Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (14/???) (NORMAL END DONE)

This is actually more or less how I originally thought the manga was going to end, just with more exposition to make it a bittersweet deal. Part 15 of Andy’s LP is actually just the credits (which are still a great watch), but I’ll be skipping over them because-because-because.

(Note how Yoh does little to no damage to Hao throughout the battle. Hao’s shirt comes off though, so that’s obviously good.)
(3:08, Hao uses Spirit of Fire.)
VICTOR: YOH ASAKURA (“Eheehee! Looks like I won!”)
Hao: What is this…? Is that all you’ve got, Yoh?
Yoh: …! …Hao!
Hao: Whatever. This will all be over soon enough.
Anna: Yoh!
Manta: Yoh!
Ryu: Master!
Ren: Yoh!
Hao: Would you look at that. The Peanut Gallery has arrived. Not that it matters. It’s not like you can win. Huhuhu, this is just fine. Since the number of onlookers has increased, I’ve got a new idea. I’ll show all of you my new world! The Great Spirit is just up ahead!
(Great Spirit CG)
Hao: Hehehe! It’s finally in my grasp! How long have I waited for this day? My Shaman Kingdom is almost complete!
Yoh: Shaman Kingdom?
Hao: Wouldn’t you like to fulfill our every desire without persecution from outsiders? We shamans will never find such peace of mind with the humans around. So I will destroy them all, and create an ideal world, one only for shamans. That is the Shaman Kingdom!
Yoh: But shamans are human too! Nothing could ever justify destroying humankind!
Hao: I see you don’t understand how I feel. Then that’s the end of our chat. To become one with the Great Spirit, I shall go into a deep slumber.
Manta: No!
Hao: You’re free to attack me as soon as I fall asleep, for the next time I open my eyes, this entire world will be reborn.
Manta: Wh-What do we do now?!
Ryu: Master was defeated?
Ren: With our power, it won’t be easy for us to enter into the Great Spirit. Can we really not stop him?!
Manta: Oh, no…!
Yoh: … …Anna, I’m sorry.
Anna: Yoh?
Yoh: It doesn’t look like… I can defeat Hao by fighting him.
Manta: Yoh…
Hao: I see. So, you plan to stop me… by sacrificing yourself, is that it?
Ren: Sacrifice?
Ryu: Master!
Hao: Do you think simply jumping into the Great Spirit as you are now will settle this?
Anna: No. You can’t…!
Hao: An interesting idea. I rather like it. Show me how far you can go. Come, dear brother…
Yoh: …Fine. Here I come, Hao.
Anna: Yoh!!
Ren: Yoh!
Chocolove: Wh-What on earth happened?!
Horohoro: H-How much time has passed since they went up there?!
Ren: …Who knows. Is Yoh safe? Did Hao… really become the Shaman King?
Amidamaru: I… was nothing but a disappointment. Lord Yoh…
Lyserg: Yoh…
Faust: There’s nothing we can do for him.
Manta: No way! There’s no way Yoh could have lost!
Anna: He’ll come back.
Ryu: Mistress?
Anna: Yoh’ll come back, no matter what. After all, that was his promise to me. He’s just not finished yet.
(End of Video.)

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