Namja Town Theme Park: Story and Character Bios

Hi all! It’s been a few months since I’ve posted to the blog (sorry, sorry…), but things are going really well with Napple Tale! I have a lot I’d like to share soon, but please hang tight just a little longer! ❤ Today’s post will be a bit big and not (totally) related to video games, but I hope you get a kick out of it.

See, I didn’t mention this on the blog much, if at all, but I went to Japan in November! It was my first time, but hopefully not my last. There was so much we got to explore, but one thing that pleasantly surprised me and stuck with me was Namja Town. See, Namja Town is a small theme park located on the second floor inside Sunshine City(a large mall in Ikebukuro, Tokyo), just below J-World!

Anyway, Namja Town is an old-timey little town(mostly Showa era/1950s in theme) and home to a variety of interesting denizens. You mostly have cat people, but also birds and ghosts! There are also lots of collaboration events, attractions restaurants inside. They make lots of adorable desserts and are mostly known for their gyoza. Unfortunately, a lot else beyond the food and the sight-seeing is cut off from foreign visitors due to the high language gap. I thought I’d take the time and translate at least the basic introductions of the town and characters from the official website right here!

The Story of Namja Town

          1. The History of Namja Town:

Namja Town was created by a cat named Najavu in order to “bring everyone’s memories and amusement together in one place”. Najavu used his wild imagination to bring to life the amusement of 1950s television which the people so fondly remembered.
There would be thrill! Laughter! Tender romance and jawdropping adventure!

People far and wide heard of the town and started moving their to make a living. Before long, the streets were bustling with new residents!

          2. An Ancient Nyayan Prophecy:

Here’s a tidbit of backstory that Najavu himself knows not of:

Najavu’s grandfather, Najaji Namja, was an adventurer and archaeologist.
Once, while deciphering an ancient tome, Najaji learned of a great cataclysm that
would someday come and “rob the world of playtime”. Najaji embarked on a great journey in hopes that he’d find some way to prevent this great cataclysm from ever happening.

As he explored the remains of a long-lost temple from ancient Nyayan civilization, Najaji happened upon a second clue about the aforementioned prophecy:
“In Catniptember of the 2222nd year of the Nyayan Calander, a great cataclysm will befall the lands, and playtime will be forever lost from our world.”
(In the western world, this would be January, 2013.)
Upon learning the date of the cataclysm, Najaji also discovered the true means of preventing it.

          3. A Key, Bestowed:

To prevent the great cataclysm, one must take hold of a special key- a key created by the ancient Nyayans- and use it to unlock the power of playtime.
Najaji just so happened to find this key. However, he unfortunately could not draw out the key’s power. He realized the key could only be used by the cat it so chooses.
Najaji left this key behind with his family for safekeeping. Then, he left on another adventure, never to be seen again. Time passed, as it does, until the day came when Najaji’s grandson, Najavu, inherited the key.

          4. Cats with Mysterious Powers:

Meanwhile, in a certain faraway land, there lived another cat like Najavu- another cat with magical powers. His name was Mojavu. And like Najavu, Mojavu had created a town, and it too was filling up with playful denizens of its own.
But what made it so playful? Mojavu was overly strict. He was widely known as the Tyrant of Playtime, who ordered his subjects to play so much, the poor townsfolk simply run out of energy!

          5. Unlocking the Power of Playfulness:

On a certain day in Catniptember of the 2222nd year of the Nyayan Calander, Najavu’s heart was drawn to a single idea. He would take out his grandfather’s key and chant a spell: “Nyamjalah!”

As he did so, and the word escaped his lips, a large door and lock, both of ancient Nyayan design, magically appeared before his eyes! Najavu slowly inserted the key into the keyhole. When he turned the key, the power of playtime was unleashed into the world, gushing forth like a massive cyclone! That’s when, within Namja Core itself, the town Mojavu created too had emerged!

          6. The Evolution of Namja Town:

The town that Najavu created, Nyamja Town, had fused together with the town that Mojavu created. A playful revolution had taken over Namja Town! Because the playful streets and people of Mojavu’s town were now intertwined with Najavu’s town, playtime intensified everywhere. Even in places of Namja Town were there was no playtime before, new playfulness had taken form! And with that, the townsfolks’ bonds with the Festivians(visitors to Nyamja Town) deepened all the more.

          7. Jealousy Towards Najavu?:

Najavu turned to Mojavu and said, “Together, the two of us can make this town into an endless land of amusement, meow!” But these words would never reach the heart of Mojavu, the so-called Tyrant of Playtime. Mojavu looked out at the evolved Namja Town and said, “No! My way was better! I can’t accept living in a town like this!” Najavu was troubled to hear Mojavu say this, for it was then that Mojavu vowed to crush Namja Town into dust.

