Abarenbou Princess, Intermission 1 Cutscene “The Brave Robina”

Finally, another Abarenbou Princess update? I’ve had this one sitting on my computer for about as long as the Prologue translation itself, but it’s about time I shared it. I’ve got some things to pad out my blog and I really gotta update this puppy every once in a while, so here goes. This is the animated cutscene segment in the first intermission of the game. Here’s a link to kireeev2000’s video, and you can find the scene at 14:50, immediately after the prologue, which you can read the translation for here.

Easily one of the cutest cutscenes you could expect to see in an RPG. I hope someone out there adores it as much as I do.

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Abarenbou Princess: Story

ImageThat was all just a brief time in the past…
In the peaceful kingdom of Silverbell, although she was but a child, there lived a young, somewhat tomboyish girl. The name of the girl was Rouge. She was a single child, and sole heir to the kingdom. Princess Rouge was always playing with her two childhood companions. One was Shion, worrisome and gentle; and the other was the mischievous, albeit dependable boy, Ashe. Continue reading

Abarenbou Princess: Introduction

This is a bit of a weird side project, but I decided that I’ve simply been too busy with school to properly work on Napple Tale. In the mean time, I decided I would at least keep my feet wet and… translate a video game website?

This website, to be precise.

For the sake of spreading information about very small nook-in-cranny games that deserve way more attention, I decided I would post my translations about the game here. Since PS2 romhacking is still absurdly raw and untraveled territory, the chances of ever seeing an English patch for the game are just about zero, unless pigs fly. In the meantime, I would still like to take reigns in sparking interest and spreading some information about the game, Abarenbou Princess, or “Rowdy Princess” in English.

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