Sampaguita Update

I realized when moving files between computers recently that I was closer to finishing Sampaguita than I had thought, so I went ahead and finished it.

As soon as we can get working reinsertions for Double Cast(which has an eternally looping bug at a particular scene) and this game, I will probably take the time to blaze through them and proofread, along with the help and feedback of others.

In Sampaguita’s case, in the future I am going to look around for someone who is more experienced with Filipino culture/language. I tried in the rough draft, but I want that second opinion to make sure I get it *just right*. The heroine is a girl from the Phillipines who is living in Japan as the MC gets to learn more about her, so it’s actually a pretty sizeable aspet of the script.

Napple Tale Is Back

I mentioned this on my rhdn thread a few days back, but jsust a quick update to make it super loud and clear: EienniHen sent me the scripts in late June, and I am currently working on the second draft. : )
Thank you everyone, for being so patient over the last year! I feel bad for the radio silence over all, but I promise the script is so much better because of it. 

End of the year post

Hi there! This is just a quick hello to before closing the book on 2016. 

I wish I had more time atm to do a proper reflection, but so far nothing major has particularly happened, except I’ve wrapped up a first-draft translation of an old friend to the blog, The Adventures of Robin Lloyd! Esper saw me make a few tweets in the game earlier this month as I finished translating an old trashy dump I made years ago and he surprised me with proper  insertable text dumps of his own, so starting next year I will most likely be rewriting that bad boy from scratch before we can dig out the menus/UI text and test play the little sucker.

Someone posted on RHDN that they are looking for a translator for the itty bitty AC1: Cardcaptor Sakura on PSX so cross your fingers for me~♡ 

Just a very quick update to say

Erasing my little ditty of excitement for Shiei no Sona Nyl, as I sounded like a super drunk person (which I wasn’t. I only drink like once a year and just this last Thursday I played to win. Any other times you see me write like an idiot it’s just because I’m an idiot.<3) For now, I’m simply going to edit my last update into a new one so I’m not wasting space.

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Shiei No Sona Nyl: Itty Bitty Demo Scene Translation : The Modest Tea Party


Okay, first and foremost, what the heck happened to WordPress. The posting interface is wonky and gross to look at. Maybe it’s a sign I’ve just been gone from the site for so long. At least I came back with an update.

I cherry-picked a scene from the demo and gave it a quick look-over. I may/may not get around to doing the entire demo (as I don’t want to go into the whole game itself because MangaGamer may pick it up if enough people HINT HINT buy Gakthun). Anyway, I didn’t give this a super duper double check, so if there’s anything gross, just pop it into the comments and I’ll see what I did. For the most part, just take this as a super rough, as my writing style really leaves a lot to be desired and may actually take away from the poetic repetition that the game’s author is more or less infamous for.

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