Tenshi Doumei (PSX) – Story Translation 01/??

Morning all. Sorry for the radio silence for a while. I’ve been rounding out stuff for Napple Tale lately(and losing a LOT of sleep), so hopefully I’ll have some good news to share on that subject very soon.

Anyway, I thought I’d post something else to the blog. With certain sites vanishing in the past year, I’ve felt that a couple projects can afford to be let loose, so I’ve decided not to go through with a Tenshi Doumei/Angel Alliance patch project. It’s rare, it’s not exactly fun to play, and it didn’t feel worth it to round people up and force people to dick with it for the two people that’d take an interest in it.

I’ve been sitting on the story translation for a while, however, so I thought I’d stick it to a Let’s Play from niconico (I’m using the one by a user named hagane(I’ve literally never seen or read of anyone playing this game without cheats, pfft.). The cutscenes and world are really distinct, and there are some tie-ins to another TGL game called TILK, so I still think it’s a valuable game for PSX fans to be aware of, and I hope those curious will enjoy it.

Part 01/20

Stage 01: Onward, Cavaliers of Steel!

Jan: All right, now to take care of the remaining enemies along the summit. We’ll charge them from the front. Everyone cool with that?
Shinkai: Don’t even have to ask.
Eliot: Hehe, says the guy who whined about needing to use the bathroom earlier.
Jan: Our attack target is the cannon placed at the peak, the Hellfire. Let’s go!

Shinkai: I hate to break the mood, but something doesn’t feel right.
Jan: Oh no…! Everyone, retreat! We need to get down from here, now!
Kaith(“Keith” in the handbook): Urk!
Silver: Gahahaha! You’re too late, runts!
Gil(“Guil” in the handbook): Damn, we’re surrounded!
Eliot: Fare-thee-well, friends. What we had was short, but–
Silver: Now, let’s show these 5 to the prisons.

Silver: Good work, men!
Eliot: What, that? Psh-shaw, that was nothing.
Silver: Don’t kid yourself, Eliot. That’s how men lose their way.
Listen, all of you! If I were really your enemy out there, you little
bastards would all be in hell by now! Tch, I’d waste you all so fast,
your dingle-berries won’t know what shit ’em!
Jan: Um, sir? Getting worked up like that can’t be good for your health.
Elio: For real, teach. You ain’t as young as you used to be.
Silver: That’s none of your concern!
Shinkai: Thin ice, Eliot. Thin ice!
Silver: … So tell me, do any of your remember what you last ate today?
Everyone: …?
Jan: Let’s see. Canned sausage and crackers for lunch, followed by cabbage soup.
Silver: And was it good?
Jan: Well, yeah. The sausage is the most popular things on the menu for a reason.
Silver: Good to hear. Because whatever’s in your bellies now is all you’re getting until tomorrow.
Eliot: What?! You mean we’re not getting dinner now?!
Shinkai: This is murder!
Jan: How are we suppose to make it until tomorrow?!
Silver: Shut it! You won’t die from one night of hunger, but if you’re really so worried,
God knows there are frogs all over this damn place. Go catch one or something.
Jan: Uh-oh, Eliot… Looks like he found the frog you put in his boot earlier.
Silver: What was that?! So, that was YOUR doing, you little bastard!
Eliot: Jan, you loudmouth!

Cuil: Looks like the peanut gallery’s having a good time. Such simpletons.
Eliot: Shut up, Cuil. Don’t bother us. I don’t want your ugly mug to be the last thing I see
before I starve to death.
Cuil: Hah, well said. I’ve had my fill of your goofy faces too.
Eliot: Once I’m done with breakfast tomorrow, the only thing bigger than your stupid mouth will be my stomach. I’m not letting that hardass veteran demon teacher get the best of me!
Cuil: Whatever you say. I’m just glad I’m not as slow on the battlefield as you are. We still haven’t had the chance to face off, have we? I bet that’ll be fun. I wonder what award I’d get for pummeling you into the dirt.
Eliot: Pft, you’re some pain in the ass. I wonder how your foot’ll
taste in your mouth when everything’s said and done.
Silver: There you are, Eliot!
Eliot: Uh-oh!
Kaith: Cuil… You got a letter yesterday. I received it from the postman while you were out.
Eliot: Gyauuuuuugh!
Cuil: Oh, for real? Hm, must be from my uncle. Thanks. I’ll pick it up from you later.

