Sakura Wars 2 – Continuation of The Dream (夢のつづき) Singable English Lyrics

Hi guys, I’m being a dweeb again. I’m really hyped up for the New Sakura Wars game, and it’s got me wanting to replay the series. (Or, at the very least, 3, since I’m so busy and blah-blah.)

Anyway, this song from SW2 is so heart-warming, and it’s one of my absolute favorite theme songs out there. I’m on a quest to get kinda-sorta good at translyrics, so I thought I’d tackle this one, since with the beat and all it seems hard as heck.

Anyhoo, enjoy under the cut!

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Alundra 2 – Konna Kurage Ni Dare Ga Shinai? (slllllightly more loyal translation???)

So, if anyone carries the misfortune of following me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me rant about this song before. This isn’t a great post. More like a trash post, but I wanted to get it out of my system.

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Oreshika, “Hana” Lyrics

Just needed to throw up an update. My weekend was kind of a waste as far as clearing my to-do list, so maybe I’m just overwhelming myself. I wish I was faster at everything in life. It’s kind of depressing sometimes how you can just churn away at stuff and not make a dent. Anyway, enough with that.

Here’s some lyrics to the main theme from the first OreShika game, which as everyone knows, wasn’t released west. However, a mix of this song (“Hana, Meguru”) is used in the second game in a marching sequence you can view after clearing the main storyline. As someone who wasn’t familiar with the song beforehand, I thought it was very pretty in the march and finding it online in full was very delightful a discovery too.

(quick confession: despite being a fan of Shoji Masuda in other places like Linda and AbaPri, I only bought Bloodlines because I thought Abe No Seimei was kinda hot.)

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Yarudora – Double Cast, “DOOR” lyrics

Ack! I was MIA again. Sorry about that. Anyway, in case anyone was curious of where I was in the past month, I… actually burned out a little on my projects and life and everything. I asked Esperknight if he had any little projects he would like to see translated, which was when he introduced me to the Yarudora series.The first game in the series is titled “Double Cast”, and I think is most famous in these parts for being one of the few games where Yuki Kajiura did the soundtrack.

Fast forward to the time of posting, and the rough draft translation for the first standalone game in this animated visual novel series is now totally complete. Now to find someone to proofread it and tear it to shreds. : ) In the meantime, I decided to celebrate by translating the song lyrics. I hope to have more updates at a later date.

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Oreshika Bloodlines, “Will” Lyrics

Lyrics/Arrangement/Composer:樹原 孝之介 (Konosuke Kihara)
Vocals:樹原 涼子 (Ryoko Kihara)

I really wasn’t expecting a mother/son duo here. I’d have to double check on this, but apparently Ryoko Kihara was the composer for the first game? That’s actually really cool that a little bit of the Oreshika ideals wriggled about amongst the staff itself.

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Linda Cubed Again lyrics: “Try Again” by Takayama Minami

Niconico 【高山みなみ】Linda3 「トライアゲイン」【PCE版】

I didn’t actually know that Linda’s VA herself sang this song (I damn well should have though). It’s really lovely, and I like it leagues more than Linda’s Theme. I’ve yet to figure out how to properly get those niconico embeds to work, but if you can follow the link and get an account, you can hear the song. Anyhow, here are its lyrics.

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