Updates and an Itty-bitty Manjimaru Name/Terminology Translation


Hi there! I sure did a good job at updating recently, huh? Anyway, sarcasm aside, I finally got a chance to watch Boruto in theaters here in Vegas and play Muramasa Rebirth recently (just got a Vita a short while ago, and the first things I picked up were Persona 4 Golden and the aforementioned.) While I definitely feel for the translators for the original Wii version, it really is wonderful to see Muramasa released  as poetically verbose as it needed to be. It pulled me back into the idea that it really doesn’t matter how “Japanese” a game is, it can still be translated and localized in a way that’s both loyal but also to the point, and some things really don’t need explanation.

Both games have Ippon-dattara, for example, and neither really have to explain it but you can really just go with the flow of it. For someone that’s really bad at wording things in English (in consideration of text space/ layman’s terms), it’s gives me a breath of air. ((Speaking of my piss poor English, Eien ni Hen is actually proofreading some of the documents for Napple Tale. In many a sense, it’s too old of a script for me to keep looking at by myself, so she’s offered to help me some, and holy cow is she awesome.))

Anyway, XSeed’s work on Muramasa drew me back into some of my Japanese art history class lessons and made me want to tinker a tiny bit with Manjimaru again for the hell of it. This isn’t much to list now, but it’s a list of character names and such. Taken from here. (Which, on a side note, I should mention, it sort of baffles me just how many sites have the entire script for Manjimaru typed up, as I just found out like twelve minutes ago. Kinda getting ideas, but don’t take anything seriously, I’m honestly just goofing off with someone else’s website coding in Firefox without permission here.)

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