Tenshi Doumei (PSX) – Story Translation 02/??


Honest to goodness, I don’t really know the world history well enough to round out exactly where this would take place in history. My guess is WWI because of a specific salmon one character talks about later in the story. You have a mech story and the characters waste ample time talking about salmon.  It’s very Gundam in that sense.

Anyway, enjoy.

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Tenshi Doumei (PSX) – Story Translation 01/??

Morning all. Sorry for the radio silence for a while. I’ve been rounding out stuff for Napple Tale lately(and losing a LOT of sleep), so hopefully I’ll have some good news to share on that subject very soon.

Anyway, I thought I’d post something else to the blog. With certain sites vanishing in the past year, I’ve felt that a couple projects can afford to be let loose, so I’ve decided not to go through with a Tenshi Doumei/Angel Alliance patch project. It’s rare, it’s not exactly fun to play, and it didn’t feel worth it to round people up and force people to dick with it for the two people that’d take an interest in it.

I’ve been sitting on the story translation for a while, however, so I thought I’d stick it to a Let’s Play from niconico (I’m using the one by a user named hagane(I’ve literally never seen or read of anyone playing this game without cheats, pfft.). The cutscenes and world are really distinct, and there are some tie-ins to another TGL game called TILK, so I still think it’s a valuable game for PSX fans to be aware of, and I hope those curious will enjoy it.

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