To Heart- Prologue TL (2/2)

Continues Where I left off in the last post, from 11:30 – End.

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To Heart: Prologue TL (1/2)

Back from a bit of a haitus. I touched absolutely nothing over the course of June after the 12th, and that was just poking around? I still wanted a sizeable update, so here’s the first half hour-ish of a much-loved oldie that just celebrated an anniversary recently, To Heart by Leaf/Aquaplus! (I actually… have no real history with the game, but I know people went apeshit over Multi back in the day. Plus, there is a little snippet referenced in Linda Cubed, so now English-reading fans will have a little more context of it should y’all bump into it as that translation eventually comes out…hehe.)

You can name the player character, but his canon name is Hiroyuki, I think?

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Sengoku Turb, Prologue and Episode 01- “Visitor” Translation

Sup’ everyone. Decided to start off the year with some Sengoku Turb, a game I’ve been itching to replay since I got a physical copy a couple months ago on the cheap. I wasted some time trying to get into the iso itself with no luck, so I have to diagnose just what I’m doing wrong still. Anyway, it’s a simply action game taking place in some fictional galaxy. Just a heads up that the game has a particularly lax writing style. Some character’s are just  max chill at all times, and that will show up in the writing.

Anyway, anyway, anyway… I thought I’d do a basic write-up of the prologue+the first chapter(the latter is mostly seen in this clip but use your imagination for the prologue until I can link to something better), so here goes:

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Baby Progress Post


‘Sup, wassup, it’s pushing 5 A.M. here. I super hate sleeping through the night on my weekends, as that’s the best time for me to work out of the entire week, but here we are. Anyhow, I spend a chunk of the afternoon chattin’ it up with Esper. After we talked about how freaky it is that there are, like, 120 more episodes of Naruto than there are the Simpson’s, we threw some updates at one another.

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Shiei No Sona Nyl: Itty Bitty Demo Scene Translation : The Modest Tea Party


Okay, first and foremost, what the heck happened to WordPress. The posting interface is wonky and gross to look at. Maybe it’s a sign I’ve just been gone from the site for so long. At least I came back with an update.

I cherry-picked a scene from the demo and gave it a quick look-over. I may/may not get around to doing the entire demo (as I don’t want to go into the whole game itself because MangaGamer may pick it up if enough people HINT HINT buy Gakthun). Anyway, I didn’t give this a super duper double check, so if there’s anything gross, just pop it into the comments and I’ll see what I did. For the most part, just take this as a super rough, as my writing style really leaves a lot to be desired and may actually take away from the poetic repetition that the game’s author is more or less infamous for.

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Ultraman: Chou Toushi Gekidan (GBC) English Patch


First off, I’d like to say thank you all everyone for being really supportive! I appreciated all of your comments for the past few posts. You’re all very sweet and I’m glad that you were all understanding of what I was going through. That really means a lot to me.

Short post today, but I’ve actually been productive for once! A lot of drawn out spring cleaning and focusing on improving at work- that’s how I’ve been passing my time. But also a very short, very quick translation for gorgyrip over on, which he edited/hacked. He also remade the title screen into English! So pretty!

Get the patch here!

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