Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (9/???)

There’s a few fights in this one, so it’s a little shorter than the others.

BATTLE: YOH ASAKURA VS. LYSERG (God, I have to watch my lil boy get whalloped twice in this playthrough ;_;)
Ryu Assist: Nobori Ryuu Honou Tokage/ Rising Dragon Salamander (Flaming Lizard sounded funny?)

Marco Assist: XDI, X-LASER!
VICTOR: ASAKURA YOH (“Whew, that went well.”)

Marco: D-Damn you. We can’t lose here!
Ryu: Well, well! What do you think of my abilities now?
Jeanne: I’d say… your power of mind has proven stronger than our justice. It pains me to say this, but we’re counting on your team from now on (to destroy Hao).
Marco: Maiden…
Jeanne: Yoh Asakura, we’re counting on you from now on. Let us take our leave, Marco. I don’t see this as a loss. There is still more we can do.
Marco: …Yes, Maiden. You’re right. I was so focused on the short-term objective, that I lost sight of our true goal. Forgive me.
Jeanne: You are forgiven. Marco, we have nothing to worry about, so long as we return to the path of God. Now, let us go.
Marco: I-I am blessed by your words! You truly are the holy girl, Iron Maiden Jeanne! X!
Lyserg: I’m returning with them, but best of luck, Yoh! Take care of Hao for us.
Yoh: Great, now I’m worried. They’re making it feel like something totally bad is going to happen.
Anna: Speaking of bad, was this match the first time you’ve battled in some time?! At this rate, you’re no match Ren, let alone Hao himself! You’re due for more special training back at the inn! Tonight, I’m in the mood for a nice supper.
Yoh: Huh?! Th-That’s not…!
Manta: Poor Yoh. Even when he wins, he still has to cook.
(End scene.)

(Funbari Onsen)
Horohoro: They said we could spar down by the stadium. You in the mood for a little practice sometime?
(Leaves Funbari Onsen)
(Enters Dining Hall)
Anna: You’ve reached the semifinals at last.
Yoh: Yeah, we finally made it up there. I’m thrilled with just doing that. Now it’s just a beeline to the finish!
Anna: Your next opponent is your little Alfalfa friend.
Yoh: Ren and I have been looking forward to this. I think I know how to take it from here.
Anna: Hmph. You’ll be a total laughing stock if you lose. And I won’t forgive you, either.
Yoh: Everything’ll work out! But before that, I could use a quick snack. The Yakitori Special really is good!
Ren: Hmph! Slacker. You don’t look like someone who’s been looking forward to such a match.
Yoh: Heya, Ren!
Ren: As if “a light snack” is going to make you strong enough to fight me. …Yoh. I’ll tell you a little something beforehand.
Yoh: What is it?
Ren: You are strong. However, today’s victor… will be me.
Yoh: Hehe! You mean me. I don’t feel like losing anytime soon.
Ren: Hehehe.
Yoh: Heeheehee!
Ren: Well, that’s fine by me. We’ll see who’s right when the match is all said and done. Then we’ll know for sure.
Yoh: Man! I’m really looking forward to this, Ren!
(End of video.)

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