Reveal Fantasia: The Tale of Mariel and the Fairies


While I can’t really dig deep enough into the ISO to find any story-related text files (I must have ripped it incorrectly) I want to point out a few things from another game I purchased a very long time ago. It’s called Reveal Fantasia: A Tale of Mariel and The Fairies. It’s a fun, sweet little game that’s definitely heartfelt, sincere and very enjoyable despite it’s rather dated presentations. Despite the campy mechanics, it’s still very easy to sink one’s teeth into thanks to how very slice-of-life it is.

For the sake of the many that are unaware of the game, and for the few that have heard of it and really want more information in English, I’m going to translate yet another website, this time, a fanpage for the game, featuring character profiles and strategies, over on ((カワイイ娘には旅をさせよ)), which I will refer to from now on as Retrojaxx, due to the URL. I really have to give this site credit as being an absolutely amazing resource for retro JRPGs/games that were mainly aimed at little girls or at the very least have a female protagonist, such as Napple Tale and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, the Majokko series, Tokyo Mewmew, Sailor Moon and even Tricolore Crise. Most of the games never came to the west, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you have an interest in such games or really want to sink your teeth into something adorable.

Anyway, onto the Reveal Fantasia introduction:

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