Tenshi Doumei (PSX) – Story Translation 02/??


Honest to goodness, I don’t really know the world history well enough to round out exactly where this would take place in history. My guess is WWI because of a specific salmon one character talks about later in the story. You have a mech story and the characters waste ample time talking about salmon.  It’s very Gundam in that sense.

Anyway, enjoy.

Part 03/20

Stage 04: Hard to Believe

(Battle dialogue- recap from video 2)



Operation Over!



Sord: Silver, is that you? Hm, do come in.

Silver: Pardon the sudden visit.

Sord: Funny you say that. The tone you pick up with your students is so utterly harsh in comparison, no?

Silver: Hahahahaha! I haven’t gone soft like you. Besides, those kids are getting thicker skin by the day.

Sord: Is that so? That is good to hear.

Silver: …… Headmaster.Was there something you wished to speak with me about?

Sord: Indeed. The other day, a formal notice came in from the government. It said that, after the next fiscal year, they are cutting off their sponsorship to the academy.  With it, the very survival of the Keroberos Chivalric Order  hangs in the balance.

Silver: So, this is the way this era is headed.

Sord: It’s all thatnks to the world’s strongest power, the great monster known as Yrvham Empire. Sadly, taming that beast is no easy task.

Silver: This is ludicrous. Chivalry, the pride of a warrior to protect his country, is lost on the troops of today. For one, it must be hard to deal with with the way your body is now. If your body were back to how it once was…

Sord: I can handle myself.

Silver: Headmaster…

Sord: Silver, how many years has it been since you came to this academy?

Silver: Gee… Not that many, and yet it feels like I’ve been here for ages.

Sord: It pains me greatly to think that this class could very well be our final lot of students. Silver, don’t mind my asking, but I hope you at least don’t have any regrets.

Silver: When I look at those kids, they’re still a little wet behind the ears. But I’ve got plenty of time to squeeze that out of them before graduation! Hahahahahaha!


04: 11:

(Scene change)

Jan: Oh? Is the old man absent today?

Eliot: No, my dear Watson. It still reeks of machine oil and alcohol in here. That geezer’s definitely been here in the past while.

Gadget: Oh my! Long time, no see, everyone!

Jan: Hey there, Gadget!

Gadget: What can I fix for you guys this time around? There must be something, hehe! I didn’t think you guys would come here otherwise.

Gil: Is Mr. Baintz in today?

Gadget: Hmmm. Well, Dad is uh… He was just here, but he went home for the day after throwing in the towel on a project.

Eliot: You could say he… ran out of fuel.

Gadget: Hey, no jokes out of you!

Baintz: Whew~! Gadget, I’m back!

Everyone: !!

Gadget: HEY!

Baintz: ‘Sup?

Gadget: Don’t you ”Sup?’ me! What the heck were you thinking?! It’s one thing to drink at home, but what made you want to drink and then waltz back into work?!

Baintz: Aw, sweetie. Don’t be so harsh on your old man. Especially when this is his favorite place to sit and drink!

Gadget: But you can’t sit here and drink and still get work! If you want to drink, go back home!! You can’t behave like this in front of customers!

Baintz: That’s my daughter, always so well-mannered. But there’s no way these would actually be customers, would they… For one, the only mechanic in this ol’ country town is away.

Jan: Wait, really? That’s the first I’ve heard of that!

Eliot: Maybe he had a little too much to drink too. This guy’s a crapshow.

Kaith: But that could be why there aren’t many cars running through town lately.

Baintz: Don’t be too surprised. Oh, hang on. You guys are always coming around here, ain’tcha? So, what’ll be today? Came in to tighten a few screws in the head?

Gil: Mr. Baintz, I know I’ve already brought this up before, but… Have you managed to acquire the 43 Sigma control drive since then?

Baintz: The ’43 Sigma? …What’s that, again?

Eliot: For real, gramps? Jesus…

Baintz: OH! That. Actually, found out it’s been discontinued for ages. Ayup. Too great of an electrical output, that one. If a kid like you doesn’t know what he’s doing with one of those, he could short the whole thing.

Gil: I’m not some amateur!

Baintz: Hahaha! Like THAT’S something a grown-up would say. But I believe you. I’m confident enough in you that I’ll let you take it for free.

Gil: Huh?! You have one?

Baintz: It’s your lucky day, kid. I’ve still got it sitting in the warehouse. Someone else really wanted it too, but you guys have first dibs.

Jan: Can you really use it, Gil?

Gil: It would just need a little tinkering. I’d just need to throw on a power unit, like my G Special. Otherwise, I’d tank my overall mobility.

Jan: What’s the G Special?

Gil: I made it!

