Linda Cubed Again lyrics: “Try Again” by Takayama Minami

Niconico 【高山みなみ】Linda3 「トライアゲイン」【PCE版】

I didn’t actually know that Linda’s VA herself sang this song (I damn well should have though). It’s really lovely, and I like it leagues more than Linda’s Theme. I’ve yet to figure out how to properly get those niconico embeds to work, but if you can follow the link and get an account, you can hear the song. Anyhow, here are its lyrics.

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Shiei no Sona Nyl, “Wisteria” lyrics

Just got a new laptop last night. The motherboard on my last one died, and I’ve had that laptop for four years before that. It’s weird, saying goodbye to something like that when it was my best friend during my college career. I never thought I’d be such a materialistic person.

Anyhow, something to post now that I’m back up: Lyrics for the ending song from Shiei no Sona Nyl, which is really a lovely game that should be played by all, hehe. I like the opening more, but if I keep listening to it I’m going to get sick of it. I have a lot of other work I’m preoccupied with, but I’d really like to sit down and write down everything going on in the demo or something, since Amaterasu is doing the whole thing (after his own projects and if we don’t hear word on the Steampunk series coming to the west after Gahkthun.)

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Antiphona no Seikahime: “Treasured bell” and “Bird of dawn” lyrics

アンティフォナの聖歌姫 ~天使の楽譜 Op.A

Antiphona no Seikahime ~Tenshi no Gakufu~ OP. A

The Hymn Princess of Antiphona ~Angel’s Score~ Op. A

For those curious to listen to the rest of the soundtrack, Zynux of Youtube has a playlist.


I think this song is particularly sweet, so I figured I would sit down and do a quick and easy translation for it.

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