Baby Progress Post


‘Sup, wassup, it’s pushing 5 A.M. here. I super hate sleeping through the night on my weekends, as that’s the best time for me to work out of the entire week, but here we are. Anyhow, I spend a chunk of the afternoon chattin’ it up with Esper. After we talked about how freaky it is that there are, like, 120 more episodes of Naruto than there are the Simpson’s, we threw some updates at one another.

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A Belated Hats Off To 2015 -Whoops!!

Jeepers. This was something I accidentally forgot about in my drafts. It’s a month late but some of the news is still relevant.


In the meantime, esperknight gave me permission to post a tasty surprise first!!

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Linda Cubed Again lyrics: “Try Again” by Takayama Minami

Niconico 【高山みなみ】Linda3 「トライアゲイン」【PCE版】

I didn’t actually know that Linda’s VA herself sang this song (I damn well should have though). It’s really lovely, and I like it leagues more than Linda’s Theme. I’ve yet to figure out how to properly get those niconico embeds to work, but if you can follow the link and get an account, you can hear the song. Anyhow, here are its lyrics.

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Linda Cubed Again: Itty-bitty Translation, “Welcome to Room 102!”

Thought I’d translate another FMV from the game. It starts at about 12:50 in the video, but it’s the frequently mentioned bathroom scene from Linda Cubed Again. I’ve been tackling the story in my spare time (which has slowed down Napple Tale’s progress significantly, but esper’s been gracious enough to build another test copy for me to search and destroy any other lines, then there are menus to dick around with and eventually I have to actually look Straynap’s awful handwriting square in the eye and finish the other 40-sumthin poems. A first-world problem worth running from, I’d say, haha.

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Linda Cubed Again- Itty-Bitty Prologue Translation

Linda: Hey! Hey, Ken! Look at this! See? It’s a really pretty star!
Ken: What?Isn’t that Earth?
Linda: I decided that that’s where I’ll go for my honeymoon!
Ken: That’s stupid! Who else would go with someone like you on a honeymoon?! And didn’t the teacher tell you?The coordinates to that star were lost in an accident ages ago!
Linda: Well, Ken, we’ll just have to keep looking. Right ’till we’re all grown up!
Ken: Huh?L-look for what?
Linda: EARTH!
Ken: Whaaaat?
Linda: It’s a deal!
Ken: Hey, wait a minute!
Linda: And when we find it, I’m gonna be your bride!
Ken: HUH?……Don’t talk nonsense……