Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (8/???)

One of the fussy things is that the JP versions of everything prefer treating Iron Maiden Jeanne’s name as “Maiden” first, so you get Maiden-sama/Lady Maiden, as opposed to what woulda/shoulda been Lady Jeanne, but here we are… I’m too assed to really edit it at the moment, but enjoy.

Translation under the cut!

Marco: I can’t deny your eagerness. With that, I also can’t deny your true capabilities. But while I I know I must try to vanquish crumble your Oversoul again, I’m afraid I’m all out of mana for the time being.
Yoh: I heard the leader of the X-LAWS was strong, but wow.
Marco: Grrk!! What did you say?! I dare you to say that one more time!
Yoh: Wait, wh-what are you freaking out for?! Doesn’t being the captain of the X-LAWS Angel Corps make you the leader?
Marco: Watch your impudence, you heinous blasphemor! The leader of us X-LAWS is none other than Maiden herself! I’ve had enough of your foolish behavior! I’ll put up with it no longer!
Lyserg: Marco?
Luchist: Hehehe… Don’t be so overdramatic. It’s so sad to see you tearing at the seams.
Yoh: Luchist! You followed me?
Marco: State your business, traitor!
Luchist: Oh, just a little cleanup. And to make sure the boy’s negotiations weren’t all for naught.
Yoh: Knock it off, you! Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something here?!
Luchist: Ah, forgive me, Yoh. If you allow it, I’d be happy to lend you a had.
Marco: I see. So you really with Hao in some way. His cohort, perhaps? Even so, Father Luchist… You should be ashamed for showing your face around me.
Luchist: Is that all you have to say to me after so long? As for being ashamed… that’s a first world problem, isn’t it?
Lyserg: Marco, do you know him?
Marco: …This character’s name is Lachist Lasso. The founder of the X-LAWS and wielder of the first angel, Lucifer. But pray tell, traitor, what did you mean by cleanup?
Luchist: Hohoho… Couldn’t guess? I came to see a little girl dolled up to be some holy maiden a little too big for her britches… and maybe ‘discuss’ her entry into the Shaman Fight. You see, Lord Hao isn’t too fond of people threatening to get in his way.
Marco: Do not deny that she is a holy maiden! Not even Hao can stand up against her! I can’t comprehend how you’d say such a thing. Father Luchist, today is the day I strike you down!
Luchist: Trying to die young, Marco?
Amidamaru: Lord Yoh! At this rate, they’re bound to start an all-out war!
Luchist: Yoh?! Please, step aside! Is that man not your enemy?!
Yoh: Did I ask you to come here, or did you force this? I don’t know what your deal is, but you’re getting in the way, so leave! Now!
Luchist: No, I just…!
Yoh: If you don’t, I absolutely won’t rejoin the tournament!
Luchist: …I understand. I shall retire for the day. However, you know you must re-enter the tournament.
Marco: Hmph. Thanks to you, brat, I lost my chance at taking care of Luchist.
Jeanne: If you took that chance today, Marco, you would have died.
Marco: Maiden…!
Jeanne: You know what Luchist is capable of better than anyone. Without Yoh’s interruption, your life would have been lost. Yoh Asakura, forgive him. Let us meet again in the ring of the Shaman Fight.
Yoh: Huh? Do you mean you’ll let me…?
Jeanne: Yes.
Yoh: Thank you, Jeanne!
(End scene)
Anna: I just knew he’d come back to me. …In a manner of speaking, I knew he wasn’t going to drop out of the Shaman Fight for good.
Manta: Well, even if he did, that’d okay too, right? I’m just glad he’s safe.
Anna: We’ll see about that. I’m not letting him off the hook if he loses to these bozos.
Marco: We may have let you rejoin the tournament, but we won’t let you win!
Yoh: Eheehee! Right back atcha! We have no intention of losing here.
Chocolove: Yeah, we’re not gonna lose!
Marco: You children puff your chests, even in the ring. It makes me eager to show you just what I’m made of!
Marco: This is my other battle outfit. It allows me to craft my Oversoul into its strongest state!
Yoh: N-No, I mean… with the pose too, it’s little uh…
Marco: Why so hesitant, Yoh Asakura? On second thought, let’s not waste time on any more questions.
Radim: Woo, these two are getting fired up, so let’s get this show on the road! Considered one of the top candidates for the championship, the X-LAWS! And on the other side, we have their opponents, whose capabilities remain dubious, Team Funbari Onsen! And who will win? Not even the Great Spirit knows! This Shaman Fight is about to start!
TEXT BOX: Select your first team member.
Triangle: Yoh Asakura
Square: Wooden Sword Ryu
X: Chocolove
TEXT BOX: Select your second team member.

TEXT BOX: Select your second team member.
Triangle: Yoh Asakura
Square: Wooden Sword Ryu
X: Chocolove
(End of video.)

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