Scrolling narration:

Since its establishment as a dictatorship, the influence of the Yrvam Empire began to spread rapidly. The empire worked hard to ensure their technological developments became yet another esteemed facet of their government. They found success in this endeavor with the creation of the Giggants.

These warriors of steel certified the Yrvam Empire as the strongest military force the world has ever seen.

We are here in Cerberus Academy, the training grounds
for the Royal Cerberus Cavaliers.


Eight hundred years have passed since a lone cavalier first pledged his eternal loyalty to the Empire.

In modern times, swords and helmets have been replaced in favor of the Giggants- refined, noble steeds of steel.

Like in the old days, this academy serves as a barrack where young cavaliers may train. Now too, these young knights are taught the basic principals of math, philosophy and the code of chivalry.

However, as military influence in the empire has reached staggering heights, these knights, once referred to as the empire’s Hellhounds, have gradually lost their standing in society.


It is now early summer, just years after the last war. A shadow looms over the empire, and fifteen year-old Jan and his friends are going to notice.

08: 42:
Jan: Instructor Silver’s usually hard to deal with, but this is crazy!
Gil: Hahaha! True, but we should catch up on our Giggant maintainance for the day either way, right? I’m waiting for those oil pipes to arrive in the morning.
Shinkai: I was really hoping to get some spike parts once they came in, but freaking Cuil nabbed them from under me.
Jan: Can’t say I’m surprised.
Shinkai: Whelp, no choice but to take it back by force, eh? I’ll pay him back, and then some!
Gil: Eliot was crying about that WF180 engine he was wanting getting nabbed too. Say, how’s about we all take an extra walk to Baintz’ worshop next Sunday?
Jan: You mean in town? Yeah! It’s been a while since we last went.
Gil: Scoring spike parts might be a stretch, but we might find some good bargains there. That, and I drafted a custom set-up I’d like to put together.
Shinkai: Come to think of it, whatever happened to Eliot?
Jan: Hm? He must have run off somewhere…
Silver’s Mission Outline: Okay boys, let’s have some fun today! Your objective is to destroy all enemies. Your enemy this time’s nothing but a few small fry. To take em out quickly, keep your distance, take advantage of your LRWs and go for the head. I forgot to mention, if you press L1 or R1 during battle, you can pull up your objective for review. FURTHERMORE! You can press SELECT to outfit your units. Be sure to check the item list for provisions to supply your units. Now that you know the basics, let’s get to it.


Unit profiles:

1. Jan (Highland) Age: 15 Sex: male / Giggant name – Rascal Kai (Think “Playarts Kai”, where it’s just a revised model. So maybe “Rascal+” would be fun, I dunno.)
2. Kaith Eldrand /Giggant name – Red Impulse (from Gatchaman)
3. Eliot Hauzen/Giggant name – Quasimodo
4. Gil/Giggant name – Chariot
5. Shinkai Yagyuu/Giggant name – Rokumonsen (the real-life Sanada clan emblem)

STAGE 02: Centurion
Silver: Okay, give it everything you’ve got ’til you take every last one of these suckers out! God help you if I see any half-assed fighting out there.
Jan: You’re not… gonna take our food again, are you?!
Silver: Aww, I’m not trying to starve a bunch of growing boys straight off their mother’s tit now. This time, you’ll have to do 20 laps around the grand, and 200 pullups without any breaks!
Eliot: Jesus Christ!

(End of Video 1)
Part 02/20
(Repeat of the same convo that topped off the last video)

Kaith’s Narration:

Dear Sister, how are you feeling? The greenery is looking so lovely outside this time of year. It’s so warm and pretty throughout the year on this island, but this is still the season I love best. For some reason, I feel it’s when the sky is at its prettiest.


A year has gone by now since I left father to enroll in the cavalier training course. There are just under 20 students now, including myself. That’s less than what I said last time, but that number decreases every single year.


Our daily training is most rigid and my peers are so crude, but I stay diligent with each passing day. I haven’t been able to see you even once since leaving, Sister, but I won’t back down. I’ll perservere.

Jan: Kaith, you’ll be late for dinner. Oh, sorry. I didn’t see you were writing a letter. I hope I’m not bothering you.
Kaith: Not at all. I’d just finished writing.

Jan: I see. Well, I’ll go save you a seat.

Kaith: Thank you.

