Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (15/???) (GOOD END P.1)

Skipping Part 1 because it’s straight up covered in an earlier vid. Heck, this one is also mostly covered as well, save for the end. : )

(If you look very closely, the number of glowy things around Yoh has gone up in number in this ending as opposed to the Normal End, which I translated in Part 13. Most of the dialogue in the pre-fight scene is exactly the same, up until Hao’s last line.)


(Clock in around 5:35)
Hao: …You’re awfully earnest. Who know you’d be so prepared to take me down head-to-head, but you’d better not underestimate my so much.
Yoh: I didn’t underestimate you at all. Did I, Matamune?
Matamune: It’s been a long time, Lord Hao. (Hao’s name writing has changed here. His past life’s name is written in Kanji/葉王, while his modern day name is written in katakana/ハオ.)
Hao: !! …Matamune?
Matamune: Lord Hao, I have come back in order to save you.
Hao: Do you mean, you still plan to get in my way?
Matamune: No, I mean to make up for 1000 years of regret. I will reappear before you any number of times to see that happen.
Hao: …Matamune. I accept the sentiment.
Matamune: Then get ready!
Yoh: Let’s go, Amidamaru! Matamune!
(End of Video.)

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