Tengai Makyou 2: Manjimaru- Itty-bitty, teeny-weeny intro translation

Exactly what it says in the title. Honestly thirty seconds worth of content in the game- the creation of Jipang, so it’s nothing really worth posting, but I might as well, right?

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Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV – Prologue Translation, P.2 (Complete!)

I wish I could have a poster of this image. It's not even in the artbook...

Hi there! I made it a bit of a resolution for the ol’ 2015 to work harder on translating, so expect to see more rolling onto this blog, I guess. Still tied down between freelancing and looking for a real job, but in that, I finished the rest of the Louisiana segment/prologue of Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV! Yayyy?

It’s long, and I didn’t take any screencaps (and may be missing one or two strokes of dialogue), but I hope someone enjoys it and gets some sort of kick out of it.

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Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV – Prologue Translation, P.1

Back again. Been itching to replay this game something fierce. I’d keep playing Grandia XTreme, but my PS2 is making some hella lewd/horrifying noises for the first 10-15 minutes of play. Anyhow, I thought I’d post a translation to just the very beginning of the game (The short-ish segment that takes place in New Orleans, 1893). I’d actually be 200% down to translate more for the game, if not the entire thing, but I’m still waiting to hear what GaijinWorks plans to announce for their mystery PSP RPG, as it’s on the potential list.) If it’s the game they announce, I’m just gonna bow out and buy like, six copies instead.

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Lyrics: Yutaka Nagayama
Music: Toshiyuki Sasagawa
Arrangement: Takayuki Negishi
Song: Hironobu Kageyama

This is easily one of my favorite games on the Saturn. Never did see any translations for the song, so I decided I would throw them out there. Possibly because it’s just that one background song that warrants no subtitles whatsoever for people to work on/care to, but hey.

Anyway, lyrics are under the cut.

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