Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (12/???)

No fights in this one. : )

(Enters Patch Stadium)
Manta: You’re late, Yoh.
Yoh: What’s going on out here?
Manta: Well, Hao’s team hasn’t showed, so they’re not starting the match yet. I wonder if something happened…
Yoh: Hao’s missing?
Anna: Hm, seems Hao must have… bigger priorities than even the Shaman Fight. Yoh, investigate.
Yoh: Guess I have to… Let’s go take a quick lookaround.
Manta: We’re counting on you, Yoh!
Anna: You’re going too, Manta.
Manta: But I–! …Okay.
(Enters Harbor)
Yoh: Wh-What happened here?!
Marco: Y-Yoh Asakura…?
Lyserg: Yoh! We’re in trouble!
Yoh: What? Did something happen?!
Marco: Please… Please rescue Maiden! I beg you, Yoh Asakura!
Yoh: Calm down! Now, what’s the matter?
Marco: Several members of the X-LAWS plotted to murder Hao without my orders, then put their assassination attempt into motion in my absence. Maiden noticed this first, and set off to retrieve our comrades, but they were all murdered by the time. At that point, Maiden broke into a fight with Hao, and moreover, her GS, Shamash, had been absorbed by the Spirit of Fire!
Manta: No way…! What are we gonna do now?! The Shaman Fight happens only once every 500 years, but why do people have to die for it?!
Yoh: Manta.
Manta: Why shouldn’t I call Tamurazaki and get the police to stop this madness?!
Yoh: No one can stop Hao but another shaman.
Manta: Urrk… Yoh… Yoh…!
Yoh: So, where the hell is Hao now?
Marco: I don’t know, but he said something about the Shaman Fight no longer being necessary.
Manta: The Shaman Fight’s no longer necessary? What does that mean? Just what is he planning?
Yoh: It probably means he plans to procure the Great Spirit directly.
Manta: What?! Is such a thing even possible?!
Yoh: With the power he absorbed from Shamash, I wouldn’t cross out the option. With that kind of power, I’ll bet there’s nothing he can’t do.
Marco: Forgive me. As captain of the X-LAWS, I must take responsibility for this.
Ryu: What are you saying?
Yoh: Anyways, we have to track down Hao as soon as possible.
Manta: We should team up with Team The Ren and explore together!
Yoh: Yeah, good idea. Manta, there’s something I need to ask of you.
Manta: What are you talking about, Yoh?
Yoh: I need you to find Sati and ask her to heal Iron Maiden Jeanne. I’ll ask Ren to join forces with us. Letting Hao get his hands on the Great Spirit is our worst-case scenario!
Manta: Okay, I understand, Yoh. Leave it to me!
Yoh: Sorry for the trouble, Manta.
Marco: …I thank you.
(End scene.)

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