Jan: Ah, got it. The 43 Sigma and the G Special, huh. I’ll keep an eye out.

Baintz: You kids are free to take all the scrap I’ve got later. That stuff’s useless to me in-shop, but they might be valuable tools of the trade for you.

Eliot: How do you stay open?

Baintz: Hah? What was that?

Eliot: I dunno, Gramps. Aren’t you running a business here?

Baintz: Hey, if you want to throw all your money at me, just say so. I know how to nickel and dime people real good when I want to.

Eliot: I-I was just joking!

Baintz: Gahahaha!! Yeah, I was joking too.

Gadget: Don’t you ‘Gahahaha!’ about money! You have to take your job more seriously than that!!

Jan: Thank you for always taking care of us, Baintz.

Shinkai: But still, Sir. You should probably watch it on the liquor.

Baintz: Is that a warning? Eh. Sad, but true.

Jan: Thank you both for your time. See you around, Gadget!

Gadget: Yeah! Do your best until then!



(Operation Outline)



STAGE 05: You’re Not Alone Going Up The Hill

(song lyrics from a Sada Masashi song called “Miracles ~ Like Great Affections ~)

(No battle dialogue? Sweet.)

(End of Video 3)


Part 04/20


(Operation Start-Operation Over)



Sord: So, that’s how it is. We’re to be placed under the army’s jurisdiction once more?

Cavel: Under my jurisdiction, to be precise. Naturally, I have no problem providing you funds and provisions as needed. If you agree to this… It would be possible to make an arrangement with the government for you.

Olson: You couldn’t possibly go wrong with this move, Headmaster Sord!

Cavel: In my heart, I too hold respect in my heart for what we call tradition. I’m the same as you. That is why I worry for the fate of the traditional knights of chivalry. This is our best means to protect them, no?

Sord: However, I’m afraid we are at a misunderstanding. By your comments, you seem to cling to more nostalgic principles. I myself have nothing more than to fulfill this duty assigned to me through to the end.

Olson: It’s about time you got over that, Sord! Don’t you see we’re expressly giving you the chance to avoid further shame in defeat?! You clearly lack the room for argument here.

Sord: ‘Further shame’, you say? You’ve mistaken me for someone else, surely. If anyone has said something unflattering about me… This is the first I’ve heard of it.

Olson: What?! Don’t feign ignorance, y-you sly dog…!

Sord: Hahaha, a sly dog. Well, maybe I was known as a ‘Hellhound’ in the past…

Olson: Allow me to refresh your memory. I’ve yet to forgive you for the Northern Gates incident!

Sord: Yes, that was unfortunate. I very much adored that town’s specialty wines.

Olson: You bastard, your actions were no different than betraying all of Yrvham! By all rights, that’s still enough to be charged with treason!

Cavel: Sord, if there is anything you wish to say, now would be a good opportunity to do so. Let me get this straight. I see that you are proud, and set in your ways. Even now, you believe in what is right. It is only to that end that you do not wish to become our ally. Am I right?

Olson: Are you all making light of me? What are knights for, but to stave off its enemies! Pride?! Feh! The only thing to get right here is that he’s a coward!

Cavel: Colonel, you’d best bite your tongue.

Olson: Grrr…!

Sord: Really, I thank you for extending this offer to the academy. However, we knights choose to act out our missions in the name of the emperor himself. We defend our people on the basis of benevolence and creed. But what is your agenda, I wonder? What was the significance of the Northern Gates operation?

Olson: Hmph, if your lousy, stubborn ass went along with the troops orders, that operation would have brought us closer to total victory in the previous war!

Cavel: Did you not listen when I told you to be quiet?

Olson: !!

Cavel: Indeed, your ability to still wield a sword… Was lost in that incident, when you were operating your Giggant. Still, you and your order should have cooperated with the army. On your last legs, your men disobeyed our direct orders and altered your strategy internally. If that operation had been successful, we would have been able to take out roughly 8% of the enemy’s main forces in a single night. Surely, you knew that.

Sord: Of course, but it would have also led to more needless casualties, destroying the city of Northern Gates itself.

Cavel: But that is what it means to be a tactician– to know when to sacrifice and when to compromise. And yet, in the end, we lost our chance to storm the Mendes Capital by surprise, extending the war even further.

Sord: That is absurd. No one with a right mind would have agreed to lure enemy forces into the city. The entire operation was flawed! The military fights without benevolence! If the military only exists to cut down its own people, then wh have it?

Cavel: Was that your mindset when you show that Hellfire Artillary Unit? You fired that at us, at the cost of your own body.

Sord: That may be true, but now you insult me by saying I should give the military commanding privilege over my men? We’ll wait for the government’s decision for such a thing at a later date.

