Namja Town Theme Park: Story and Character Bios

Hi all! It’s been a few months since I’ve posted to the blog (sorry, sorry…), but things are going really well with Napple Tale! I have a lot I’d like to share soon, but please hang tight just a little longer! ❤ Today’s post will be a bit big and not (totally) related to video games, but I hope you get a kick out of it.

See, I didn’t mention this on the blog much, if at all, but I went to Japan in November! It was my first time, but hopefully not my last. There was so much we got to explore, but one thing that pleasantly surprised me and stuck with me was Namja Town. See, Namja Town is a small theme park located on the second floor inside Sunshine City(a large mall in Ikebukuro, Tokyo), just below J-World!

Anyway, Namja Town is an old-timey little town(mostly Showa era/1950s in theme) and home to a variety of interesting denizens. You mostly have cat people, but also birds and ghosts! There are also lots of collaboration events, attractions restaurants inside. They make lots of adorable desserts and are mostly known for their gyoza. Unfortunately, a lot else beyond the food and the sight-seeing is cut off from foreign visitors due to the high language gap. I thought I’d take the time and translate at least the basic introductions of the town and characters from the official website right here!

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Yaku Tsuu~Noroi no Game~ Full Walkthrough/Story Translation (01/??)

I’m following a Let’s Play by simotsukisara, so you guys can read along to her LP.

Welcome back all. Been feeling kinda out of it lately, so I’m putting myself with another, simpler side project. Esper ripped the text from a PSX horror/suspense game called Yaku Tsuu~Noroi no Game / ~厄痛~呪いのゲーム~, or “Misfortune 2~The Cursed Game~” (Tsuu being a pun for “pain” also).

The story and gameplay are pretty slow, but the graphics and presentation are really appealing, and take pretty good advantage of everything creepy about PSX FMV models and animation. If I had this game in ENG as a kid, certain shots later in the game would have downright terrified me. Anyway, it’s also split up into multiple episodes per character, but I’m just going to split it into video chunks. Anyway, let’s hammer out Part 1!

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Yarudora- Double Cast Update!

Hey all, I just finished rewriting Double Cast about… 95% over. FCandchill helped initially, but I decided to pick it back up since we were having game-breaking bugs in the original draft.

Since Esper reworked his tools recently, I went ahead and just went at it top to bottem.

Now all that’s really left to do is give Esper time to fix up the formatting, which, as you can see below, will probably be a snoot in and of itself.

To Heart: Prologue TL (1/2)

Back from a bit of a haitus. I touched absolutely nothing over the course of June after the 12th, and that was just poking around? I still wanted a sizeable update, so here’s the first half hour-ish of a much-loved oldie that just celebrated an anniversary recently, To Heart by Leaf/Aquaplus! (I actually… have no real history with the game, but I know people went apeshit over Multi back in the day. Plus, there is a little snippet referenced in Linda Cubed, so now English-reading fans will have a little more context of it should y’all bump into it as that translation eventually comes out…hehe.)

You can name the player character, but his canon name is Hiroyuki, I think?

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Sengoku Turb, Prologue and Episode 01- “Visitor” Translation

Sup’ everyone. Decided to start off the year with some Sengoku Turb, a game I’ve been itching to replay since I got a physical copy a couple months ago on the cheap. I wasted some time trying to get into the iso itself with no luck, so I have to diagnose just what I’m doing wrong still. Anyway, it’s a simply action game taking place in some fictional galaxy. Just a heads up that the game has a particularly lax writing style. Some character’s are just  max chill at all times, and that will show up in the writing.

Anyway, anyway, anyway… I thought I’d do a basic write-up of the prologue+the first chapter(the latter is mostly seen in this clip but use your imagination for the prologue until I can link to something better), so here goes:

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