Napple Tale Is Back

I mentioned this on my rhdn thread a few days back, but jsust a quick update to make it super loud and clear: EienniHen sent me the scripts in late June, and I am currently working on the second draft. : )
Thank you everyone, for being so patient over the last year! I feel bad for the radio silence over all, but I promise the script is so much better because of it. 


To Heart: Prologue TL (1/2)

Back from a bit of a haitus. I touched absolutely nothing over the course of June after the 12th, and that was just poking around? I still wanted a sizeable update, so here’s the first half hour-ish of a much-loved oldie that just celebrated an anniversary recently, To Heart by Leaf/Aquaplus! (I actually… have no real history with the game, but I know people went apeshit over Multi back in the day. Plus, there is a little snippet referenced in Linda Cubed, so now English-reading fans will have a little more context of it should y’all bump into it as that translation eventually comes out…hehe.)

You can name the player character, but his canon name is Hiroyuki, I think?

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Sengoku Turb, Prologue and Episode 01- “Visitor” Translation

Sup’ everyone. Decided to start off the year with some Sengoku Turb, a game I’ve been itching to replay since I got a physical copy a couple months ago on the cheap. I wasted some time trying to get into the iso itself with no luck, so I have to diagnose just what I’m doing wrong still. Anyway, it’s a simply action game taking place in some fictional galaxy. Just a heads up that the game has a particularly lax writing style. Some character’s are just  max chill at all times, and that will show up in the writing.

Anyway, anyway, anyway… I thought I’d do a basic write-up of the prologue+the first chapter(the latter is mostly seen in this clip but use your imagination for the prologue until I can link to something better), so here goes:

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End of the year post

Hi there! This is just a quick hello to before closing the book on 2016. 

I wish I had more time atm to do a proper reflection, but so far nothing major has particularly happened, except I’ve wrapped up a first-draft translation of an old friend to the blog, The Adventures of Robin Lloyd! Esper saw me make a few tweets in the game earlier this month as I finished translating an old trashy dump I made years ago and he surprised me with proper  insertable text dumps of his own, so starting next year I will most likely be rewriting that bad boy from scratch before we can dig out the menus/UI text and test play the little sucker.

Someone posted on RHDN that they are looking for a translator for the itty bitty AC1: Cardcaptor Sakura on PSX so cross your fingers for me~♡