Mojavu would then form Team Moja-moja, a secret organization that continues brewing up evil schemes within the walls of Namja Town to this very day.


chara_011. Najavu, the symbol of Namja Town!

Birthday: July 6th
Bio: Out of the last 10,000 calico cats born into this world, he was the only male. (They say crossing paths with him will grant you good luck!)
Talent: Writing humorous haiku poems
Favorite Color: Bold yellow
Favorite Foods: Curry Rice, Gyoza, Soft Serve
Weakness: He gets ticklish all over when people compliment him
True Weakness: He hates to see Najamy cry

 “I love to join in on the fun and excitement with everyone, meow!
If you ever want to meet me, just say, “Najavu!”



2. Najamy, the superstar of Namja Town!

Birthday: March 6th
Bio: A fashionable girl who is skilled at singing and dancing.
Occupation: Actress/Singer
Talent: Making sweets (She always bakes a cake for Najavu on his birthday!)
Favorite Food: Cute desserts with decorations on them

“I always look forward to seeing you all in Namja Town!”



3. Nanchicchi, the baby kitten with a trademark pacifier!
Height: 16cm (6.2 inches)
Weight: 0.5kg (1.1 pounds)
Birthday: Unknown (He was found as a stray.)
Bio: A pampered baby kitten who was abandoned in an empty cardboard box that once stored oranges. The Festivians often rescue him any time King Kappa decides to kidnap him. Because of this, he’s growing up to be surprisingly robust and active. Likes rice porridge more than milk.



4. Tama the Spectre, a ghost that’s actually friendly with humans!
Birthday(Day of Death): May 19th
Maximum Height: 5km (3.1 miles tall!)
Bio: A friendly cat that will lead you through the “Mononoke Alley”. Tama is also very reliable and will help anyone in their time of need! When angered, it will transform into a giant spectre named Numatama. Enjoys singing.



5. Hapiru, the bluebirds of happiness!
Bio: When a Merry Egg hatches, a bluebird that brings people happiness will be born! They say that if you raise your blue bird with care and introduce it to all kinds of people until it reaches its 100th birthday, it will grant everyone true happiness!
A bluebird’s personality can’t be predetermined. Depending on how they are raised, their characteristics may vary. They tend to inherit traits from the person who raises them. Their trademarks are the silk hats and eggshell pants they often wear.


chara_06 6. Mojavu, leader of the top-secret organization, Team Moja-moja!

Birthday: July 6th
Bio: A scruffy cat (TL Note: “mojamoja” can also mean “scruffy”)
Job: Formerly known as the Tyrant of Playtime, he now serves as the leader of Team Moja-moja, where he causes mischief on a daily basis.
Personality: A prideful cat who likes to show off. He has an inferiority complex and is jealous of Najavu.
Pets: Has a cat named Ohtama.

 “Down with Najavu! Down with Nyamja Town!”



7. Ohtama, the giant cat Mojavu is raising.

Birthday: Unknown
Address: The big shoe box on Asobi Road.
Trademarks: Big tail. Even bigger paws.
Personality: Likes to go at a gentle pace, but he’s a quick thinker when he needs to be!

Bio: Once upon a time, Ohtama was actually a small cat. Then, when Najavu unlocked the power of play, Ohtama was caught in a spacetime distortion! The distortion caused Ohtama to grow several times its original size. To comfort Ohtama after the growth spirt, Mojavu went out and found a scarf that fit the giant cat perfectly, and Ohtama has adored Mojavu ever since. Mojavu named him Ohtama because of his size. Ohtama seems to like the name very much. (TL Note: The “Oh” in “Ohtama” can also mean “big”.)

Team Moja Moja, assemble!

(Visit the Team Moja-moja homepage! Why does their emblem have the star of David in it? No idea!)

Welcome to the top-secret Team Moja Moja!
Team Moja Moja is an evil organization that develops top-secret strategies!
Nemesis: Nujavu. Really, you should come to Namja Town sometime and see his big, goofy face for yourself!

What is Team Moja Moja?
It’s the awesome, top secret organization I formed in the 2222nd year of the Nyayan calander!
Leader: That would be me, the great Mojavu!
Group Activities: Annoying our nemesis, Najavu!
Members: We’re always looking for earnest, spirited people who like to have fun! If you ever want to pick on Najavu with us sometime, we’ll be waiting!
How to join: Just be cool, salute and shout “Moja!” in a great, big voice. Congratulations! You are now an honorary member of Team Moja-moja!

About *ME*: The name’s Mojavu! Nice to meetcha!
Address: I won’t say, but I do appear in Namja Town often for all Team Moja-moja activities. If you ever want to see me, come to Namja Town! I just might surprise you.
Charming point: My scruffy tail, of course!

That’s all I have for today, but I hope you enjoyed this little introductory course to the world and characters of Namja Town. I’d love to translate more information and lore in the future, but for now, “Moja!”

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