Postman:Good day!
Silver: It must not be easy coming out here every day. Thank you.
Postman: No, I’m happy to do it! You see, these may be the sticks, but… When I’m not out on my routes, I’m in the office cleaning. The long ride here gives me some time to relax.
Silver: Hm? ….Hold on. But you come up here by bicycle each and every day, don’t you?
Postman:Hah, that’s right. Why do you ask?

Silver: (He doesn’t seem exhausted at all. He may not look it, but he must have incredible stamina..) Nevermind. It’s nothing, but before I forget… Have any letters come in for a Kaith Flyntz today?

Postman: Sorry, but no. I haven’t been given anything for him today either.
Silver: …I see.
Postman: So, why do you ask?
Silver: It just seems like the kid never gets any replies. You wouldn’t happen to keep a letter-eating goat for a pet at the post office, would you?
Postman: Heh, that’d be fun, wouldn’t it?
Silver: It’s a shame, really. But, supposing a reply for him did come, it wouldn’t have a way to just up and vanish, right?
Postman: No, Mr. Silver. Of course not.
(to himself) Indeed. No responses came in for a Kaith Flyntz Eldrand today either.

05: 18:
(Operation outline)

Stage 3: A Man’s Game

(Battle Intro Dialogue –hrrr… They’re kinda hard to read in the vid, so I’ll probably just insert em later when I’m not as cranky)

Eliot: I’m begging you, Salya. Are you absolutely sure?
Salya: I… I’m sorry.
Eliot: I see… Well, sorry for bothering you.
Salya: No, I’m the one who should be apologizing. I’m sorry I can’t help you.
Cuil: What’s the matter, Eliot? Getting turned down by a girl again?
Eliot: Huh?! Y-You nimrod! It’s not like that at all!

Domba: Eliot. It is through heartbreak that man becomes stronger.
Eliot: I’m telling you it’s different today!!
Cuil: Gahahahaha!! If getting rejected was all it took, Eliot’d be way strong by now!!
Eliot: There’s no getting through to you guys. Can you just go already? I-I just…
Salya: Eliot was only asking to borrow some money.
Cuil: Money?
Salya: Yes, but I gave him a loan last week, and he’s yet to pay that one back to me!
Eliot: I-It’s not like that. I’ll get it to you soon, so…
Salya: That’s not the point. I don’t have the money for this…
Domba: Eliot, it is unmanly of you to borrow money from girls.
Eliot: Okay then, can I get a Domba loan instead?
Domba: Now that I think about it, I did lend you 10 zlotys before this. I hope you pay me back soon.
Eliot: Uhm… What about you, Cuil? …Ol’ buddy, ol’…pal?
Cuil: You think I’d lend something to you?
Eliot: …Yeah, guess not.
Salya: Say, Eliot. What in the world do you need this money for anyway?
Domba: If there is something troubling you, you can always ask us for advice.
Eliot: Ehh, no, it’s… See, it’s a little embarrassing to say, but I lost this poker game, and…
Salya: I’m disgusted. You were gambling again?! I take it Instructor Silver doesn’t know yet. Doesn’t that man terrify you?
Cuil: …..
Salya: Whatever… Just pay me back soon.
Jan: Eliot, here you are!!
Eliot: O-Oh, hey.
Shinkai: You can’t ‘Oh, hey.’ this one. Instructor Silver’s looking for you. Did you do something again?
Eliot: Well… Just a little ‘this’ and ‘that’, maybe?
Shinkai: Go hide yourself in Dock 4.
Eliot: Thanks! That’s why I love you two!☆
Jan: Sheesh, that guy… Well, Cuil, Domba. We’re going to hurry too, but…
Cuil: Don’t worry, what you guys do ain’t exactly my business.
Jan: Hahahaha, I thought you’d say that. Well, later!
Domba: So long. Shinkai, we’re looking forward to the day we get to match off with you again!
Shinkai: Same here.
Domba: …Cuil.
Cuil: Aww, I know. That Eliot… He’s still hiding something.
Silver: Blast it! Where the heck is that boy hiding?!
Domba: Instructor Silver.
Silver: Oh, boy! Glad to see you. Have either of you seen Eliot’s whereabouts?
Domba: Uhh…
Cuil: Dock 4.
Domba: !!
Silver: A-HA! So that’s where he is! He won’t get away from me this time!
Cuil: Hmph. Eliot, you lying sack of… How does an expert cardsharp just ‘lose’?!

(Operation outline)

Stage 04: Hard to Believe

(Battle dialogue)

(End of video 2)

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