Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (7/???)

It’s interesting to see how characters are written a bit differently (in how they speak) between adaptations, but Marco is an oddly tricky character to vocalize, both in this game and in the manga (when you’re as inexperienced a writer as I). He’s one of my absolute favorites though.

(Patch cafe)
Yoh: Hmm?
Luchist: Good day, Yoh. My name is Luchist. I came here under Lord Hao’s orders.
Yoh: Hao’s orders?
Ryu: Th-This guy ain’t right!
Luchist: He seemed most alarmed by your withdrawel from the tournament. I come with a message from him. “If you do not re-enter the tournament by the next round, I shall destroy Golem and its operators.” That is all.
Yoh: You’re kidding, right?!
Luchist: A promise made with the X-LAWS wasn’t worth protecting to begin with. If you have trouble negotiating with them, would you rather I got rid of the X-LAWS for you instead?
Yoh: No, I’ll discuss this with them on my own.
Luchist: Hoho, I see. Well, now you have the message.
(Luchist leaves)
Yoh: How did Hao find out about my deal with the X-LAWS, anyway? But knowing this, I absolutely have to take back my withdrawel from the tournament.
Anna: But what does that matter?
Yoh: Hm?
Anna: You wanted to reenter the tournament anyway, right? So, what does that matter?
Yoh: Haha! Yeah… The truth is… I still want to live the easy life. If possible, I’d rather not fight, but… if I let things stop here… I’m clearly going to regret it, and I’ll never be able to do that. We still have a future in this, even if… that means going against their wishes and re-entering.
Anna: And what’s wrong with that? You only left in order to help your friend, right? Then you have nothing to feel bad about. You can have your cake and eat it too, every once in a while. But ultimately, that’s up to you. The only think that matters to me is that you follow your heart.
Yoh: Mhmm. You bet! All right, it’s time to take a deep breath and get a move on! I’ll fight to become the Shaman King again!
(End scene)
(Leaves Dining Hall)
(Goes to Harbor)
Yoh: I’m sorry, but I can’t go through with it. Would you forgive me for re-entering the Shaman Fight?
Marco: Hmm? You say this after we rescued your friend? You think you can just change your mind after using Maiden?
Yoh: It wasn’t my intention to.
Marco: I absolutely won’t allow this! No matter what you say, in the end, all you did was cheat Maiden! I don’t need to hear your convenient excuses after receiving our help!
Triangle: Understand
Square: Challenge
X: Give Up
(Give up)
Yoh: I figured things would turn out like this.
Marco: Of course. Now, run along!
Yoh: Darn. If I fail here, I don’t know how I’d go about explaining it to Anna.

Triangle: Understand
Square: Challenge
X: Give Up
Yoh: I don’t think that’ll be necessary, so I’m not going to say anything with words. I’ll show you with force!
Lyserg: What the heck are you trying to pull?! This isn’t like you at all!
Yoh: I’m dead serious, Lyserg. Stand down.
Marco: Hoho, was my answer really so hard to understand?! All that matters to you in the end is power, no matter how much you try to gloss over that fact. It’s just as we said, you are nothing more than another part of Hao. We can no longer allow you to run around causing trouble so freely. It’s time I granted your wicked soul eternal rest!
(5:18 White text on screen: MANA GUARD)
VICTOR: YOH ASAKURA (“Eheehee! I won!”)
(End of video.)

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