Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (16/???) (GOOD END P.2)

Yayyyy! This is the last bit of the proper story-story. There’s a long fight in the beginning, but the rest is straaaaaaaight dialogue. Enjoy!

VICTOR: YOH ASAKURA (“Eheehee! Looks like I won!”)
Hao: How small. Didn’t I say you had more work to do, Yoh?
Yoh: Grrk! Everyone’s here with me, so I’ll give this my very all!
Hao: …I see. That’s too bad for you, Yoh.
Anna: Hold it right there!
Yoh: Anna?!
Matamune: Miss Anna?
Hao: Ah, you must be… the Asakura bride-to-be. Did you come here to watch me become the Shaman King?
Anna: Who do you think you are, talking to me like that? You say you’re going to be the Shaman King?
Hao: Oh, does me becoming the Shaman King dissatisfy you?
Anna: Isn’t it obvious? The only one becoming the Shaman King here is Yoh. All you do is murder people!
Hao: Murder people? Hahaha! What does that matter to you? Who cares how many of those dregs die?!
Anna: You’ve got guts, laughing at me. …Don’t you dare underestimate me!
(Anna slaps Hao)
Amidamaru: Th-The Legendary…
Yoh: Left…!
Matamune: Your handiwork is most impressive, Miss Anna.
Anna: If you kill people to satisfy yourself, do you know it’s those murdered spirits will be there to party with you within the Great Spirit?
Hao: !
Anna: How could you not consider something so obvious? Are you that stupid?
Hao: …Even if that’s the case, I don’t exactly care at this point. With little time, the Spirit of Fire will just…
(Anna slaps Hao again)
Yoh: That’s… That’s twice now!
Matamune: Lord Hao, this is rather embarrassing to behold.
Anna: You really are stupid. Do me a favor and use your brain. After you send everyone to the afterlife… are you sure you want to make a kingdom out of just yourself? Well, congrats.
Hao: And why are you telling me this?
Anna: Stop acting like a self-obsessed child!
(Anna slaps Hao again.)
Yoh: A-Anna!
Anna: Don’t look at me. Figure it out yourself for a change!
Yoh: I-I’m not sure that’s the…
Hao: …Hehe! That hurt a little. But you know… I may have changed my mind a little now. Yoh, what would you do if you became the Shaman King? What kind of world would you and Anna create? I admit, I’m a little curious. This time, why not give the seat of Shaman King to you?
Yoh: Hao…!
Amidamaru: What is he saying?!
Matamune: Lord Hao?
Hao: Now, it’s not like I’m accepting my defeat or anything. I’ll be back in 500 years to take what’s rightfully mine. You have until then to show me what you’re really capable of accomplishing as Shaman King, but if I’m not impressed by the world you create after 500 years time, then I’ll destroy the humans.
Matamune: Lord Hao…
Hao: You’ve found yourself a fine bride, Yoh. I wish you two the very best of luck. Well, I’ll be off now.
Yoh: He left…
Amidamaru: Whew, that was most stressful. But Anna, you certainly know a lot about the Great Spirit!
Anna: Huh? Oh, that rant I went on? I made the whole thing up. I don’t know a damned thing about the Great Spirit.
Yoh: You–
Amidamaru: –made that all up?!
Anna: Well, it worked, didn’t it? Anyway, we stopped Hao from becoming the Shaman King. There’s nothing stopping you from taking the throne, Yoh.
Yoh: B-But Anna…
Anna: What, you’re not complaining, are you? If you drag your heels now, you’ll just regret it later. Or is it that you plan on breaking your promise to me?
Yoh: N-No, I’d never dream of it. I only…
Anna: Then walk the hell up there!
Yoh: R-Roger! H-Here I go!

Anna’s Narration: And with that, the first Shaman Fight in 500 years was declared over. And the current Shaman King… came to be, right before my very eyes. I don’t know what Yoh is going to do from here on out, but… he will always be Yoh. And I’m certain that he will make the rest of my dreams come true. I don’t know what this world is going to look like 500 years from now, but as Yoh says, “Everything’ll work out.” I am Anna, the proprietess of Funbari Onsen… and the girl who will become the wife of the Shaman King!

(End of video.)

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