have someone to thank, Ren Tao? Aren’t you grateful to Maiden for coming to your aid?
Ren: I won’t do something so frivolous.
Marco: Oh? What a bizarre thing to say. Do you not know the circumstances behind your revival?
Ren: I don’t remember asking for your help!
Marco: What?!
Ren: You’re getting on my last nerve!
Jeanne: Oof…!
Marco: Huh?! How dare you! Maiden, let us leave. Yoh Asakura, it’s time you kept your promise!
Yoh: Sorry, Ren. I did something selfish.
Ren: You’re damn right you did, you bastard. I suppose you feel so good about yourself for helping me out. It’s just one more thing for me to feel like I have to make up for.
Yoh: Well, you couldn’t make up for anything if you died anyway, right?
Ren: Pfft!
Yoh: Hehe!
Manta: I’m just so happy right now!
Ryu: Maiden is just so cute!
Chocolove: To celebrate your full recovery, I’m going to tell nothing but my best jokes!
Amidamaru: Let’s go inform everyone of Ren’s safety!
Yoh: Good idea.
Ren: (alone on the beach) I’m so sorry, Yoh.

Chapter 4: THE X-LAWS
Anna: What the hell did you do? Answer me!
Amidamaru: L-Lady Anna! You know, it just… all happened so fast, and…
Manta: Anna, the only way for Yoh to save Ren’s life was to, y’know… forfeit the Shaman Fight? He didn’t have a choice!
Anna: Naturally, I’d never expect you to let something happen to Ren. But still. Why wasn’t I in on this deal of yours?
Yoh: S-S-Sorry!
Amidamaru: She used the Legendary Left!
Manta: Anna, you have to forgive him for this!
Ryu: Man, Maiden sure was a cutie though…!
Faust: Iron Maiden Jeanne’s shamanic powers are astounding.
Anna: She’s kidding herself. I’M going to be the first lady of the shaman world.
Yoh: I-I’m sorry!
Anna: Can it, you.
Yoh: …Sorry.
Anna: Hmph. Whatever. You’ve got some nerve, agreeing to forfeit the Shaman Fight without asking me. But Ren had to be saved, right?
Yoh: Anna!
Anna: However! You’re facing off with the X-LAWS next, but before you can do that, you need to take back your promise!
Yoh: B-But I’m a man of my word…! (Slap!) All right. I’m going, I’m going!
(Goes outside)
(End of video.)

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