Updates and an Itty-bitty Manjimaru Name/Terminology Translation


Hi there! I sure did a good job at updating recently, huh? Anyway, sarcasm aside, I finally got a chance to watch Boruto in theaters here in Vegas and play Muramasa Rebirth recently (just got a Vita a short while ago, and the first things I picked up were Persona 4 Golden and the aforementioned.) While I definitely feel for the translators for the original Wii version, it really is wonderful to see Muramasa released  as poetically verbose as it needed to be. It pulled me back into the idea that it really doesn’t matter how “Japanese” a game is, it can still be translated and localized in a way that’s both loyal but also to the point, and some things really don’t need explanation.

Both games have Ippon-dattara, for example, and neither really have to explain it but you can really just go with the flow of it. For someone that’s really bad at wording things in English (in consideration of text space/ layman’s terms), it’s gives me a breath of air. ((Speaking of my piss poor English, Eien ni Hen is actually proofreading some of the documents for Napple Tale. In many a sense, it’s too old of a script for me to keep looking at by myself, so she’s offered to help me some, and holy cow is she awesome.))

Anyway, XSeed’s work on Muramasa drew me back into some of my Japanese art history class lessons and made me want to tinker a tiny bit with Manjimaru again for the hell of it. This isn’t much to list now, but it’s a list of character names and such. Taken from here. (Which, on a side note, I should mention, it sort of baffles me just how many sites have the entire script for Manjimaru typed up, as I just found out like twelve minutes ago. Kinda getting ideas, but don’t take anything seriously, I’m honestly just goofing off with someone else’s website coding in Firefox without permission here.)

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A quick update…

Sooooooooo… Hi! Long time no see, Hisashiburi, whatever you’ve gotta say.

First off, I really need to take the time to apologize for beibg mia for a month. I’ve been recovering from an illness lately and it’s taking libger than I needed it to. I have been in good spirits, but busy with irl stuff that has to be done, but my body had been taking a total nosedive all the while and it wasn’t easy. Haven’t been on thr computer much at all until the night before last for maybe an hour, but now that I’m better, I’m taking the time now to play catchup.

Thanks everyone for being patient with me over the past month. I really appreciate it, and hope to get back up to my usual busybody speed a.s.a.p.

Straynap Diary Entry Translations (Placeholder/ Work In Progress)

A really sweet member over on RHDN was really nice enough to type up those dastardly pseudo-handwritten journal entries for me, which, after losing the few ones I had already handwritten, was just going to take me forever to finish if I started everything all over. I’m going to type them up here because they’re a real treat to read anyway. Nothing’s done with them just yet but I figured a placeholder was in order. I’m about 90% done with Napple Tale now, so this is a huge step in the right direction of getting this game done ASAP. If I can edit the journals and reinsert them, that’d make me even happier, but tiling the images up was already a 700+ image overnight riot, so cutting them up again might be a pain. *whinnies like a pig*

Also, as for the ~ mystery/not mystery ~  game I mentioned having completely translated, a Youtuber announced that he/she was starting to translate the story but was stuck on reinsertion. Since I’m already done with the story, I popped the question of maybe working with me on finishing NPC dialogue to get the game out quicker. We’ll see how that goes. *crosses fingers* Anyway, that’s all from me for now. I have the battle items/command menu stuff translated for Abarenbou Princess, so I might throw those up here as well sometime in the near future.

Sorry again for not updating.

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A screenshot of Linda, While I’m Up.

Really not much of an update, but I’ve got a couple things on my plate, and this is now one of them. As far as translations are going, I’ve started a new game of Linda in Scenario A and I’m just filling in blanks as I go along. Well… That’s kinda what I’d like to do, if I wasn’t so bad at gallavanting around with such a bad handle on emulators.

I actually just bought a modchipped PSX from a fellow over on /vr/, so ideally that will come in, I’ll burn a test disc and just go. I might use it to play through Mystic Ark 2, since that’s something else I’ve wanted to translate for the blog. I could also use it to revisit Robin Lloyd no Bouken, since I have about 30% of the game done anyway.

Anyway, here’s a tiny to-do list on my part:

> Replay Scenarios A, B and C of Linda Cubed. Probably go through Scenario D/Time Attack.

>Replay Napple Tale. Unlock all of Straynap’s Diaries and translate. The handwriting is an absolute mess, so I know I’m going to hate this, but whatever.

>Other stuff. Battle menus and UI stuff for the 2 aforementioned games and the one I mentioned in my last post.

>Play Love Live and blow my money on cute stuff.

Life and Updates, I Guess.

Hey, sorry for being completely MIA for a while. I haven’t been around to exactly speak to anyone, and I’m trying to get all of my ends met within the next couple of days. Works been long and I’m not very good at my job, but I’ll get better. An unexpected death of a friend hit me really hard just a couple weeks ago, so I’m kind of getting over that. Nothing was really bringing me to turn on the computer, so nothing exactly happened with any translating or proofreading work I had to do that was on my laptop.

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A Short Translation Project Status Update

I’ve been too busy irl to even think about translation stuff lately, which ails me to no end. A few projects have been sitting in stasis and it kind of upsets me. I sat down and finally started Scenario B in Linda Cubed Again tonight. Scenario A is done, if we ignore all NPCs and all shops/battle systems/interfaces/menus (even though I’ve stabbed at a few of them, I figured those would come later). Scenario B is 2/10 done as well, of going by the 10 Part checklist or a Niconico LP or some such. The game itself is probably 15% translated at this point. Scenario C I think is where most of the script is going to go, since a lot of it is sidequests and save events and other time killers like that that are going to make me sob once I get to them.

No new progress on Napple Tale either. Names are reinserted and esperknight did a great job making sure everything looks right. The menus and stuff that’s not found right in the map files haven’t been touched yet, but that stuff will be so quick once I get that text. When it comes to searching/destroying straggling dialogue, it’s coming along well enough. I’m just about to get the Summer Petal in this playthrough, and I’ve unlocked Wonderbed but have yet to get the petal from Alice yet. Once the script is all translated, I still need to edit it with extreme prejudice, since I’m finding some parts that definitely look like I hadn’t slept in days before I typed them up.

Anyhow, that’s all out of me for now. I’ll try to get Scenario B and this playthrough of Napple Tale done in April, but no promises. It’s going to be another very busy month for me. Until my next update, adieu~!