Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (13/???)

I know I’ve said this before, but I really do like how the writer fused elements from the anime and the manga into this storyline. I think that makes for a very unique and great adaptation for fans of either!

(Bus Stop)
Board the bus?
Triangle: Yes
Square: No
Bus Audio: Now arriving at the factory stop. Please be careful when boarding. (fade to black) We have now arrived in the wilderness. Please, do not forget your belongings.
Item on the ground: You found a SMALL COIN!
Yoh: Whew! There you are, Ren!
Ren: What’s going on, Yoh? Tell me what happened! We all received messages on our Oracle Bells that the Shaman Fight’s been temporarily suspended! What is the cause of this?
Ryu: Hao absorbed Jeanne’s GS, Shamash, and received a massive powerup!
Horohoro: Seriously?!
Chocolove: And now it seems like he’s after the Great Spirit itself!
Faust: I didn’t think something like that was even possible…
Ren: So, what are you planning to do?
Yoh: I have to stop Hao for good.
Ren: Hmph. If you’re going after him, then so am I. Let us lend you a hand.
Yoh: Thanks, Ren. Let’s go!
(Leave Wilderness)
(Enter Harbor)
Jeanne: Please, wait, Yoh Asakura.
Yoh: Hey, it’s Jeanne! Are your injuries from your fight with Hao better yet?
Sati: Not a single wound remains.
Jeanne: It seems you’ve saved us yet again. Thank you.
Yoh: We’re sorry for throwing this on you so suddenly, Sati.
Sati: How could I say no to a request like that from you?
Marco: Maiden, preparations for our departure are complete.
Yoh: Wait, what? Departure?! But where are you going?
Jeanne: To the place where the Great Spirit resides, towards the holy land of the stars. That is where Hao is.
Sati: I was able to detect a massive amount of mana making its way toward the Great Spirit. We must hurry.
Yoh: Hao’s heading… toward the sacred land of the stars…!
Jeanne: Yoh Asakura, you are our last ray of hope in the battle against Hao. Let us go to where the Great Spirit is! Hao’s actions have all led to this one dire moment. We’re in a race against time.
Ryu: Now I’m getting real fired up!
Chocolove: We won’t lose!
Yoh: Thanks, everyone. Let’s go! We’re going to give this all the fighting spirit we have!
(Boards the ship)
Jeanne: Beyond this point, you’ll be on your way to the land of the stars. Us X-LAWS will stay out here and fend off any of Hao’s reinforcements.
Yoh: So, Hao’s in there…
Marco: This time, we’re leaving this in your hands.
Ren: Let’s find Hao! If we can bump off some of Hao’s escorts, it’ll be that much quicker for you.
Horohoro: We all have a score to settle with Hao.
Faust: We’ll take care of everyone but Hao for you.
Yoh: You guys…!
Sati: Only one of Hao’s blood can stop him after he’s already taken Shamash’s power. Yoh Asakura, as his brother, this is something only you can do. Please, take care.
Yoh: Everyone, thank you all again. Well, here I go!
(Enters the cave)
(Finds Hao at 7:05)
Hao: Ah! If it isn’t you, Yoh. What took you so long to get here?
Yoh: Hao!
Hao: Your power is no longer necessary to me. From the moment the Spirit of Fire took Shamash’s power for itself, I had obtained all the power I needed to do this. You are nothing but an eyesore to me now. As long as you behave yourself and be quiet like a good little spectator, I’ll let you watch the creation of my new world.
Yoh: There’s no way I can do that. I made a promise to everyone, I’d put everything I have into stopping to you!
Hao: Hahahahaha! How small. With everything you have, you say? Do you really think you will beat me, the way I am now?
Yoh: Who can be sure? I just know that, no matter what I have to do, I’ll do it!
Hao: …You’re awfully earnest. Who know you’d be so prepared to take me down head-to-head, but you’d better not underestimate my so much.
(End of video.)

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