Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Battle Mode Ending Translations (2/2)

So, I’m blasting the Italian opening for the first time and it’s actually killin it? Man, this show is so blessed, guhhhhh. Anyway, here are the last 5 endings on Andy’s channel, which wraps up my TL of his playthrough. The endings for Chocolove, Redseb, Horohoro, Ryu and Ren are all under the cut!

Chocolove’s Narration: Haha, check it out, old man! I became the Shaman King! Let’s go, Mic! Avaf! We’re off to spread the winds of laughter across the world!
Chocolove: Cheesecake! *silence* Oh, Amidamaru? More like Adios Amida! *silence*
Pascal Avaf: Even blessed with the power of the Great Spirit, his jokes are still boring. But this too displays his true competency to be Shaman King.

Redseb’s Narration: Haha! Look, Redseb! I’m the Shaman King now! This should return you to normal!
Redseb: Tch… You should be cured, but you’re still not speaking like you used to. Were you really cured at all? Well, it’s okay. After all, it seems like your other emotions have returns. As long as you’re feeling better, I’m happy! Well, I’m heading out now. Take care of the house(church?) while I’m out, Seyram.
Seyram: …Thank you, Redseb.

Horohoro’s Narration: Booyah! I’M the Shaman King now! Watch, Pirika. I’m gonna fill the whole world with butterbur fields!
Newscaster: Thank you for tuning into our broadcast. Last month, we reported the outset of a massive plant spread in the Hokkaido region. We have since discovered that the massive butterbur plants have spread en masse over at least half of planet! At this rate, we can say with great certainty that it is only a matter of time before butterbur plants take over the entire world.
Pirikia: Horohoro, you idiot!
Horohoro: GYAAAAH! I-I didn’t–! I didn’t mean to go THIS far with it!
Kororo: ~Korropokkoropokkoro!

9. RYU:
Ryu’s Narration: Wh-What happened? Did I really outdo Master? Did I… accidentally becoming Shaman King? How am I supposed to find my Happy Place now?
Ryu: Guys! I’m sorry, but I guess I became the Shaman King. I don’t know what this means for our search for our Happy Place…
Muscle Punch?: It’s okay, Ryu! We’ll follow you no matter where you go!
Ryu: You really mean that? I-I’m…
Muscle Punch: It’s fine. Nothing’ll going to stop us from finding our Happy Place!
Ryu: You guys, I’m…!
Manta: You know, by becoming the Shaman King, you could use all that new power to find your Happy Place too, right?
Ryu: All right, come on you guys. Let’s go find our Happy Place!

10. REN
Ren’s Narration: Hmph. Took longer than expected, but now I’m the Shaman King.
Bason: Congratulations, M’Lord!
Ren: I’m going to change the world into one without hatred.
Horohoro: Heyyyyyyy, Ren! You’re the Shaman King now, right? Think that fancy new power of yours can take care of dinner tonight?
Chocolove: Yeah, you’re the Shaman King, right Ren? Heck, you should make a cake! Lemon cake!*
Ren: Grrrrrr, YOU BASTARDS!
Horohoro: Hahaha! We’re just joshin’ ya, Ren! Aren’t you trying to make a world without hatred?
Chocolove: Yeah! It doesn’t look good for you to get so riled up, now does it?
Ren: Urk! …Certainly not.
Horohoro: So, have you invited your folks to come out and celebrate?
Chocolove: Oh man, your mom must be so proud! I bet she’ll be all, “RENNN MY BABBYYYYY~!”
Horohoro: And your old man’ll be all proud like, “I knew you could do it, Son.”
Ren: If you want to keep your innards in, I’m the last person you want to talk to like that, so SHUT IT LEST I CUT YOU BOTH DOWN!
Horohoro: Woah, calm down, Ren! It was only a joke!
Chocolove: Yeah, don’t you know that–?! (GYAAAH!)

*WOW CHOCOLOVE MADE A JOKE FOR ONCE. So he says 景着付けようぜ which I in this case would just be “Once you’re dressed!” More importantly, KEI-KITSUKEYOU also sounds like KEEKI TSUKEYOU, or, “You should make a cake”!

One thought on “Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Battle Mode Ending Translations (2/2)

  1. Hello, Cargodin! How are you?
    I’m sorry if I’m beeing evasive, it’s not my intention ❤
    But I don't know how to contact you, so I'm asking in this post of your blog, hope it doens't matter.
    How are the translation of Linda³? You're still doing the translation? The last info I saw about it was posted more than a year ago.
    Thanks in advance if you could reply me and keep doing you good work!
    Greetings from Brazil ;*

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