Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (11/???)

I stayed up too late inbetween knocking this out, so it’s probably horrible and I’ll only find out a few days later, woowoo.

Yoh: You were great, Ren! I thought I was done for! Still, this is a victory for Funbari Onsen.
Ryu: Master, you always have the best character!
Chocolove: Hehe, we were victorious!
Ren: …I’ve lost again. I understand now. Perhaps my power will always be inferior to yours. But what makes you and I so different?
Faust: Ren…
Horohoro: Ren…
Yoh: There’s nothing different about us. I just know that I have to stop Hao. That’s why I couldn’t allow myself to lose here.
Ren: You’re going to stop Hao, huh. Hahaha!
Yoh: Ren?
Ren: I haven’t forgotten about Hao, either, but I see that you were looking further ahead than I..
Yoh: Ren…
Ren: With this, my dream of becoming Shaman King has come to an end, but only because you’re the one person around who could beat me! It’d be more satisfying to me to defeat a guy like you, rather than become Shaman King! Not only in strength, but also in spirit! But before that, Yoh, you have to stop Hao!
Yoh: I will. That’s a promise. I’ll stop him no matter what.
(End of scene.)
(Saving game.)

(Outside Funbari Onsen)
Hao: Hello, Yoh.
Yoh: Hao!
Ryu: I-It’s Hao!
Chocolove: But why him?!
Hao: By the way, congratulations on your big match. It seems you’ve grown a little stronger.
Yoh: …!
Hao: But there’s still room for improvement. You were gallavanting around quite a ways just before your match, weren’t you?
Yoh: What do you want with us, Hao?
Hao: My, my. What a scary look on your face. I feel like putting your abilities to the test.
Yoh: What?!
Chocolove: But why?!
Hao: What says you, Yoh? It’s fine if you say no. The Spirit of Fire will simply have to find something else to satiate its appetite.
Yoh: Grrk!
Ryu: You know, maybe if we gang up on him… everything will work itself out?
Hao: Hahahaha! How small. Did you seriously weigh that as a viable gameplan?
Yoh: Guys… I don’t think fighting Hao all at once will help us win, but we can’t afford to run from him now either. That’s why I’m just going for it…
Manta: Yoh!
Yoh: What is it? I’m all right, Manta. You know how it goes. Everything will work out.
Hao: You’re so tender-hearted, but I came to expect a little of that from you. Now come.

Hao: Flame Totem
VICTOR: Yoh (“Thank goodness.)

Hao: Hmm, in a way, I’m a little impressed, my precious baby brother. I’d like for you to apply yourself even further. You wouldn’t want to lose your precious allies, would you?
Hao: Hahahaha! Well, see you later.
Yoh: He left.
Ryu: Master!
Chocolove: So that was his power…!
Manta: I’m just glad nothing happened to you, Yoh.
Yoh: With the way I am now, beating him is out of the question. I need more power. I don’t know what, just some kind of heavy powerup.
(End of scene.)
(Inside Funbari Onsen)

Yoh: Oh, good morning, Anna!
Anna: What took you so long to come back, Yoh?
Manta: Yoh, do you think you’re all right after yesterday’s injuries?
Yoh: Yeah, thanks to Faust.
Manta: You’ve been through so much already!
Anna: Your next match in the finals is against team Ghandara, a star group. Their God Class status makes them a hot pick for the championship. You need to know what you’re up against to win.
Manta: They’re God Class?! Will Yoh be okay?!
Yoh: If I’m going to be honest, I’m not entirely sure.
Manta: YOH?!
Yoh: If I remember correctly, Hao’s mana level is somewhere around 1, 250, 000, while ours is considerably less than that.
Manta: HUH?! Does that mean even 100 men couldn’t take this guy?!
Yoh: More or less, but numbers don’t mean anything when you try your hardest at something. As for Ghandara, I don’t actually know how strong they are, but just maybe, with Hao as strong as he is now, maybe they could give him a run for his money. I mean, the three of us sure can’t. It’s absolutely out of the question.
Anna: I see.
Manta: Yeah! And Anna…
Amidamaru: I… Err… If we do that, we might just become stronger!
Yoh: Amidamaru, we should just be working on our training. This isn’t the time for taking it easy! C’mon, let’s go, Amidamaru!
Amidamaru: L-Lord Yoh! Y-Yes, of course! Let us make haste!
Ryu: I will follow you the world over, Master!
Chocolove: Mic and I are coming along too!
Manta: This is great, Yoh! You can go take everyone down in the blink of an eye!
Anna: There’s no running away from my specal Hell training now.
Manta: Huh?
Anna: Well, I’m fine either way. It just saves us all time if you volunteer.
Manta: Uggh…

(End of video.)

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