Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Battle Mode Ending Translations (1/2)

Thought I’d knock these out during the week, but then I’ll buzz off and get back to other projects. He has 10 endings on his page, so  here are the endings for Yoh, Lyserg, Faust, Sati and Marco!

1. YOH
Yoh’s Narration: Eheehee! That was pretty tough, but we were victorious! Now that I’ve become the Shaman King, I get to live the easy life!
Manta: Hey, Yoh!
Yoh: Oh, Manta! Did you come to hang out?
Manta: Yeah, I thought I’d come see how you were holding up.
Yoh: Right on! Hang on just a sec for me then. I’m a little tied up at the moment.
Anna: What are you doing out there? You’re not slacking off, are you? Now hurry up and make me something to eat.
Yoh: Errr….
Anna: And then it’s back to scrubbing the floors. I want this place spotless. Oh, and after that, today’s the release of Ringo Awaya’s new album, so don’t forget to pick it up for me.
Yoh: Boy…
Anna: What kind of reply is that, a complaint?
Yoh: N-No, of course not. It’s just… well, I finally became the Shaman King, but maybe life didn’t get so easy after all…
Anna: Really? But running the inn has been going smoothly on my end and you don’t see me complaining about needing more free time. You have some kind of problem?
Yoh: …No.
Anna: If that’s the case, then good. Well, chop chop!
Manta: Pfft!

Lyserg’s Narration: I-I’m the Shaman King now…! What do you suppose I do, Morphin? I see. Yes, I understand.
Lyserg: Don’t try to gamble with a Diethel. I put all the pieces together and found that the culprit is you!
Man: N-No way! Then what evidence do you have?!
Lyserg: My dowsing ability directed me to the murder weapon, right here in this room.
Detective A: I thought this case was never going to be closed, but he managed to solve it in only a couple days.
Detective B: Yeah. When he joined on a few years ago, I thought the kid was real fishy, but he’s undoubtedly the world’s greatest detective.

Faust’s Narration: So, I’m the Shaman King now? My, my, this is going to be interesting! But my desire has already been accounted for.
Anna: Faust, it’s an emergency. Our guest has a stomach ache.
Faust: Understood. Eliza, prepare for immediate surgery.
Guest: B-But I think I over-ate, is all… Really, I think I’d be just fine with some antacid.
Faust: Everything will be fine. Please, leave all your problems to me! Even if you die, I will make sure your body is fit as a fiddle.
Guest: N-Now hold on a seconnnnnd!
Anna: Once again, you’ve proven that you are the world’s greatest surgeon! I bet we’re the only inn in the world with both a hot spring and an in-house doctor! We’ll be completely booked each and every day. I love it!

Sati’s Narration: I have seized the crown of the Shaman King. This too must be karma. But, although I shall be the Shaman King, my overall task has not changed.
Ren: Talk about odd. Why invite us over for tea, woman?
Sati: Oh? Still dissatisfied? First off, I thought the runner-ups were supposed to abide by the winner’s request. Moreover, think of this as one form of samskara.
Horohoro: Whelp. What the Shaman King says, goes, I guess. But, while I’m not against more training per se…
Chocolove: What the heck do you mean, you want us to travel from China to India on foot?!
Sati: Didn’t I tell you? One form of samskara. Remember, in the olden days, others quite like you were chosen to save the world in this very way. We must once again go on a journey to save the world, just as the monks did before us. You understand this too, don’t you?
Chocolove(?): Grrk! B-But why should we agree to such a thing?
Ren: Hey! Horohoro, Chocolove, pack your things immediately! Let’s get this journey over with on the double!
Sati: Fufu, just as I thought, this journey will prove most enjoyable. Now, let us be off, Goku, Gojyo, Hakkai…

Marco’s Narration: What are they saying?! A coincidence though it may be, they are completely disregarding Maiden! I didn’t mean to win the Shaman Fight! This crime can never be forgiven!
Jeanne: It isn’t like that, Marco.
Marco: Maiden?
Jeanne: More importantly, it is our mission to spread the laws of justice to the world. You, Marco, are needed for that mission.
Marco: I-I am indebted to your words!
Jeanne: The world is in your hands, Marco.
Marco: X…
Marco: X!!!

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