Sampaguita Update

I realized when moving files between computers recently that I was closer to finishing Sampaguita than I had thought, so I went ahead and finished it.

As soon as we can get working reinsertions for Double Cast(which has an eternally looping bug at a particular scene) and this game, I will probably take the time to blaze through them and proofread, along with the help and feedback of others.

In Sampaguita’s case, in the future I am going to look around for someone who is more experienced with Filipino culture/language. I tried in the rough draft, but I want that second opinion to make sure I get it *just right*. The heroine is a girl from the Phillipines who is living in Japan as the MC gets to learn more about her, so it’s actually a pretty sizeable aspet of the script.


Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Credits + Extras Translation (Part 18/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_This is mostly going to serve as a placeholder for the time being, but as soon as I can get those rips of the graphics, I’ll be able to translate the entire inventory of Yomi Cave trivia questions. Until then, enjoy the credits! Continue reading

Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 12 vs. Hao (Part 17/18)


(最終廻 56億年の記憶)

Final Chapter: Recollections of 5.6 Billion Years

(Note: This is the final storyline chapter. Everything else after this will be side stuff.)

[Manta’s Monologue]

“After 3 months across the lands of America, on the Holy Ground of the stars, the place where all spirits ever born return and where 5.6 billion years worth of the planet’s memories reside, the time has come where the Shaman King will receive the blessings of the supreme guardian, the one who controls the stars: the Great Spirit.”

(Patch Village)

Yoh: –Hey, Chocolove! Going to the souvenir shop?

Chocolove: –You’re going AGAIN?! How many times are you going to go down there?

Ren: –He’s just that kind of guy. Ignore it, Chocolove.

Yoh: –I don’t know, every time I go I just keep finding new stuff! It’s okay, I’ll just go by myself. Continue reading


Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 11 vs. Chocolove (Part 16/18)


(第十一廻 黒いジャガー)

Chapter 11: The Black Jaguar

(Patch Village)

???: Darn. Everyone’s starting to team up one after another. –I don’t want to be kicked out of the tournament at the last minute! I have to find two more teammates on the double! –Beggers can’t be choosers. I’ll just have to ask the next bunch of people I see walk into the village. –Wooh! And there they are!


???: –D-Did it have to be weirdos?! Continue reading


Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 10 vs. Marco (Part 15/18)


(第十廻 天使のピストル)

Chapter 10: The Pistol in The Hands of an Angel



Ren: –…Noisy chap.

Yoh: –What’s the matter, Ryu? Something happen?
Ryu: –M-My sweet Lyserg has finally found the location of Patch Village!

Horohoro: –Wait, what?! For real?!

Ryu: –Would I lie to you?! Lyserg found it with that pendulum! Come on, Master Yoh! We have to go! Continue reading


Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 9 vs. Lyserg (Part 14/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_(第九廻 ダウジング・レボリューション)

Chapter 09: Dowsing Revolution

(Somewhere unknown.)

SFX: *Vrrrmmmmmmmmm!* *Shing!*

???: –I’m still so weak. I can’t afford to waste my time associating with shamans weaker than me. –I need to make strong companions… –…so I can finally kill Hao.

(The park.)

Manta: –Shortly after Yoh’s match against Ren Tao, a message came through his Oracle Bell. –The second round for the Shaman Fight is going to take place in America, so the day after tomorrow, Yoh is leaving on a new journey. –I want to go with him too, but America? That’s just to far away. Continue reading


Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Training Mini-game 5 (Part 13/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_Mini-game 5

(Note: This is the last mini-game featured in Story Mode.)

(Asakura Residence)

Anna: –Congrats for passing the preliminaries.

Yoh: –Eeheehee, thanks!

Anna: –I bet you’re tired, so take it easy for tonight. Get some rest.

Yoh: –Will do!

Anna: –Because, tomorrow morning… Continue reading