So zetta tired.


Watching the progression of the text insertion like this must be what it’s like for momfolks to see sonograms or whatever those things are called. On top of the weeks he’s been looking into the vwf and text reinsertion for Double Cast on and off, yesterday he really toughed it out in a battle of good and evil.

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Seven Blasts of Wind in Island Story – Journal, Chapter 1


It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but I thought I would throw in some time (as to detract myself from my homework. Finals Week is killing me here) and translate a little something.

For those that are aware of the game (七ツ風の島物語の物語/ Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari/ “Seven Blasts of Wind in Island Story” as it reads inside of the iso), this is a beautiful adventure game published by Enix. It’s quite short, as most adventure games are, but easily carries some of the best graphics on the Sega Saturn one could ever hope to see. I really like the poetry in it along with its innocent blend of Japanese mythology and poetry for children. Anyhow, the game keeps the story summarized in 12 or-so chapters of a journal the player can read through, so I thought that since no one has translated them before, the very least I could do was translate the first one. So here goes:

[[Note: As the journal segments are so sensitive  to what you do in-game, I’m basing this off of the recordings at this link, but I may change this later and simply translate from a Let’s Play or something because I’m lazy.]]




-Chapter 1-

A Friend for the First Time


Chattering… snipping… two sounds.
The first sound came from the roots
that grew through the house.
The second was most mysterious…

To loosen up, Gaapu slumped into a chair.
He thought he’d get a little…. shut eye…
Then, Gaapu went outside.

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