Cavel: Indeed, we shall take our leave for today, but consider well what we have discussed. Colonel Olson, you’re not dying to get any snappy last words in, are you?

Olson: N-… No, Sir.



(Operation Outline)



STAGE 06: As Long as The Wall is There

(Battle dialogue)

Operation Clear



Gil: Can we change the subject already? I don’t want to listen to this anymore!

Eliot: Gee Gil, you’re awfully tall for some someone without a spine.

Jan: Sorry I’m late, guys! So, shall we go? Oh, uh, something the matter, Gil?

Eliot: Aw, he’s fine. We were just having a fun chat with him on his way to the bathroom.

Gil: Jan, stop him! Eliot won’t stop with his scary ghost stories!

Shinkai: It’s only a haunted house, Gil. It’s obviously fake.

Eliot: No, this house is totally real! It’s this creepy mansion on the hill at the edge of town.

Gil: I said knock it off, Eliot!

Eliot: There’s no evidence of anyone living there in ages. It’s most likely a den of evil spirits, all tied to this world by bitter grudge! I’ve even heard that a man once went up there out because he got curious…. And then, even though the house is totally abandoned, he saw a light coming from the window! So the man took a peek closer, and… through the window, he saw the black silhouette of a young girl. But THEN… she turned her neck all the way around! When she saw him, her face curled into an ominous grin. And the man was never seen again…


Shinkai: Gil, do you know what really happened? The real reason whythat man hadn’t come back from the mansion?

Gil: Ah…

Shinkai: Because he’s made up, just like everything else Eliot said.

Eliot: Well, the house the story was based on is still creepy as hell.



(scene change)

Kaith: Hey, isn’t that Airry?

Jan: Hey, Airry!

Airry: …Can I help you?

Eliot: Well, hello there, M’lady!

Airry: If it’s not an emergency, I have somewhere to be–

Eliot: So, uh, Airry! Wanna get lunch or something with us?

Airry: Err… Thanks for the offer.

Jan: She left.

Shinkai: You didn’t even ask for a reason, Eliot?

Jan: She must be busy. It seems like she only comes to town maybe once a week.

Shinkai: That reminds me, Cuil’s been coming out here quite a bit lately.

Eliot: Probably out on his dates.

Gil: Hey, if we’re just hanging out, why not go to Baintz’ workship?

Eliot: Yeah, we can go pick on Gadget!

Kaith: Look! I think Airry must have dropped this.

Jan: It’s a bootup key for a Giggant. Why would she have something like this?

Kaith: It’s probably none of our business. I’ll go run it back to her.

Eliot: I’ll tag along too.

Shinkai: Sorry, I’f rather go on ahead. Who knows how long the old man will be there.

Gil: That’s what I’m worried about too. Jan, what about you?



(Decision time. There are very few decisions to make in this game, and also in Tilk. While in Tilk, they determine the order of certain battles and ertain endings, they simply give you different scenes in Tenshi Doumei. Pretty inconsequential stuff, but still adds some extra perspectives to events in the story.)

  1. I’ll go with Kaith
  2. I’ll join you guys at the workshop!

(He chooses to go with Kaith.)

Kaith: Okay, we’ll see you all later.

Jan: Eliot… Did you see wich way she went? I’m afraid I lost sight of her.

Eliot: You too, huh?

Kaith: I’m sure she’s just in a hurry.

Eliot: Maybe. I feel like she went this way. Wait… This house… It’s gotta be…!

Jan: Woah, Eliot. Th-This house…

Eliot: …!

Kaith: Airry’s not home, is she? Do you think she went somewhere else first?

Jan: Dunno. Maybe we should take a closer look.

Eliot: M-M-M-Maybe we should stop here, yeah?

Jan: What are you trembling for?

Kaith: Shouldn’t we go back before it gets late? We shouldn’t keep the others waiting.

Airry: It’s you.

Jan: Airry!

Airry: What are you doing here?

Eliot: That’s what I’d like to ask you!

Kaith: We’re sorry, Airry. You dropped this.

Airry: ….Thank you. But I think it’d be better you didn’t stay here for lonng.



(Scene change)

Kaith: Sorry for the wait, everyone.

Shinkai: You guys find Airry?

Jan: Well, yeah… Sort of.

Shinkai: ?

Jan: So, how was Baintz?

Shinkai: Not too good. He seemed really freaked out for some reason. I think we’ll just go back another time.

Jan: Oh…

Gil: It looked like Gadget was out of the shop too.



(Operation Overview)


STAGE 07: A Day in the Woods

(End of video 4)


Part 05/20


(Operation Over)



Jan: Hey there, Kaith.

