Hi there! My name’s Brynn, but I also go by Cargodin. I’ve been playing video games since I was 5 or 6 years old with Quest 64, Ocarina of Time, FFVII and FFVI. Since then, my adoration for JRPGs has skyrocketed. My weeaboo game is a bit too strong too, so I have 3 years of Japanese under my belt. (High school level anyhow, otherwise I’d have no excuse to be as slow as I am or ask as many questions as I do). In high school, I just took the courses because “Grorious Nippon” but ever since playing through a lot of English patched games and such, I decided I would rekindle my studies and now I really have the desires to improve and really understand the language.

While I have no right to really call myself a “translator” (and I’m not going to), I do really like poking my nose through roms and ISOs, dumping text and making complete sense of the games I import and play. My goal is to bring out a lot of information on games people might see in passing and shrug, saying, “Looks like another game I’ll never get to play or know anything about since hurrdurr look at those moonrunes.” I felt that way for a very long time, and it really DOES suck to see a game that might be your favorite thing ever but you can’t have it. So close, and yet so far. I might no be a remedy for that, since I’m not wanting to be the next Aeon Genesis or anything, but I do want to be able to have conversations with people about these games, so I don’t mind translating things especially when there is no pre-existing information about a game (like Abapri) or the information is 80% incorrect (see every Napple Tale walkthrough ever. Bonus points for when people call the 13 Ice a weapon or a hotel.)

I had previously translated the entire text for the GBA Megaman wannabe, Metalgun Slinger (which I will probably do an LP with screencaps of here on this blog in the future), and am currently working with hackers Esperknight and irvgot on Napple Tale for the Dreamcast.

Sorry for the novella there, but thank you for stopping by my blog! I’m just practicing with translations and this is the place I post them so they can rot/ferment on the Internet.



16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Cargodin! I’m mochii from Hanataba Translation ^^

    I’m taking over the Amnesia project temporarily from now on, so I’d like to ask you, would you still be interested to join the team again?

    Feel free to remove this comment and reply to my email instead: mochiipenguin@gmail.com
    It’s okay even if you’re too busy, I’m not forcing you to join xD I just want a confirmation, that’s all~

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t hear back after sending the scripts I edited, and I even asked if everything was alright. Yes, I have no problem joining and helping out with what I can. : )

      Did something happen that I missed? I hope everything is alright.

      • Hello, it’s okay. ^^ Well, nothing big happened, just that since the project was dead for a while, I decided to take over until ayame comes back and am rounding up members. Can you email me about the scripts you edited? Just tell me which script you edited before, and whether you still have scripts that needs to be done on your side. I still have some things to sort out, so I’ll need a little bit of every information I can get from the members, if that’s okay with you? ^^


      • I just got a new computer, so I can’t really promise if I had it backed up, but I’ll try to look later today, if that’s alright.

        I’ll be happy to help get things on my end as sorted as as best I can. I can at least check for it in my eMail if I still have it.

      • Ah, I see. It’s okay, take your time. ^^ But I could just assume that you have no works due on your side, right?

        Just tell me the number of the text files that you have, alright? ^^

  2. Always nice to see passionate learners out there! It doesn’t matter where you started or why you started Japanese, so long as you are passionate about it, I like to say.

    I look forward to more posts on the blog : ) Feel free to ask for help if you ever need it.

  3. How the heck can we get your work of Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari into the actual game? I am most interested in trying to figure out the inner workings of it and hack it, but I haven’t “hacked” a game since Surging Aura for Sega Genesis back in 1998.

    • I know a French translator had attempted it, although the project appears abandoned at this point (don’t take my word on it, as I haven’t double-checked at this time of posting). A lot of the journal entry is ad-libbed, so I imagine it’s a lot easier said than done. I also haven’t look at the script all that seriously in a good while. I’ve peeked around but I’m no expert in finding the right text to dump. I may ask a pal of mine at some point though, as it’s honestly not a very text-heavy game compared to my current projects. No promises there but I’m curious of what he may have to say about how it.

  4. Well, I’ve been poking around the games files, and I’ve managed to discover that the game has a full English font, and changing the text in the game is initially easy enough…


    I’m still in the beginning stages of this, trying to figure out how everything works/where some stuff is/what affects changing the text in game does to other parts of the game… But, it seems possible. I would first like to change/translate all the menus/inventory stuff and go from there.

    • Oh!! Haha, you’re lalapico? I’m cargodin on that board. I should have put 2n2 together. Good work! Since then I did actually talk to a friend about figuring out a proper text dump and he’s been looking into it. It allows for a more automated reinsertion so it doesnt have to be entered manually by the letter.

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