A Belated Hats Off To 2015 -Whoops!!

Jeepers. This was something I accidentally forgot about in my drafts. It’s a month late but some of the news is still relevant.


In the meantime, esperknight gave me permission to post a tasty surprise first!!

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Abarenbou Princess, Itty-bitty Item List Translation

I will most likely update this with the command list I have typed up at home. I’m just at work at the moment and I had some time between calls to write down the translations of the battle items from the AbaPri guidebook. I want to purchase the complete guidebook at some point, just to see what all is in there.

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Abarenbou Princess, Team Attack Dialogue Translations

Niconico -暴れん坊プリンセス 連携技集-

I really need to figure out how to embed Niconico videous. But anyhow, how about another meaty update? This one has a video, so if you’ve been following along with the Abarenbou Princess scene translations, this one might be fun, especially if you’ve gone deeper into the game. There are special team attacks that you can happen upon in the end-of-chapter battles scattered throughout the game. One of the things I love about this game is the dialogue that embellishes the boss battles like none other. ((This would be me dream translation to be honest, if I had any way of tackling a PS2 game, which I don’t #shinitai ))

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Abarenbou Princess, Gift Shopping List

Don’t mind me, just killing time. It’s not extremely* gameplay-relevant, but it’s a list of the different trinkets you can buy for your party members in Abarenbou Princess. I got another guidebook in the mail for the game (I’d like to collect everything related to the game, bahaha) and decided to just translate it, since I know some people are playing the game and might be curious. I will most likely type up attack/weapon/item names and descriptions too.

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Abarenbou Princess, Intermission 1 Cutscene “The Brave Robina”

Finally, another Abarenbou Princess update? I’ve had this one sitting on my computer for about as long as the Prologue translation itself, but it’s about time I shared it. I’ve got some things to pad out my blog and I really gotta update this puppy every once in a while, so here goes. This is the animated cutscene segment in the first intermission of the game. Here’s a link to kireeev2000’s video, and you can find the scene at 14:50, immediately after the prologue, which you can read the translation for here.

Easily one of the cutest cutscenes you could expect to see in an RPG. I hope someone out there adores it as much as I do.

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