Kaith: Oh, Jan. What are you up to? Looking for something?

Jan: Actually, yeah.

Jan: It’s pretty ginormous, so I thought I’d be able to spot it by now, but…

Kaith: What are you looking for, exactly?

Jan: Instructor Silver!

Kaith: And ‘ginormous’ was the word you used to describe him? Well, come to think of it, I haven’t seen him since this morning. I wonder if something came up.

Jan: I heard there’d be no training today. I thought maybe he was taking a break, but… Just earlier, the door to the dock was unlocked and opened. So maybe something did happen? I’ll try searching just a bit longer.

Kaith: Jan, today we have a lecture with Professor Hewbert. You didn’t forget, did you?

Jan: Oh, hey! You’re right! My bad. Just let me see your notes later, like usual, okay?

Jan: Gee, where could he be?

  1. Probably to the bathroom
  2. He could be in the lecture hall
  3. Maybe he’s in the ration freezers (like a frozen food pantry?)

(Anyway, our dude picks the bathroom.)



Jan: Hey, Eliot. What are you hanging around the bathroom for this time?

Eliot: Dude, you make it sound like I live in here.

  1. Have you seen Silver?
  2. Really, what are you doing?

(“Have you seen Silver?)

Eliot: Looking for Silver? Actually, I haven’t seen him today. He didn’t go back up to the mountains, did he?

Jan: Hm, who knows. So, he wasn’t in here, then.

Eliot: If you don’t mind, I’ve got a ‘dirty deed’ or two to take care of while I’m in here. Mind if we talk later?

Jan: Oh! Uh, sorry. Well, uh… Have fun with that.

Eliot: Don’t you peek now, silly boy~!

Jan: Sh-Shut up, Dumbass!



(Scene change)

Jan: Hey, Cuil! Have you seen Instructor Silver?

Cuil: Isn’t he normally the one chasing you guys around? What is this, Opposite Day? Well, I can’t say I’ve seen him.

Jan: I see… But Cuil, what are you doing here, all by your lonesome?

Cuil: Nothing, really. Just thinking about how nice the weather is today.

Jan: …

Cuil: Say, Jan. You and Kaith go like, way back, right? You were old playmates?

Jan: Yeah, why?

Cuil: What made you two decide to join the cavaliers?

Jan: What made us Join? I don’t know how to go into that right now, but maybe I’ll be able explain it someday.

Cuil: Nah, no need. It ain’t anyone’s business but yours, anyhow. Oh, by the way! That piece of junk engine Eliot wanted back. I returned it yesterday. Not that I think you’d be able to handle it. You little greenhorns’d make anyone worry.

Jan: Cuil, why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden? Anyway, thanks for the consideration, but we’re not holding back for anyone!

Cuil: Heh, only because you can’t afford to.


(Scene Change)

Kaith: How’d it go, Jan? Were you able to find Instructor Silver?

Jan: Not yet, no–! Is that…. the emergency alarm?!

Gil: The enemy? But wait, the war’s supposed to be over now!

Shinkai: It’s the intercom. Quiet!

Sord: Headmaster Sord, speaking. This is an emergency. All armor-class students, report to the north side of the school building right away. All remaining students, please take shelter indoors until further instructions. Do your best to remain calm and take action. That is all!

Jan: Let’s go, guys!



(Scene change)

Sord: Is everyone safe, men?

Jan: Yeah, but what the heck is this state of emergency about?

Sord: Highland, remain calm and listen to me. After a year, the blood-red Ophanim frame, known as the Legendary Red, has appeared once again.

Shinkai: The Legendary Red?!

Sord: It is a devil crafted from unholy steel. One day, the crimson Ophanim corps appeared before the academy. They come each time without warning, thirsting for blood. We still don’t know their true nature, but indeed, they have come again this year.

Gil: So, are they really strong?

Sord: Hmmm… The Metatron Unit, as of now, has mal-functioned due to unknown causes. It is unable to start. Instructor Silver is out trying to return fire any way he can.

Shinkai: Guys, that’s Instructor Silver’s signal!

Silver: This is Silver, reporting! Watch your backs! The bastards are headed your way! Urk… I-I think I blew it. I’ve got nothing left in me! These guys are ferocious. Gods who claimed the power of the devils who bask in their victim’s blood. You kids be careful… Guh….

Jan: We’ve got to suit up– now!

Eliot: Hold up, Eliot! It’s Cuil and Domba. Those dumbasses already flew off!

Shinkai: So, we’re late?! Damn, we’ve got to hurry!

Sord: I’ll be coming to spectate.


07: 49:

STAGE 08: Crimson Deities

(Battle Dialogue)

(Operation Over!)

(End of Video 5)


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